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Mercury Direct from July 1st: Start Your Engines…

Mercury Direct from July 1st: Start Your Engines…
Fast-moving Mercury, lord of the spoken and written word, communications, exchanges, trade, travel and commerce of all kinds has just gone direct, on the 1st of July at 24 degrees Gemini.  Time to start your engines and prepare for forward motion!

What Mercury Direct Means for You

Mercury hung up his winged sandals on June 7th and went on his regular tri-monthly holiday retreat, during which Mercury Retrograde period all mercurial activities became fraught with difficulty!  (Check out some famous mercurial mishaps in Mercury Retrograde and World-Events.) So if you have been frustrated by delays, mishaps, misunderstandings, mistakes or endless revisions and confusions regarding paperwork, travel plans, sales, purchases, communications, contracts and agreements of all kinds, it's all about to end now that Mercury is resuming its forward trajectory.    
Mercury stationing is not usually major news – just part and parcel of our normal living cycles - but this Mercury station is special! For it marks the end of a long series of relentless retrogrades! (The worst offender of which was Mars: check out Mars goes direct if you want a refresher!) These recent retrogrades of Venus, Mercury (again!) and Mars stretch back-to-back all the way to December 2013, turning our lives for the past 7 months into a mighty obstacle course filled with mid-stream horse-changes, constant revisions and quite a few false starts. Mercury’s station on the 1st of July finally puts an end to us having to push ahead regardless for months on end, and without ever knowing all the facts.  Phew – how exhausting!  And how the landscape has changed in such a short space of time! Now, as Mercury gathers speed in July, we can survey our new reality and see life improving on ever so many levels!
Bear in mind that once Mercury comes back to work, it will take a while for him to catch up with his mounting in-tray and get up to speed with things – and there’s lots to catch up with! – so do not expect frazzled endeavours to resume their smooth functioning immediately.  Indeed, the days around Mercury’s station on the 1st of July may be fraught with extra tension as the winged messenger takes back to the skies to survey the wreckage and resume his usual role.  Mistakes can happen now out of haste, so do not rush!  If you are waiting to sign documents, arrange travel plans, make major purchases or launch a project, wait until Mercury gathers some speed by the weekend 5th- 6th July, when you can see the path ahead cleared of all roadblocks.  If you are waiting to sign contracts, better make it Monday the 7th, once Mercury has fully resumed his forward motion.
If you are the kind of person who enjoys a bit of downtime – say if you have been working on something quietly behind the scenes and welcomed June's break to get on with your research without distractions – then prepare for your peacefully cocooned world to break open as all kinds of communications slowly resume their normal rhythm in July. Do your best to mentally prepare now and be ready to move forward, once Mercury speeds up by the end of the week.

How Mercury Direct affects Each Sign

Check both your Sun-sign and Ascendant below to see how Mercury direct will get your life ticking along nicely once more! (Draw your free birth-chart and find out your Ascendant)
Mercury turns direct in your communications sector, clearing the path for you to sort out misunderstandings, sign work contracts, meet new people and generally put your ideas across successfully.  Give it until the 7th of July and the road should be cleared of all obstacles, giving you room to maneuvre once more and carry out your day-to-day activities without so much hassle.  Take the time now to make any final revisions before you put your ideas on the table.
Mercury turns direct in your finance sector, so if you have been waiting for a pay-check, endorsement, or for financial paperwork to get sorted, things will slowly start working smoothly from the 1st of July onwards and you will be able to see exactly what you are worth and what is worth your investment, especially from the 7th July onwards.  Make sure to carefully evaluate your resources now – both in money and creative talents – so that you can demand your dues.
You, dear Gemini, are not only ruled by Mercury, you also had Mercury create havoc in your own sign for the past two weeks. So, you might have found this Mercury retrograde period especially frustrating – more so if you have been trying to push forward with your goals only to meet the trickster at every turn! You probably had a better time of it if you have been using the last few weeks as a kind of home retreat for personal development. Either way, Mercury is now direct from the 1st July, and the time to promote your redefined personal image and goals is here! By the 7th of July you will have a clear view of what you want, ready to implement all that you have learned.
Mercury turns direct in the deepest and most hidden sector of your chart, ruling secrets, large institutions and all that goes on behind sealed doors.  After weeks of feeling helpless and being totally in the dark regarding certain aspects of your life, information will start coming to light from the 1st of July that can help you get a clearer picture of where you stand.  Any undermining or stressful situations should dissolve and by the 7th of July your uncanny intuitive radar is back on form.  Note any creative ideas that arise in your mind, for once Mercury enters your sign on the 13th of July, you will hold all the cards!
For you Leo, Mercury’s station direct affects collective endeavours, friendships, and your goals and dreams! If you have been trying to figure out what you have to offer to the world, or if you have been getting nowhere with a collective endeavour, a friendship or the realisation of a cherished dream, prepare for the decks to start clearing from the 1st of July allowing you to make headway at last!  By the 7th July you should be back on form, pushing on with your dreams, putting your ideas across successfully and proceeding according to your values.  If you reconnected with old friends in the last few weeks of June, now you can think about how to take things forward.
Mercury has been retrograde in your career-sector since mid-June and you might have had to go back over work projects and career arrangements to review, revise and iron out the details. Mercury is your ruler, dear Virgo, so this period has probably required extra special attention from you, making you think about who you want to be in the eyes of the world and what you want from life.  From the 1st of July, the time for revising is over and you can take on your public role with renewed confidence and strength. So make sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s now, so that you can move forward dynamically as July unfolds. By July 7th things should be running smoothly, and if you need to sign contracts that’s the best time.  
Mercury turned direct in the part of your chart concerned with your beliefs, but also with publishing, education, law and travel.   If you have been in the dark about a legal or educational matter, or about a publication or travel plans, held back and unsure of what is going on, the fog should start clearing from July 1st onwards.  If you have been revising your belief system, the time to decide what you think is here.  If you are signing a contract or making final arrangements, wait a few days: try to submit, book or sign papers on Monday the 7th if you can. By the 7th of July, you should finally know where you stand and be able to embrace the future with confidence! 
Mercury turned direct in your house of intimate relationships and shared resources, dear Scorpio. So, if you have been preoccupied with a financial loan, grant, gift or a matter concerning the division of property or where money needs to be shared or exchange hands, things will finally begin to shift after July 1st. Make sure to get all the facts straight and get everyone on the same page before you proceed.  Similarly, if you have had difficulties in an intimate relationship or other deeply private matter, you should start making good headway after the 1st of July.  By July 7th all is clear and you can finally move forward decisively.
Mercury turned direct in your partnership sector, dear Sag, so if you have been experiencing trouble with a relationship or collaboration – whether in marriage or business – labouring in the grip of confusions and delays for weeks now, things will start to clear up from July 1st. Make sure you are seeing face to face with others before you commit to anything that will affect your objectives.  By the 7th of July, the fog should clear and you can reach an agreement that’s in line with your true goals.
Mercury’s station direct puts an end to a long series of upheavals, confusion and rearrangements in your daily work and routine, as well as matters pertaining to your health. You may have had to revisit a health problem, go back to an exercise programme, or reconnect with old employees, work-colleagues and projects over the past few weeks, when daily life became filled with little obstacles and irritations, leaving you rather frazzled. On the 1st of July, Mercury turned direct signalling that normal daily activity is about to resume. By the 7th, your daily schedule should start running again smoothly and any health issues that came up can now be addressed.  This will allow you once more to focus on the bigger picture!
Mercury’s station direct affects love, fun, romance, creativity and children in your world, dear Aquarius.  If you have had to deal with delays and revisions in a creative project, or if you took risks that are yet to pay off, from July 1st all obstacles start clearing, allowing you to move forward with renewed confidence. Similarly, if you suffered misunderstandings in your love-life or with your children, the air starts clearing after the 1st of July.  By the 7th, you should be sailing full speed ahead once more.  Mercury retrograde over the past couple of weeks may have also given you a chance to reconnect with old lovers or do activities that you used to enjoy… If so, it is now time to decide how you want to move forward.
Since mid-June, Mercury has been retrograde in your sector of home and family, dear Pisces, and you may have had to deal with repeated frustrations in your living situation, or with a roommate, parent, partner, or other family member giving you trouble.  Chances are you have had to reassess and reconsider your living situation, examining your relationships and what makes you feel secure.  If something needs to end, then let it.  With Mercury direct from the 1st of July, the situation begins to shift and some decisions can be confidently made to accommodate all interested parties.  By July 7th, you have all the information you need to reach agreements that allow you to place your feet more firmly on the ground!
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