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Mercury in Gemini: Easy Communications

Mercury in Gemini: Easy Communications

It’s with a huge sigh of relief when Mercury, planet of communications, moves into its own home-sign Gemini. Both Mercury and Gemini like variety. They're quick, need a great deal of mental stimulation and are very good at multi-tasking. Read more about the planets' attributes in Astrology

Mercury rules everything connected with communications, transportation, short trips, learning, writing, speaking, languages, debating, anything on the mental level. And anything in this area that’s been stuck in your life has a chance to get moving again, now that Mercury is in Gemini! Think of this transit as grease going in between your wheels. They don’t squeak any more, you can glide along and travel a long distance easily and quickly. If you’ve got an important interview, need to get some information out there or if you want to find some fruitful networks, this should be a very positive time for you.

Those born under the sign of Gemini are great at persuasion, so if you’re negotiating a deal or a contract and trying to come to an agreement, this transit will help you. If you’ve got something you want to buy or sell, put it on the market during this time. Take every opportunity you have to network, and to be proactive about promoting yourself or your business.

If you’re a writer, speaker, teacher, coach, translator, now’s the time to upgrade your website, to redo your promotional materials or create new content as the ideas will be coming thick and fast. You’re probably going to be busier than ever so just make sure you don’t overcommit yourself in your excitement about a new project.

The pace of life speeds up and your mind might be in a thousand different places at once. You’ll feel restless and you’ll want to plan trips, meet new people.

Keep in mind that Gemini is the prankster, so it’s also time to have some fun, to play practical jokes, to mimic, to bring humour into your interactions.

Gemini is adept at flirting and exchanging intellectual banter. You might find yourself attracted to someone with a powerful mind who makes you laugh. Humour is often the substance in a relationship that keeps it together during the hard times. Many times, those relationships which are filled with fun and laughter endure. With this transit, you’ll find it easier to introduce more light-hearted fun into your life and to see the funny side of some of the situations you get yourself into.

If ever there was a typical social butterfly, it’s Gemini. So now’s the time to get out and to go to as many different meetings, parties and social gatherings as you can. Communications with other people should be easier than ever.  As the eternal child of the zodiac, and indeed many Geminis look much younger than their years, you might find yourself interacting with young people. If you do, encourage them to go for their dreams, hopes and wishes.

Use this transit to consider learning something new. Think about the things in your life that you’d like to know more about and pick at least one and take action.

Keep an open mind, don’t close doors and listen carefully to the things that people are saying and also the things that they aren’t verbalising. Non-verbal clues are often more valuable than what’s actually being said.

Gemini puts everything in your life into ‘fast mode’. Make sure you don’t speed if you’re driving, keep your keys and mobile phone in a place that you can remember where to find them, and try to leave some down time in your schedule.

Don’t overtax your nervous system. If your body is telling you to stop, you’re exhausted and you need to rest. Listen to it. Gemini has a tendency not to be able to switch off mentally. Make sure you get enough rest so that your nervous system will be able to handle all this extra activity.

How can you best tap into the energies of this Mercury in Gemini transit?

  • Be spontaneous. If you suddenly feel like going away for a weekend, just do it!
  • Upgrade or buy any gadgets or technology you need to improve your communications
  • Write a journal, blog, book, self-publish
  • Go on a training, workshop, seminar, something that gets your mental juices engaged
  • Meet up and connect with friends in your local neighbourhood
  • Go to parties where people are from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Get together with a friend for lunch or coffee and catch up on all your latest news
  • Teach or share something you are passionate about, post a video on YouTube

If you are an air sign, (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), this transit should be a great deal of fun for you as you live most of the time on the mental plane.

If you are a fire sign, (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you’ll enjoy the stimulation of so many new things going on around you.

Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, you may find you need some time out from all the fast decisions that you are being asked to make. You like to do your due diligence, to reflect and research before you make any decision, so don’t allow yourself to be pressured into making a snap decision that you’re not comfortable with, but on the other hand, make sure you’re not being a stick in the mud by not being willing to be flexible!

On the other hand, earth sign Virgo will be very comfortable with this placement because Mercury is your ruler too. Since you like to be productive, this will be a wonderful time for you to get all your paperwork and correspondence in order.

For the water signs, (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you’ll enjoy some of the new ideas and thoughts swirling around which will inspire your imagination, but at some point, too much mental stimulation is stressful for you unless you’ve had the time to ponder and muse some the ideas you’ve been presented with.

Read more about the 4 Elements of nature in Astrology (air, fire, earth and water) to better understand your star-sign

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If you focus on fun, variety and being flexible you will thoroughly enjoy this transit of Mercury in Gemini!

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