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Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus in 6 May 2019 to stay until 21 May 2019 when he will move into Gemini. Zippy Mercury is the planet of quick thinking, logic and reason and when he is in sensible Taurus our thinking is down to earth and grounded. So, this is a good two week window to solidify your plans, put your ideas to the test or sign a deal. The Sun will be in Taurus until 21 May as well, shining its warm and life-giving rays in your ideas. What are you waiting for? Read your zodiac sign’s Mercury in Taurus horoscope (and your Sun in Taurus Horoscope) and get strarted with your plans.


For you, dear Aries, Mercury in Taurus is like having your own personal accountant on speed-dial. You have a nose for boxing clever with cash. You’re a generous sign but there’s such a thing as too generous. A budget needs to be worked through. You might turn your hand to crafting stuff with your hands to make a dollar or two.

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Mercury in your sign might resuscitate a situation from the last time that Mercury was in your sign for a spell. That was probably a false start. This is the real thing. You’ll be hastier in your thinking but you can work people out all the same, and taking longer to make up your mind isn’t a weakness. 


What are your thoughts on poetry or rom-coms? Mercury in Taurus activates your inner romantic, dear Gemini, and you’re also more susceptible to changing your mind and thinking abstract thoughts. You might be a bit spooky too. 

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Mercury in the 11th house of your horoscope makes you a lot more sociable and you’ll be keen to fill your diary, or if you don’t have such a thing, then perhaps you should start, dear Cancer. You’re out to make a statement or do something radical with your look. Single? You might get the come-on in a big group when you least expect it! Check out your Single Love Horoscope 2019.


Mercury in Taurus for you, dear Leo, pushes you onwards and upwards. You might get some sound advice from your father or other dominant male figure in your life. Make your focus yourself. You’re thoughtful and you can be your own hero/heroine. 


Mercury in Taurus in your horoscope is like when you’re on a call and you’re on hold and you keep hearing that automated message when they tell you that your call is important and that you should continue to hold. Hang on in there, dear Virgo, is all that we’ll say! The rewards come after the frustration. Remember that you’re a visionary. If you made a promise to yourself to do more reading, then the time is now! 


Mercury in Taurus, for you dear Libra, can turn you into an amateur sleuth. You want to follow up sneaking suspicions without giving very much of yourself away at all! Your psychic bandwith increases and you seize upon a good investment. Check out your star sign's key to success!


Mercury in Taurus, your opposite sign, dear Scorpio, makes you more flexible and likely to fall in with other people’s ways of seeing things. Yet people that disagree with you turn you on.  Check out what else the sun in Taurus, your opposite sign, can do for you!

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Saturn in your sign is heavy enough an influence without you worrying, dear Sagittarius. We’d like you to instead turn your energies to diet, exercise or nurturing your soul in other ways. You might be more of a perfectionist. Why not look at your astro-diet tips?


Mercury in your sister sign of Taurus, well that can be quite something for you, dear Capricorn. You might be a lot eager to take a gamble or take a considered risk, or play games with someone and toy with their affections! Flattery gets you everywhere!


Mercury in such a sensitive spot in your horoscope urges you to broach subjects that you haven’t wanted to deal with before. The right words can make you feel safe and secure. The wrong words can make you defensive and hostile.  You can fall back on an old way of doing things. 


Mercury in Taurus. What’s it all about, dear Pisces? Well, we’re all the sum of our life experience and you’ve a need to find out more about yourself as well as others, or you spot the information people are seeping out about themselves. Single? They don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or Meghan Markle for you to find them attractive once you strike up a conversation!

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