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May 20th Mars Goes Direct: Prepare to shift gear!

May 20th Mars Goes Direct:  Prepare to shift gear!
The air fills with intense, nervous anticipation, as Mars grinds down to a halt, ready to resume its forward motion on May 20th.   At this point, a long trend of volatility and change, dating all the way back to December 2013, begins to unravel. Incapacitated since early March, the god of war was robbed of his armour and weaponry and forced to don a frock and attend a series of social gatherings, where he (and we alongside him) had to suffer endless, tedious conversations whilst accomplishing nothing. You may have felt as if you are trying to wade through treacle, as normal activity became fraught with ridiculous amounts of difficulty.   Well, no more!   Our warrior is now getting back his weapons – and the world awaits with bated breath!   The danger now is that he may set the whole party ablaze…
Don’t blow your top! 
Watch out as long-festering anger that has been building momentum for the past two months can now suddenly erupt to the surface. People are likely to have a short fuse and even go a little crazy around May 20th. That’s when tensions are rising high and things may blow up in your face. Be patient. Situations will stay precarious for about a week.   The trick is to hold things steady until May 31st when the Sun sends a stabilising and illuminating ray to the freshly remerged (and ravenous for action) Mars, and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief! That is when you can finally get a better view of the new lay of the land and move forward with your plans, acting with foresight and purpose. So tread carefully and try not to do anything too rash or foolish during the last two weeks of May. Prepare instead for a change of tactics, as resolute action becomes an option once more, gaining strength by the minute and overcoming the stalemate that seemed to prevail in April. You may also want to pay special attention when you drive, as everyone’s nerves will be frazzled and their attention span shortened.
Not quite full speed ahead yet…but prepare to resume normal activity.
As we enter May, you may be quietly making adjustments and putting the finishing touches on something you’ve been working on for a few months. Chances are that Mars retrograde brought to your attention unfinished business and issues that have been on the backburner for some time, giving you an opportunity to address these during Mars’ downtime. If you focused on unfinished business in the past few months, do your best now to wrap up and prepare for a shift in gear, for chances are that by month’s end your attention will be pulled away once more.   As we eventually leave May behind, life should become a lot less hectic for everyone, frayed nerves will get a chance to recover and projects that appeared to be stuck in a vacuum will finally begin to show signs of progress. And as Mars receives a trine from the Sun on May 31st and starts to gain in speed, a sense of hope and excitement will slowly return to the world…

How does Stationary Mars affect Your Sign?

Mars in Libra has been shining a spotlight in a different life arena for each sign. Read your sun-sign below to see where in your life Mars’ station is shaking things up!   If you know your birth-time, check out your rising sign too. You can get your personal birth-chart for free.   Note that if you have a planet or point around 9 degrees of Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer, you will feel this station of Mars most intensely.  So watch your step!
The spotlight has been on your relationships since December last year, with partners of all kinds becoming especially rebellious and difficult over the past couple of months. As Mars rules your own sign, you may have felt especially incapacitated since March and not your usual dynamic and decisive self.   You have probably felt a little lost, having to react to others’ demands instead of being able to take the initiative. Well, things are about to change and you are soon to return to form. Use the first three weeks of May to resolve any hostilities and prepare to set a new course in your partnerships. Watch out for sudden aggressive outbursts in your relationships on May 20th and for a week after that. Wait until May 31st to move ahead, when help with a difficult partnership may appear in the form of news, documents or information that can help you smooth things over.
Chances are you have had a hectic and volatile work-schedule over the last two months, with frequent changes to your daily routine, finding it hard to establish a good personal rhythm. Your health, your nerves and your work may have suffered as a result. As May dawns, you may be putting the finishing touches on a project, or making a last attempt to revisit your fitness programme and get rid of bad habits. As Mars stations on May 20th, an employee or co-workers may become troublesome, your workload may become impossible or a health issue may flare up. Try to stay calm and decide on the best way forward on the 31st with the help of the Sun’s trine to Mars, when you can set a good course at work that takes into account your financial needs and establish a routine that is respectful to your body.
Mars has been shining a spotlight since December on how you use your free time and creativity. Since March, you may have had to look at the question of whether you give yourself a proper creative outlet or whether you fritter away your energy on unfulfilling activities instead. With Mars resuming his forward motion, a creative project that seemed to be stuck in its tracks may start to move forward again. Use the first few weeks of May to put the finishing touches on any changes. May 20th may bring a sudden outpour of creativity, a powerful desire for love and romance or an outburst of anger with your children. Resist the temptation to take a risk. If you wait until May 31st to move onward, you will be better able to take charge and steer your personal, creative or and romantic endeavours towards the desired end.
You have been greatly preoccupied with matters relating to home and family since December 2013. Just as you started making some progress at the start of the year, things suddenly ground to a halt in March and April. This has led you to reconsider your options.   As Mars turns direct on May 20th you may be unable to bear the suspense and insecurity any longer and feel the urge to force a resolution on a personal, home or family matter. Don’t! Wait until the end of the month, when all will become clear and you will finally be able to move forward.
You have probably been feeling increasingly confused and frazzled by the demands of your immediate environment and by endless tiresome communications and movements over the past couple of months, when people around you often became a source of irritation. Plans have been constantly changing, getting around was difficult and you may be feeling extremely tired of being constantly on the move yet going nowhere. As May dawns, keep focusing your energy inward and think exactly about how to best put your ideas across, sell yourself and streamline your movements.  But hold off until the end of the month before you try to link up with others. For that is when you will meet with people who can become key allies and help you make progress. Watch out for angry outbursts around the 20th of May when you or someone in your immediate environment are likely to let all your frustrations pour forth in an avalanche of words!
With expenses on the rise since December, the spotlight has been firmly on your finances. You have probably been preoccupied with finding new ways to make some cash, utilise your talents and increase your self-esteem. As we enter May, you may feel that the time has come to see if any of these ideas stand up in the light of day. The temperature in financial matters is about to rise with the high point coming on the 20th, when you might see an unexpected expense or decide to stand up for yourself and ask for what you are really worth! If you can sit on that feeling of intense determination until the end of the month however, and make your move then, you will find that authority figures are more receptive to your requests and you may achieve a deal that harmonises better with your overall career goals.
You have been on a rollercoaster ride with Mars in your sign since December last year. And you often had to stick your neck out and take action without having the slightest idea what you were doing or where your actions would lead. You may well have found yourself suddenly having to call the shots in an environment of extreme volatility and uncertainty – especially so since March onwards. If you decided to embark on a fitness programme or re-haul your image earlier this year, your efforts may have recently met with sudden lack of progress, drive and commitment. All this is about to change as Mars stations and turns direct on May 20th. You are probably feeling a rising sense of dread and anticipation as this date approaches. Your best course of action is to keep your head down until well after May 20th. On May 31st, when the Sun sends an empowering beam to Mars, you can finally get a clearer picture of what lies beyond the horizon and make your plans. Your interests may be furthered through legal contracts or through travel, publishing and international relations at that point.
Matters relating to your health may have had you concerned ever since the end of last year, and you may have been trying, fruitlessly, to find solutions to situations that have been draining your energy. As Mars rules your sign, you may have found yourself feeling out of sorts since March. You may also have found that a health matter had to be put on the back burner in order for you to be able to be of assistance to others. As May dawns, you may feel an uncanny sense of tension bubbling under the surface.  On May 20th you may feel a strong need to pull down the shutters for some downtime, or you may find that a health problem can no longer be ignored. Alternatively, you may learn that people have been busy scheming behind your back! Refrain from doing anything rash at that point. On May 31st, as the Sun sends a helpful ray to Mars, your regenerative powers will be restored and you will be ready to address any health issues. You may also hear good news regarding a tax or joint financial matter around that date, which will allow you to effectively handle whatever crisis has emerged.
Ever since the end of last year, you have been pouring all your energies into a group project or even the realisation of a cherished dream! But over the past couple of months, chances are that your preparations met with unforeseen obstacles – whether this was dissention in the group, or simply frayed nerves and tiredness – getting in the way of the timely completion of your plans. As we enter May, the tide starts to turn and you may be impatient and eager to finally push ahead! Use the first three weeks of May to make sure everyone is on the same page and to iron out any final details as you proceed. Do not push ahead too eagerly, especially around May 20th when a friend or ally may surprise you with their rash actions. It won’t be until the end of the month, May 31st, when you can truly begin to see your dream taking shape, beautifully assisted by important partnerships that think on your wavelength. 
Ever since December last year, your career and public image has been going through a complete overhaul! Especially over the last couple of months, you may have been closely re-examining the overall direction that you want your life and your career to take, making any necessary adjustments. May brings you to the final phase of this process of reorientation. Alternatively you may have felt that a boss (or parent) is being particularly difficult, requiring a lot of your time and attention and making it hard for you to focus on your own needs. If so, May 20th may bring anger to the surface toward an authority figure – be it your boss, your mother or the government! At this point, your attention may be totally gripped by public affairs or by your career and public image. You may feel ready to rebel and have it out. But you had better wait until the end of the month, when you can find a workable and effective solution – one that will have a beneficial effect on your working environment and your daily routine.
You may have had to travel extensively since the end of last year – or your attention may have been totally absorbed in study and research, with a publication, or with a legal or religious matter. Since March in particular, you may have had to re-examine your beliefs as you pushed against a number of obstacles to get your degree, expand your base of operations, solve a legal dispute or, finishing a publication or plan a journey. As May dawns you are probably tired and ready to give in, having done the best you can. Don’t push your luck on May 20th when teachers, judges and other intellectual authorities may have a short fuse. Wait until May 31st to push ahead with your plans, when your creative ideas are more likely to meet with approval, setting you on a good course for the future. That is also a good time to move forward in matters concerning love and romance.
You have probably been preoccupied with deeply private matters in the past five months or so. Whether you have been dealing with bereavement, divorce or the division of property, trying to conceive a baby, aiming for greater intimacy with your partner, or sorting out your debts and taxes, none of these matters make for light-hearted conversation at the dinner table. And since March in particular, you may have found that you have had to change your tactics in order to pull through a crisis. Consequently you may be feeling a little raw as May enters and eager to see if the alternative paths that you have experimented with have been worth your while. Try to preserve your strength around the 20th of May – the day that Mars stations direct – for you may be feeling particularly raw on that day or you may be faced with a crisis needing your attention. Try to preserve your strength, for as we come to the end of the month, May 31st, you will find that you feel safe once more, receiving the family support that you need in order to make the necessary transition and regain control of your life.
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