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Mercury Retrograde August 2017 Revisit and Repair!

Mercury Retrograde August 2017 Revisit and Repair!

Mercury, planet of communication, travel and trade shuts up shop for the holidays and goes retrograde on August 12th all the way to September 5th. For once, that’s perfect timing! The universe, in its infinite wisdom, is giving you the chance to lay low and see what this August’s eclipse season throws at you. If there was ever a clear message to hold back from signing paperwork or moving forward with your Big Plans, this is it! So much could change by early September that you’ll be glad you didn’t rush into things this August, before you had all the relevant information! Mercury stations retrograde at 11 degrees Virgo on August 12th and the days surrounding the station could be very frantic and intense as you try to tidy up your affairs. Watch out for silly mistakes around this date and double check you’ve packed everything and have all your paperwork handy if you’re leaving on holiday. August 12-31 is a time to start winding down, analyse and mull things over. The August 2017 total solar eclipse is bang in the middle of that and you’ll want to keep a light schedule so you can respond to sudden events! Mercury enters Leo on August 31, where it turns direct September 5th, going over the eclipse degree and bringing yet more vital information to light! Let the dust settle for a week or so after that. Mercury gets up to full speed by September 19th and we can all get on with it… what? We simply don’t know yet! August will reveal all…

Your August-September Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

What does Mercury retrograde bring a magnifying glass to? Where are you urged to rethink and correct? Read the horoscope for your star sign! If all hell is breaking loose then get a trained eye to look at the situation: dial 0207 111 6384 and speak to one of our clairvoyants now!


August is a good time to revisit a health matter or consider life style changes. Take a time out from work, address your wellbeing, rest and recover. An old, unfinished work project could also get the green light now.  Come September you’ll be ready to unleash your creativity and enjoy life and love to the max!


Do you make enough room in your life for love, fun and creative self-expression?  If you have had trouble conceiving, seek a second opinion. If all the fun has drained out of your job or your relationship, it’s time to unlock your more romantic, spontaneous or creative side. This can lead to major changes in your home and family but also in your deepest sense of who you are.


It’s time to see your place of residence in a new light.  A renovation or real estate project could stall or you could receive a green light to one you had previously abandoned. August is a good time for introspection, location scouting or research into your family tree. Come September, you’ll be ready to make your voice heard and put your stamp on the vicinity! 


Communications could go quiet come August 12th. It’s a good time to focus your mind on analysis, writing or learning, as outside stimuli slows down. Alternatively, an old matter concerning a sibling or colleague could surface to be resolved now. Double check all paperwork when you travel and avoid finalising documents. The research you do now will pay off big time come September!


The total solar eclipse in your sign is the big news this month but Mercury retrograde is sure to tie this with questions around your values, self-worth and priorities. Where do you spend most of your energy? How about your money? Are self-worth issues preventing you from putting yourself forward or finding love? Mull these things over and be ready to transform your life, outlook and even your appearance!


Mercury is your ruling planet and its retrograde often trips you up. Be wise, leave enough time and double check arrangements, trips and communications! You rightly feel that it’s time to withdraw your attention from everybody else and focus on yourself. Who are you becoming? What do you want out of life? Going off piste will revitalise you now, unleashing your intuition and creativity!


Don't get bogged down analysing the past, obsessing about what you could have done differently or dwelling on regrets. Forget the “and then he said… Then I said…” drone. Put the past to bed, recuperate if you have to, then move on! You’re on the threshold of major changes in your community that could open the door to your greatest ambitions!


Who are your friends? What sort of people do you want to surround yourself with? The social scene could go quiet forcing you to answer these questions and figure out exactly who and what it is you aspire to. You might get a second chance at the big time. Go for it! Come September you could find yourself on a new path, with a kingdom of your own, a Big Player!


Who are you in the eyes of the world? What are your life goals? It’s time to do some tweaking to the way you handle authority, some minor career adjustments and course corrections. By September, entire new vistas you didn’t know existed open up for you. Ready to think bigger? Time to change your outlook and go global with your ideas!


August is the perfect time to revisit old beliefs and what, if anything, gives your life meaning and purpose. It’s a good time to research the open market, get to the bottom of a legal case or retake a university exam. A trip or adventure brings back memories. Get to the bottom of things and find the truth. This transforms and empowers you!


Major relationship changes are on their way. August will test the power-balance and trust in a relationship or reveal the need for minor financial adjustments. It’s a good time to repay old debts. Come September, you could find yourself in a new space publicly, or when it comes to an important relationship or professional association.


August gives you the chance to revisit your most important relationships and make minor adjustments for greater efficiency. If there are things left unsaid between you it’s time to clear the air. This could open the door to a better lifestyle together! If it is a professional association that concerns you, there's definitely a chance for renewal and better working conditions.

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