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Mercury in Libra: Relationship Harmony

Mercury in Libra: Relationship Harmony
Mercury in Libra is the natural diplomat of the zodiac. It can see both sides of any situation and is an excellent mediator and negotiator.
Libra wants to be popular and liked, and always finds a way of communicating in a gentle way. Even the most difficult conversations can be palatable with the Libra energy at play.
Let’s look at the difference in the some of the ways that Mercury in Libra contrasts with its next placement of Mercury, which is in Scorpio from September 28th. (Although Mercury backtracks into Libra 10th October to stay until 8th November!)
Mercury in Libra sees life in all kinds of shades of grey. Mercury in Scorpio sees things in black and white.
True example: two friends are travelling on a long-distance flight together from Germany to the US. They are told by the airline that the plane is full and that they will not be able to sit together. Alison, who has Mercury in Scorpio says to her friend Lisa, with Mercury in Libra: ‘you go and ask the man next to you to move seats so that we can sit together.’  ‘Oh, ok,’ says Mercury in Libra, always wanting to please, and she promptly approaches the rather portly and serious-looking man with a great big beaming smile:  ‘Good morning sir! Would you mind awfully moving down to the next row so that I can sit next to my friend?’ The man is completely disarmed by her Libran charm and agrees to move straight away.  
Mercury in Libra knows how to soft-soap even the harshest and grumpiest of characters.
Mercury in Scorpio is much better than Mercury in Libra if you have something direct that needs to be addressed. For example, if you are a surgeon or an oncologist, you will probably have to tell patients that their disease is terminal. With Mercury in Scorpio, although you won’t relish the idea of giving people tragic news, you’ll face it with stoicism. Mercury in Libra needs to be liked while Mercury in Scorpio likes to get down to business straight away and doesn’t use superfluous softening words.  

How to make the most of Mercury in Libra

While Mercury is in Libra, this is a great time for having an open discussion and for listening to another person’s point of view. You may not agree with them, but at least listen to them.
Mercury in Libra has a special talent for conversing with others easily. There are rarely any awkward moments in conversations. It loves to socialise and to meet new people. This would be a good time to join a club, an organisation and to move out of your comfort zone when it comes to making friends. If you are in marketing, sales or the creative field this should be an especially productive time for you.
If you have Mercury in Libra you’ll have a knack for matchmaking. If you are looking for a partner, try to find someone with Mercury in Libra to set up a date for you. Because Libra is symbolised by the Scales, they are able to see which kinds of people will get along well together.

Hidden Aspects of Mercury in Libra

Make no mistake, however, that Mercury in Libra can be very incisive and isn’t necessarily a pushover. If they are really clear about what they want, they can be very manipulative and scheming in order to get their own way.
Margaret Thatcher, the first and so far only female Prime Minister of the UK, was known as the ‘Iron Lady,’ because she was uncompromising and she didn’t waver once she made a decision.
When she arrived at Downing Street to take office, she paraphrased the Prayer of Saint Francis in a perfect, Mercury in Libra way:
"Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope."  --Margaret Thatcher
Simon Cowell is another famous person with Mercury in Libra. He is known for his scathing remarks about performances that he considers terrible. He doesn’t skate politely around the issue, he says it as he sees it. You might consider this behaviour to be quite unusual for someone with Mercury in Libra, however, keep in mind that
Mercury in Libra wants the truth. And if someone doesn’t come up to par, you can expect to be told directly.
There is another side to Simon Cowell that is perhaps less well-known. He hates to face unpleasantness, which is typical of Libra, especially if it is with someone he is close to.
Here is an interesting quote from Simon Cowell showing his Mercury in Libra at play:
“I can’t admit things; that’s why I can’t go to funerals and stuff like that. I find it very, very difficult to deal with that kind of reality. I shut myself off totally because it affects me so badly.” --Simon Cowell

Famous people who have Mercury in Libra

Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Richard Gere, Sophia Loren, Silvio Berlusconi, Julio Iglesias, Warren Buffett, Olivia Newton-John, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce Knowles, Brigitte Bardot, Margaret Thatcher, Simon Cowell.


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