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Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio – 25th-26th November

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio – 25th-26th November
Secrets can be revealed today! You might discover something exceptionally juicy! Scorpio is a secretive sign and if you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you probably know that getting emotional information out of them is like pulling teeth. However, with Mercury, the winged messenger who is naturally talkative, coming close to Saturn, the slow, wise, practical teacher, this is a time for straight talking and for the truth to come out. (Find out more about Mercury and Saturn in The Planets in Astrology)
Scorpio has a transformative energy, so this could be a day when you finally say what really needs to be said. You may find that whatever you share has a deep impact.
True story: A mother, aged 67, with Mercury in Scorpio in her natal chart was always trying to find out other people’s secrets, but never really shared her own deepest emotional experiences. Her daughter, with Mercury in Gemini was always questioning her, asking about her past, but she could never get anywhere. When Mercury in Scorpio doesn’t want to share something, it will go to the grave with its secrets.
However, there is a particular Saturn transit that only happens every 28 to 29 years which is this conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. And this finally triggered a heart-wrenching emotional sharing from her mother. Her mother was terminally ill with advanced stage breast cancer and virtually on her deathbed when her daughter asked her:
‘Mum, please tell me, what is it that you have held back from sharing with me all your life?’
To which her mother replied,
‘I was raped by my stepfather whom I trusted, when I was just 15 years old and I had to have an abortion. It was such a painful experience that I cried about for years afterwards. That’s the reason I had you so late in life because I was so afraid to get pregnant again and to go through yet another traumatic experience. Your Dad doesn’t even know about it.’
Her daughter was pole-axed. What an unbelievable burden her mother had been carrying all those years and she’d held it all inside her. She hadn’t even shared it with her husband to whom she had been married for the last 40 years. Maybe this withholding and bitterness that she had kept to herself most of her life, contributed to her getting cancer in the first place.
Maybe you are someone who finds it easy to share what is going on with you. Maybe you are someone who bottles everything up and who finds it difficult to talk and to trust anyone. If so, with this transit, this would be an ideal time to get some counselling, to find a mentor or someone you can trust who will listen to you and help you to release your negative emotions that are holding you back.

Good things to do during this transit of Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

  • Clean up and edit projects you started earlier in the year
  • Focus on putting structure around the things you want to accomplish
  • Take some action steps towards your goals
  • Voice your boundaries with other people – be clear about what is acceptable to you and what is not acceptable. E.g. if you live with someone who always expects you to do the cooking and the laundry and you’ve had enough of it. This would be a good time to set a new structure so that you share the tasks rather than having everything falling on your shoulders.
  • Complete a business deal and get the contracts signed and sealed. E.g. if you want to rent an apartment or to sell a property, this is a great time to complete the paperwork and finalise all your arrangements.
  • Explore your ancestry, you may discover something very interesting from your past
  • Catch up with any financial paperwork, bookkeeping, serious business discussions and negotiations
  • Sign and finalize an important contract
Be completely clear about your intentions and your decisions. This is not a time for pussyfooting around. It’s a time for straight-talking that is black and white. Scorpio is not a grey-area sign like Libra or Pisces. Scorpio says it like it is, so be prepared that whatever decisions you take on this day are likely to be final and irrevocable.
This is a great transit for finding anything you have lost: for example, missing keys, papers, jewellery etc.
It’s a good time for any kind of deep talk, even talking to your inner self!
It’s excellent for changing destructive habit patterns. For example, if you constantly put yourself down and you cannot accept a compliment without saying: oh, it’s nothing, really... Are you being too hard on yourself? If someone says something nice to you, practice accepting it graciously. This is one of the best transits for changing negative mental patterns into positive ones.
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