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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn January 2016: Time to Regroup!

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn January 2016: Time to Regroup!

On January 5th 2016, communications planet Mercury goes retrograde (first in Aquarius then Capricorn) barely a few days into the new year. This means that you have time to regroup before 2016 gets fully into its stride!

Mercury has been going over uncertain ground ever since December 19th (the so-called “retrograde shadow”), giving everyone a chance to slow down over the holidays - a true blessing. Now as he grinds to a halt on January 5th, it's time to have a good think about what you want out of your year. 

Mercury stations retrograde in early Aquarius square warrior Mars - a really intense combination. Don’t plan anything important around January 5th if you can avoid it, as things may be a little volatile on that date. Wait for Mercury to settle into his backward stride (and get away from Mars) first - that’s after January 8th-9th, when he gets back into good old Capricorn.

This retrograde begins in Aquarius, but Mercury spends most of his retrograde period in Capricorn (from January 8th onwards). This means that money, work and practical matters will loom large as the year begins.

Mercury goes direct again on January 25th but it won’t get fully back to speed until mid-February. This gives you sufficient time to sort out any unfinished business and get yourself into position to make the most of opportunities for love, success and happiness that come your way in 2016!

Get your timing right:

  • January 5-15 revisits issues that you can learn from and resolve. Time to take stock and complete past lessons. 
  • From mid-January onwards you can turn your sights to the future! Lucky beams from Jupiter on January 13th-15th make mid-January perfect for a happy outcome in matters that may have been pending for a while! 
  • From mid-month onwards, you’ll be on tenterhooks trying to sense which way things are going. Proceed slowly. As usual, most mistakes happen a week either side of Mercury’s station direct, which is January 25th. So take extra care from January 18th to February 2nd (and to be safer still till February 9th).

Your January 2016 Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

What blast from the past does Mercury bring during his January retrograde in Capricorn? Read on to find out. Will past lovers return? Will you get another chance at happiness? Will you finally get your life in order? A personal reading with one of our vetted psychics can reveal all - call now on 0207 111 6384!


Time to review where you are going and what you want to achieve this coming year. Is your relationship where you want it to be? Is it time to make things official? Or maybe you have been putting too much energy into your career and you need to think about your personal needs a little more? A friend may say something that ignites a major life direction review in the first half of January. Then from the 15th onwards it’s time to put your feelers out for the future. Don’t jump the gun between January 18th and February 2nd. We know it’s not your strong point but …be patient! January 13th-15th are serendipitous days for work and career or to win favour with someone special - a theme you will see activated again in May and September this year.


Are you ready for an adventure? Time to review your goals and plans for the future. Been meaning to go back to University? Or maybe you have been wanting to take a holiday with your sweetheart? Travel - physically or mentally - to complete something that you have already started is strongly indicated. What do you want to achieve in 2016? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? It is time to plan for the next step in your career. Or it may be time to make it official with your sweetheart. January 18th to early February is tricky, when all kinds of things may go haywire. Use this time to lay low and work away quietly at something. January 13th-15th brings a very happy moment, when you are full of ideas and hopes for the future. This is only the beginning. Do something special around that time!


Mercury retrograde brings a financial restructure for you - especially where shared finances are concerned. It may be a work or legal issue that kicks things off around January 5th, highlighting the importance of putting some rules in place. Avoid major purchases during this time, unless you are completing on arrangements already made. On the plus side, if you have been turned down for a loan or mortgage, you will have a chance to reapply with more favourable results, especially if you do so by the 15th. Equally you may see money owed returned to you. Mercury backwards also gives you time to review up close and personal relationships. Is there sufficient trust between you two? Is it time to open up to someone? Or maybe it's time to set clearer boundaries? January 13th-15th is emotionally reassuring. But avoid silly moves - both financially and romantically - between January 18th and early February.


Time for a relationship review. What can others do for you? Who is on your side and who is not? People from your past may make an appearance in January. Single? An intense experience around the 5th may urge you to think more closely about the people that you attract into your life - or whether you make room for anyone at all. January 5-15 is a time to complete unfinished business. Things get a little uncertain and volatile from January 18th onwards. Be cautious all the way into early February. Whether it’s a career agreement or a romantic proposal that you’re considering, do not make a final decision or sign any papers until well into February. January 13th-15th are lucky days, when someone from the past brings you a lucrative proposition. This is a theme that will be reactivated in spring and autumn this year.


Get ready for changes at work as the year begins - especially where your working relationships are concerned. Have you taken on too much? If so you may start thinking about how you can restructure your work-schedule. Use January 13th-15th to agree lucrative revisions to your existing contract (you’ll get another chance in May and September). If you have been looking for work then an old colleague may get in touch with an interesting proposition. Proceed carefully after January 18th and until February 2nd at least, as you won’t be in possession of all the facts. January is also a good time to do your due diligence in matters of the heart. Try to discern what you truly want from a relationship and separate the wheat from the chaff. Then you will be ready to attract the right kind of person into your life in 2016! 


Something or someone close to your heart comes back to you! What may start as a small thing - maybe a work assignment, routine operation or visit to the health club can turn into a full blown romance. Revisiting tasks you have been putting off on your to-do list in early January may find you getting into your creative stride by mid-month. Have you been following your heart of late, dear Virgo? No? Well it’s time to begin. Use the first half of January to delve into what you love and see how you really feel about someone or something. Then proceed from there. Be extra careful January 18th onwards - your ruler Mercury is in his most tricky phase and he may make you make all kinds of silly mistakes!  Stay alert until well into early to mid-February. About to give your heart away? Go slowly this month. January 13th-15th can bring great happiness with something that has been long in the coming - and this is only the beginning!


Get ready for a review of your home and family situation! The whole thing may be sparked off by something your son or daughter does, or it may be that a romantic involvement suddenly hits a bit of an impasse. This will make you think and give you another chance at sorting out any unfinished personal business with your family. Pore carefully over any paperwork, especially if it concerns your home. January 8th-15th is a great time to check on your progress so far and tidy up loose ends with January 13th-15th - a fantastic few days to resolve old issues with family members - a trend that will pop up again in May and September this year. You may be excitedly waiting for things to move on after that, but be careful and try to hold back a little - don't sign anything yet - especially from January 18th until February 2nd at least (if not the 9th). You can move forward more confidently on the home front after that and in matters of the heart from mid-February onwards.


Where is home, dear Scorpio? Sudden personal changes may initiate lots of talk and commotion in January. Think things through carefully to make sure you’re not being sent on a wild goose-chase. The first half of January is great for getting in touch with old friends and following up on your communications. By January 13th-15th you may win a powerful ally! But don’t let your guard down after that (not that Scorpios are remotely known for doing that - ever - but just to the sure). The biggest test comes January 18th to early February when things may get stressful and erratic before they settle into a new routine. Play your cards close to your chest - again another Scorpio strength. You will have a clearer sense of what’s going on with everyone once February gets well underway. Get ready for a sociable year!


Money money money - what a headache! Mercury turns retrograde in your house of communications then sets up shop in your money house: this gives you pause for thought where any financial paperwork is concerned. Take time to think things through. Ask your sibling for advice. Read the fine print! If you hear a strange piece of news in early January, use this to revise your plans. The same goes where an important relationship is concerned: if someone from the past comes back into your life, use January 8th-15th to think carefully about how much value they bring. Is it worth getting back together? Or should you stay friends? Be especially careful between January 18th and early February as your heart may play tricks on you. Do not make any rash decisions. You will know for sure whether to invest in someone or something by mid-February. January 13th-15th are good days to discuss a raise or the future of a relationship.


Your birthday month is a gift, giving you the gift of time… Time to review your plans for the future, time to complete old projects, time to regroup! January gives you a chance to conclude unfinished business and get ready for something new. This is a lucky period for you - the first of three this year (the other two coming up in May and September). Financial realities may signal the kick-off for these personal revisions. It comes down to: Who are you? What life do you want to live? Relationships are also up for review, for as you and your priorities change so does what you want out of your relationships. January 13th-15th is a good time to finalise something, bringing a sense of release. Proceed with care after that, especially between 18th January and early February, when mistakes are likely to happen. If you feel like you want to rush forward don’t. Wait until February 2nd at least and until the 9th for best results if you can. Take time to do your due diligence and get things well under control before you proceed.


Mercury pops his head around the door in your sign on January 5th only to leave you wondering what that was all about. You may feel ready to begin something new then have to go back to the drawing board. Press pause, dear Aquarius. Whatever ideas have gotten into your mind, keep a low profile and test them out for size safely - away from prying eyes - in January. That’s because you may spend much of January being in the dark about a person or project. Or it may be that you have a secret to keep. You won’t be ready to reveal anything till mid-February, so go slowly and do your research - especially between January 18th and early February, when things may be a little unpredictable. January 13th-15th brings a wonderful personal blessing - a theme that will be re-activated this May and September.


A mini-period of isolation early in the new year may bring friends flocking in after January 8th. Alternatively, a secret may fall into your lap come January 5th that gives you a chance to review where you stand with a friend. January 8-15 is perfect for reconnecting with old friends and re-forging your alliances. It is equally wonderful for romantic relationships - especially mid-January when someone special may make you feel like the luckiest person in the world… This is an excellent day to re-affirm your bond or renew your agreement. If you are single, then January 13th-15th may make you see an old friend with new eyes… Avoid rash financial decisions and watch what you say to friends and acquaintances after January 18th, as the wrong thing may pop out of your mouth causing havoc. January 13th-15th is lucky for reviewing contracts and agreements of all kinds, a trend that will re-emerge in May and September this year.

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