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Mercury Retrograde 2019

Mercury Retrograde 2019

When is Mercury retrograde in 2019? In March, July and November! Forewarned is forearmed so, here’s a heads up so you can plan what’s most important to you well away from naughty Mercury’s thrice-yearly backward spin.

Mercury doesn’t hit reverse and start travelling backward through the heavens. It only appears to so as it speeds past the earth before curving around the sun to take a turn on the far side of it. Mercury orbits the sun faster than the earth (around 88 days as opposed to the earth’s 365) and so it goes retrograde around 3-4 times a year as it overtakes earth on the inside lane, each retrograde lasting around three weeks.

In 2019, Mercury retrogrades 3 times in Water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio (with a little exception in the summer when M gets out to sunbathe in Leo for a bit). And so 2019 is a time to review unconscious, emotional thinking patterns. What gives you a sense of security, bonding, belonging? And where do you tend to react unthinkingly, out of habit? Mercury retrograde in water will make you aware of all these things, allowing you to review them and do some psychological clearing. This can also be an incredibly artistic and inspiring time. Also check out how Mercury retrograde affects your love life!

So let’s look at the Mercury retrograde dates of 2019:

Mercury Retrograde Sign Retrograde Dates Pre-Shadow Post-Shadow
Pisces (16-29 degrees) 5-28 March From 19 February Ends 17 April
Leo-Cancer (4 degrees Leo - 23 degrees Cancer) 7 July - 1 August From 20 June Ends 15 August
Scorpio (11-27 degrees) 31 October - 20 November From 11 October Ends 7 December

Avoid the dates in the 2nd column (when Mercury is retrograde) - and especially the bookends themselves (e.g. the days surrounding the 5th and 28th of March) which are when most mistakes happen. Avoid these dates if you’re launching a project, signing documents, buying electronic or mechanical equipment, booking in for elective surgery, renting a space, starting a new job, getting married, going on an important trip or signing off on anything else that you want to be complication-free. Your assumptions are usually wrong during those times and mistakes can occur out of haste, carelessness, lack of information or inattention to detail.  Give yourself enough time to get places and double check documents if you’re travelling. Verify the “to” fields in any communications, double check numbers and back up your files in advance of those dates for safe-keeping.

If you can, avoid the shadow periods too - columns 3 and 4 - or at least, stick as close to those dates (and away from the actual retrograde) as you can. The Pre-shadow period (column 3) is when the themes of the upcoming Mercury retrograde crop up for your consideration, intensifying as we get to the retrograde. Raise your antennae and watch what happens during that time. The Post-shadow period (column 4) is when clarity slowly dawns. Things begin to fall into place and the requisite information starts coming to light. Don’t act too soon once Mercury goes direct: avoid the early Post-shadow period, as many mistakes tend to occur exactly then.

Mercury retrograde is known for the time of the year when exes are resurfacing... So, here is our ultimate guide on how to reconnect with old loves… or at least finally get closure! 

Life does go on, of course, so if you absolutely have to sign off on something during Mercury retrograde, that’s fine. Sometimes, you simply need to move on something that’s been cooking for a while, a work in progress or a temporary agreement to get you started. Just be aware that things might change down the line or that new information might come to light to make you want to change them. Keep an open mind, stay flexible and read the fine print.

Is there an upside to Mercury retrograde? Yes! Make the most of these periods (shadows and all) by revisiting projects that were put in the back-burner, reviewing your attitude, returning to something that meant a lot to you, fine-tuning your ideas, double-checking contracts, and by reconnecting with people from your past. This is a good time to rewire your brain, while the system is down for maintenance!

And if you have Mercury retrograde in your birth-chart or even by progression, you might even enjoy Mercury retrograde! For that’s when the world seems to go at your own pace for once rather than you running after it. What a relief! Enjoy this special time (but do heed some advice when it comes to dealing with the outside world). 

So without further ado, let’s look at Mercury retrograde 2019 in Pisces, Cancer-Leo and Scorpio:

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (5-28 March 2019)

Mercury retrograde in Pisces in March 2019 awakens your imagination, your compassion and your most romantic side!  It also brings about utter chaos and makes you entirely wooly-minded so, beware…

Things to watch out for: Mercury is pretty absentminded in Pisces and you might find that your fantasies are running away with you. Watch that you don’t make decisions entirely based on make-believe and wishful thinking, wishy-washy logic and misinformation. Fact-checking is not Pisces’ strong point and Mercury retrograde could be especially careless with numbers, facts, communications, paperwork and being on time in March. 

How to make the best of it: Mistakes are sometimes inspired! Just like when Alexander Fleming carelessly left stuff to go mouldy on a petrie dish, thus discovering penicillin, you too can come up with some inspired ideas during this time. Art, film, poetry, meditation, scientific research, creative and imaginative work can all benefit. Try taking a more lateral approach to your hopes and dreams and do take a moment to meditate perhaps and review your spiritual practices. It’s a fantastic time for love and romance too - just do check that you’ve got the right address when you send over your love-letter, flowers, serenading band - whatever. 

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and Leo (7 July-1 August 2019)

This Mercury retrograde starts in Leo, on 7th July and ends in Cancer on 1st August making the switch-over on 19th July. Things always get personal where you find Cancer and Leo in your horoscope so expect this period to put a strain on communications and relationships across the board (especially as this Mercury retrograde also coincides with the eclipses!). 

Things to watch out for: The biggest danger during this period is misunderstandings with bosses, parents, friends and family. You’re feeling pretty touchy right now and you - and everyone else - will have a tendency to take everything very very personally. There’s no use in blaming yourself or anyone else for what goes down. Everyone is under strain. Examine your own expectations for love, care and special treatment, as well as your inherited emotional patterns. Above all try not to be such a big baby! Use this time to do some growing up.

How to make the best of it: Use 7th - 19th July, when Mercury is retrograde in Leo, to go over old ground and get some closure - especially with anything that’s been going on since the Leo total lunar eclipse that took place in January 2019. This is the time to put the past behind you and uncover a more carefree, younger, but also more confident, authoritative and loving joyful you! Be the parent you never had. Once Mercury retrograde drops into Cancer, 19th July - 1st August, things get more emotional, as unconscious patterns you’ve developed in your childhood start causing havoc. Use this time to examine inherited patterns, review your nourishment, shelter and security needs and do some conscious parenting on yourself. Examine your close emotional bonds and ask yourself whether your emotional needs are being met by your current relationship, job or whatnot. Have it out with a family member or clear out some drawers if it helps.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (31 October-20 November 2019)

Paranoid much? Mercury retrograde in the sexiest - and most paranoid - of all star signs, Scorpio in November 2019 brings out your dark side! So, switch on your X-ray vision but do keep someone sensible around to knock some sense into you when you’ve gone off the rails…

Things to watch out for: The greatest danger of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is becoming too paranoid and suspicious. No use questioning everyone’s motives and second-guessing yourself, looking for hidden innuendos and dark secrets everywhere. The corollary of that is that you might start withholding information and blocking communication channels out of some perceived need for privacy. Being stubborn and pig-headed is a related danger. All this secrecy and mistrust could create a considerably slowdown on all levels of your life.

How to make the best of it: This transit can help you transform an aspect of your thinking! Do some undercover research and challenge entrenched thoughts in your head. It’s a good time to undergo therapy, look at any sexual or trust issues you might have, as well as your attitude to money. Tackle mental blocks and claim your power back!  Secrets come to light during this period but you might totally get the wrong end of the stick so don’t jump to any conclusions until Mercury resumes normality. Learn to listen to your gut instinct, even over the din of all your phobias and insecurities!

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