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Mercury into Scorpio: Mysteries Revealed!

Mercury into Scorpio: Mysteries Revealed!

Between 27th September-27th October and 10th November - 1st December 2020 Mercury will be in the investigative, intense sign of Scorpio. While in Scorpio, Mercury wants to get to the bottom of everything. It won’t leave a stone unturned until it has solved the mystery.

How Mercury going into Scorpio affects your life

With Mercury in Scorpio, nothing will get past you. You’ll be super-sensitive to anyone telling you a lie. (Have a look at The Planets in Astrology to find out more about Mercury!) This is not a time for superficiality and pleasantries. It’s time for getting down to business, for being real and for direct communications. It’s a good time for deep and intense conversations that can get to the root of something that has been bothering you.

During this transit of Mercury in Scorpio it’s time to closely examine your close relationships. So many relationships never go very deep because we still put on a facade in order to be accepted. We all prefer to be liked but many of us are afraid that if someone close to us sees who we really are, they might not like us anymore. Yet keeping someone at a distance often results in a feeling of deep loneliness. How can you feel connected if you aren’t allowing yourself to be seen?

If you have Mercury in Scorpio in your birth-chart, you are passionate and you don’t miss a trick. Here’s how this placement of Mercury can play out in your relationships. If you have this placement, chances are you see things in black and white rather than shades of grey. Let’s say you have a friend with Mercury in Pisces.

Here would be a typical conversation:

Mercury in Scorpio: “Would you like to go to a movie this weekend?”

Mercury in Pisces: “Ummm, I’m not sure. Can’t we just go with the flow and see what happens?”

Mercury in Scorpio: “But we’ll need to book in order to get good seats.”

Mercury in Pisces: “I don’t know how I’m going to be feeling tomorrow. I might not feel like going to a movie and then we’ll have wasted the money on the tickets.”

Mercury in Scorpio: “Can’t you ever plan ahead?”

Mercury in Pisces: “I’d prefer not to. I find plans very constricting.”

Mercury in Scorpio: “Arghhhhhhhh!! Can’t you ever give me a straight answer to a simple question??”

There are three signs in the zodiac that see life in shades of grey: Gemini, Libra and Pisces. They are all dual signs: the Twins, the Scales, the Fish. They can always see two or more sides to any situation. Scorpio, on the other hand sees things clearly in black or white. They make an excellent undercover detective or working in the police force. They persist until they do get a straight answer. Your Mercury sign shows how you communicate. If one partner has Mercury in Libra and the other has Mercury in Pisces, they may spend the whole evening discussing which restaurant they should go to! Along comes Mercury in Scorpio who makes an instant decision and bundles everyone out of the door without further ado.

True story: a mother, aged 45 years with Sun in Scorpio and Mercury in Scorpio, had a young Libra daughter aged 15 years. Libra doesn’t tend to tell the truth directly. It skirts round the details and often tells white lies. One day, her daughter came home late from school. As usual, there was the Mercury in Scorpio interrogation by her mother who demanded a very good explanation for her lateness.  Her daughter said that she had to stay late in school because the teacher went over time and she had so many questions after class that they ended up in a deep discussion.  

In actuality, she’d been meeting a new boyfriend in town and didn’t want her mother to know.  But Mercury in Scorpio can smell a lie a mile off and she kept on telling her daughter that her excuse did not sound plausible. Scorpio energy doesn’t give up and although she left it for that day, she resolved to find out what her daughter was up to.She had a friend who followed the girl after school and found out what she was really doing who immediately reported back the facts to her.

You can imagine the fireworks that erupted when her daughter came home late for the second time.

So if you are trying to hide something during this transit, be very careful because you might be found out!

Good things to do while Mercury is in Scorpio

It’s a particularly good time for deepening your knowledge and interest in anything metaphysical or esoteric, such as astrology, tarot, developing your intuitive and psychic side. Doing any kind of research will be very favourable during this transit of Mercury in Scorpio.

Make sure you have updated all your passwords and important data on the internet. Run a security and Malware check to be absolutely sure. During this transit hackers are sneakier than ever so it’s best to be prepared.  

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