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Mars trine Pluto 2019

Mars trine Pluto 2019

Mars trines Pluto twice in 2019, once on March 20th and again on September 19th. These are times to direct all your energy, dynamism and focus toward something you really really want! Mars and Pluto give you masses of power and libido to pour into your desires. You can make anything happen right now! Perform at the top of your game, conquer the toughest challenge or win over that playin' 'hard to get' boy/gal with your irresistibly sexy smouldering magnetism!

Expect your sex-drive to go through the roof as Mars trines Pluto - especially in the build-up to March 20th (and later, September 19th). Mars is the fighter in you. He’s your mojo, your confidence, what gets you off the couch / out of bed in the morning - as well as hot in the sack! Mars turns you on! And as for Pluto, he's is a sex-god all in his own right, all dark, handsome and mysterious. When the two combine, your confidence multiplies! That sheer sexual magnetism you have within you turns nuclear, primal…unstoppable... You're a force of nature! And you’re not taking No for an answer.

Pluto is in earth sign Capricorn (till 2024) trining Mars in fellow earth signs in 2019. This allows you to ground your sexuality and libido for maximum impact. Your senses are weapons of mass destruction / creation and it's time to engage full sensual mode! Honour and respect your body. Listen to your cells. Follow your impulses. Your body gives you the right signals when to act, what to do and when to preserve your strength. You have incredible powers of magnetism, creation and regeneration now!

March 20th, when Pluto trines Mars in Taurus, is a time to gather your forces, consolidate your position and showcase your power. Show'em what you've got! Then you can move forward from a position of strength.

September 19th, when Pluto trines Mars in Virgo brings empowering solutions to anything that bugs you, allowing you to achieve maximum results.

Mars trine Pluto in 2019 is an opportunity to step into your power. Take courage and don't be afraid!

How does Mars trine Pluto affect your Star Sign?

Where does Mars trine Pluto make you hot hot hot? Where does it empower you to conquer challenges and rise above your fears? Let's see how this turbo-charged aspect affects your star sign and how you can make the most of it in March and September 2019.


Mars trine Pluto gives you a major confidence-boost in your work, career and finances, dear Aries! Time to tackle this project that seemed like a mountain only a while ago and...turn it into a molehill. One that you can easily hop over. This is the time to aim for the top! Whether it’s a promotion, a significant raise or that VIP client you’ve been gunning for, it’s time to take a definite step forward. If you need to kick-start your career, muster up the strength to set up your own business, go out and ask for money or make some big bucks, this is the time to get going! You’ve got something everybody wants. Work it, use it, own it!

March 18-21: Take charge of your finances!

September 17-20: Showcase your skill and reach the top!

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Mars trine Pluto is like an injection of your very own super-power, dear Taurus, filling you up with energy and strength! Your confidence is through the roof and so is your personal magnetism. No one can resist you now. Whether you think your can or whether you think you can’t you’re right, as Henry Ford said and, now is the time to believe in yourself. Feel the fear and do it anyway! All your fears are in your head in any case and you’ll see how empowering it is to have just the right outlook now. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Focus on something that is deeply personally important to you and take the first step!

March 18-21: Believe in yourself / make the first move!

September 17-20: Follow your heart!


I need a hero, goes the song, and you may well fantasise about a hot warrior / amazon sweeping you off your feet. Mars and Pluto awaken your sexuality, dear Gemini! And if not that then some kind of beast is awakened in you anyhow and it’s time to face some powerful forces you’ve been denying... Pull back your demons and projections! Embrace your power! This is no time to be denying your strength. You might think it’s all other people’s fault or that someone is doing something to you but ask yourself: what are you denying in your own soul that comes back to bite you? What power are you projecting onto the world? Time to take back your power!

March 18-21: Tap into repressed power / anger / sexuality!

September 17-20: Heal the past and plant new seeds!

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Strength is all around you, dear Cancer! Your people are your power-base - your colleagues, partner, clients and friends… You’re surrounded by a wealth of human resources and all you need to do is tap in! Send those emails, make those calls, buddy up with someone or join forces with your friends! Don’t be afraid to reach out to others, now, to collaborate and make your contribution. Together you can do more - so much more than you can do alone! It’s time to call upon your network for help and empower yourself in the process. And if you think someone else has power over you, ask yourself: what’s this mysterious power that you’re projecting onto them? And would they still have it if you weren’t giving it up? It’s in synergy and cooperation that real power lies.

March 18-21: Form powerful alliances!

September 17-20: Expand your influence!


You’re as hot as they come and heading straight for the top, dear Leo. You’re on fire! You career is taking off big time and you’re prepared to work like a dog to see the results you want. And if you’ve been wondering whether this is the right time to pursue your goals, the answer is yes! Time to pull out all the stops! Don’t worry if the goalposts keep moving. Keep chipping away at it and adjusting your course. Put in the hours and keep perfecting your skills. Never give up on your career and financial aims! You’re a mean, lean working machine and this brings you to the attention of higher ups. You also need to stay healthy, now. Juicing, exercising, meditating or whatever else you like doing to stay in shape is an essential part of this.

March 18-21: Pursue career goals with a vengeance!

September 17-20: Make some serious money!

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You’re on fire, dear Virgo! Your sexuality and allure are hitting the reds and others can’t help but notice that you literally give off heat. Can you handle it? Of course you can. Gone are the days when you were just a good girl/boy doing as you’re told. Your heart is crying out for expression and you’re finally ready to take a few risks and put yourself out there. Shout your love from the rooftops! Tell everyone about your amazing talents! You might think it’s crass but who’s gonna tout your horn if you don’t? It’s time people knew more about you. You have tons of energy to pour into love or a creative project, or even baby making (and all the fun that goes with it)! Your kundalini snake is rearing its beautiful head. Walk your talk and make things happen!

March 18-21: Take a risk! Express your love!

September 17-20: Be bold and see your popularity soar!


Mars and Pluto put tons of psychosexual energy at your disposal for healing, dear Libra. What do you want to transform in your life? Where do you need to raze things to the ground and build afresh? What is it high time that you finally got rid of? Is it your fears? Is it an actual illness you’d like to overcome? Is it your insecurities, phobias, trouble at home or with money or a relationship? You now have the power to make a breakthrough! Burn the past to ashes if you want and don’t be afraid to step into your power. You’re experiencing a surge of energy that can help you power through anything blocking your way and preventing you from feeling safe in your own skin. It’s a time of empowering transformation!

March 18-21: Transform your energy, relationships and finances!

September 17-20: Go into therapy and emerge renewed!


Mars and Pluto are your ruling planets and when they pair up like this you can move mountains, dear Scorpio! There’s a real sting in that tail of yours and you won’t hesitate to use it should someone cross the line… Or catch your eye... Others have a magnetic pull on you and it’s time to make a powerful connection. Whether you’re moving heaven and earth for someone, putting together a team of superheroes or teaching an enemy a powerful lesson, you’re a force to be reckoned with. Join forces, engage with others and make your ideas known! Paperwork is a doddle right now, too, as is chatting someone up with your irresistible charm. Your confidence is literally magnetic...contagious!

March 18-21: Seal the deal!

September 17-20: Network and pursue your ambitions!

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Money makes the world go around and we’re talking BIG money here, dear Sagittarius! What skill do you have to bring to the table? What’s your thing? Now’s the time to strut your stuff and...pull, not to mention work tirelessly to fill up your coffers and your self-esteem too! What you do now has the power to totally transform your self-worth, career and finances! You can achieve most anything you put your mind to, now, drawing on seemingly inexhaustible resources. Colleagues and bosses are impressed at the value you bring and they can’t but recognise your undeniable talents. Go for gold! Take care of your body while you’re at it, too, it is a big part of your assets.

March 18-21: Work like a dog and achieve a financial breakthrough!

September 17-20: Go for that raise or promotion!


You’re da boss, Capricorn! It’s been so for some time, now that Pluto’s in your sign, and it’s not gonna change any time soon. You’ve slowly come into your own since 2008, even if you’ve had to walk through hell and back to get there! But you’re now ruling the roost with an iron whip and nobody can get one up on you. Just make sure you’re stocking your own fire and not being driven by your own unconscious fears and impulses during this immensely powerful time, especially now that Mars-Pluto adds yet more fuel to your fire! There’s nothing you cannot be, do or have. You’re unbeatable at sports, irresistible in love and incredibly popular in anything you do. As for your creativity, it’s through the roof! Your transformation is nigh complete… Just follow your bliss.

March 18-21: Conquer your lover! Score that win!

September 17-20: Step outside your comfort zone, distant shores are calling!

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You’re not a sole agent, dear Aquarius, and you haven’t been for a while. Setting your own needs aside for the greater good takes guts. But now you can finally experience the intoxicating power of having done your bit and feeling part of something greater, something far beyond what a single person can accomplish alone. Whether it’s your family or clan, your company or institution, your country or society, or this vast thing we call humanity - or even God - that you serve, you now feel that you belong. You can finally let go. And there's immense power in that. You can feel it being unleashed, a force rising up within you, awakened like a beast and working through you. Do not be afraid of it. Channel it! You can tap into universal energies right now - as well as unlimited sexual, creative and financial resources - and change the world! And with it yourself.

March 18-21: Secure and consolidate your ground!

September 17-20: Achieve emotional, sexual and financial breakthrough!


Whom do you know, dear Pisces? Are you ready to rub shoulders with the rich and powerful? There’s power in your circles and you’re more than ready to tap right into it and get your money’s worth! Get circulating whilst Mars is giving you the confidence to speak your mind and approach even the most exclusive of clubs for membership! Network like a fiend! You’ll find it empowering plus you’ll meet just the sort of people you’ve been looking for. Tall, dark and handsome… Rich and powerful… And their interest in you gives you a major confidence boost. Don’t be afraid to present your ideas, now, to reach out to someone and pursue your dreams! You can find strength in numbers and you’ll find that you can move mountains when with the right people beside you.

March 18-21: Circulate, network, flirt, sell, speak!

September 17-20: Join forces!

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