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Mercury in Virgo 2020

Mercury in Virgo 2020

Mercury enters in Virgo on 20th August 2020. Mercury, the planet in astrology ruling communications, technology and travel, is extremely happy in the sign of Virgo which is the sign of its rulership and its exaltation. You can expect to see an improvement in your learning ability, easier travel arrangements and a surge in the amount of communications you receive. 

Virgo rules work, and Mercury in Virgo loves to be occupied and involved in mental challenges. It’s good at taking care of the details, organising and planning. It’s time to handle communications with care and pay extra attention to detail.

A good way of understanding this aspect is to examine its placement in a birth chart.

Good things to do during the transit of Mercury in Virgo, August 2020

  • Analyse your situation honestly and take action where necessary
  • Get organised – categorise your contacts, catch up with emails and phone calls
  • Pay attention to all the details – read the small print!
  • Solve problems – come up with practical solutions
  • Volunteer your time for charity or an organisation you feel passionate about
  • Learn something new – go on a course, workshop, training
  • Develop some more technical skills
  • Practice listening more and reading between the lines
  • Write, speak, teach, share, comment, subscribe
  • Make improvements to your surroundings
  • Editing, checking, proofreading
  • Think about how you can work smarter not harder
  • Start a new exercise plan
  • Go on a healthy diet
  • De-clutter and keep only the essentials

The meaning of Mercury in Virgo in an Astrological Birth-Chart

With Mercury in Virgo in your birth chart, you need meaningful work. It’s going to be especially gratifying if you feel as though your work is making a valuable contribution. Everything needs to have some kind of practical application otherwise you won’t feel it’s worth making the effort.

On the one hand Mercury in Virgo is very accurate and precise. Whatever you undertake you complete to a very high standard. On the other hand, you are very critical and you find it very hard to delegate tasks as you think you’re the only one who can do a good job.

Languages, science, mathematics, statistics, medicine, hygiene and healing are all strengths of Mercury in Virgo. You have a special ability with the written and spoken word. Your lightning fast mind can pick up anything new very quickly.

Mercury in Virgo has a tendency to go to extremes. One day you’ll be beautifully dressed and take real pride in your appearance and on another day you won’t care at all and you’ll go around like a slouch.

If you are dating someone with Mercury in Virgo, you may not realise it, but they are putting you through a series of tests before they will open up their heart to you. They have very high standards and you may even feel as though you are being interrogated by all their questions. They are just trying to get to know you and to see if you tick all their boxes.

If you are in a relationship with someone who has Mercury in Virgo, expect to see their critical side. But it’s not necessarily negative. Men with this placement are often excellent shoppers having an eye for detail and quality. They are great to take shopping especially if you are looking for a nice new outfit. In fact, they will happily pick out combinations for you to try on!

Mercury in Virgo, because of its attention to detail is good at predicting stock market movements and can make vast amounts of money from their analytical skills.

There’s a tendency to be a workaholic, especially if you are doing what you love because you won’t see it as work.

With your perfectionist tendencies you often feel as though you’re not quite good enough, ready enough, smart enough…with Mercury in Virgo you’ll feel driven to get the appropriate qualifications and certifications in your field so that you can be confident you are an expert. There’s a quest for more and more knowledge and sometimes these people become perennial students, with Masters and Doctorates, always trying to perfect their knowledge.

It’s not easy for you to give praise as you can always see room for improvement. True story: a mother with Mercury in Virgo had a very gifted musical child who was learning the play the piano. Instead of encouraging the child, she would shout out ‘wrong note!’ every time the child made a mistake. As a result her daughter became unsure of her ability and developed such anxiety that she was unable to perform in public. It took many years of counselling when she was in her twenties to unravel those critical messages that had made such a big imprint on her as a child.

Mercury in the signs belonging to the astrological element of earth in general (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) has a tendency to say exactly what they think and see. Don’t be surprised if they start to correct your grammar as you speak!

You can be very obsessive which can drive not only the people around you crazy, but your nervous system gets so agitated at times that you can find it hard to rest and unwind. It’s important to put your computer and any electronic device away long before you go to bed.

Mercury in Virgo is a wonderful placement for a writer. J.K. Rowling’s Mercury enabled her to write such excellent books with so much attention to detail.  

Comedians often have Mercury in Virgo because they can pick up on everyday funny events that others often miss.

Famous people with Mercury in Virgo: Mme Blavatsky, Leo Tolstoy, Steve Martin, Freddie Mercury, J.K. Rowling, Liz Greene, Neil Armstrong, Robert De Niro, Sri Aurobindo, Stephen Fry, Leonard Bernstein, Jimmy Carter, George Gershwin, Peter Bysshe Shelley

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