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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: Hit Replay!

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: Hit Replay!
Communications planet Mercury stations retrograde in the early hours of Tuesday, May 19th at 13 degrees Gemini. Get ready for your world to go into disarray until June 11th, which is when Mercury begins straightening up his act once more... It's time to hit re-play, re-examine the facts and renegotiate your course!
Mercury started venturing into uncertain ground since May 4th. Be prepared to revise in the second half of June (once Mercury straightens up) anything that you have already begun tackling in May.  Make sure that any new arrangements you make now are entered into your diary in pencil, for they are bound to change! The only exception to this rule is when it comes to reconnecting with old acquaintances or addressing unfinished business that has been dragging on for a while... If a person, problem or project from your past re-appears in your life, you can now pick up where you left off and proceed full speed ahead to arrive at a satisfactory resolution! Even though Mercury turns direct June 11th, he won't be ready to move forward resolutely until June 27th, so you have about 40 days in which to back-track, re-examine a certain area of your life and make the requisite changes. 
Mercury rules communications and travel. Double-check all your travel arrangements before you set off and be prepared for the occasional little annoyances if you move around a lot by car or public transport. Leave a lot of time to get to where you need to be. Similarly, take extra care when doing applications or signing documents (don’t sign at all if you can), or sending emails and other messages There might be something you overlook (read the small print!) or you may send an email to the wrong person! Back up your computer and avoid buying new software or doing updates which may create hick-ups...  Avoid doing routine checks on your car too if you can, because you may be faced with surprises.
Mercury will be squaring master illusionist Neptune in Pisces during his retrograde, adding further confusion into the mix. This means it may be even harder to make heads or tails of what's going on and decide on a course of action. Watch out for blurred travel or communications lines around May 29th and June 23rd in particular. Again, you may have to wait until the end of June before you can see things with greater clarity. If you have any planets around 6-14 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, you may be more susceptible to Neptune's illusory tricks, so take everything you hear with a pinch of salt!
May 27th-30th is an important turning point in this retrograde cycle. Mercury conjuncts Mars  and Sun, planting the seeds of a confrontational idea we won't see the upshot of until the second half of July. If you have points or planets near 10 Gemini, you may feel energised and eager to move forward, sword at the ready! Do watch your words however, as you don't want to say something that you may later regret. With Neptune in Pisces involved, sly moves and confusion are a possibility at every step, so proceed carefully!  By mid-June, just as Mercury resumes his forward motion, we will have a New Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars which will signify the birth of a rash new idea. Make a start but proceed slowly, aiming to make more headway toward the end of June, when your vision is clearer. Saturn's back in Scorpio by mid-June too, so you may find that you have one last opportunity to make things right that have been dragging on for a couple of years now.
Mercury retrogrades between 4 and 13 degrees Gemini. If it hits a planet in your chart then the things it stands for will come up for examination and renegotiation. For instance if you have Venus in Gemini, then it may be your relationships or finances that can benefit from a bit of hindsight. If it is the Sun, it may be time to reconsider who you are and what you want. If it is your Ascendant, then it may be time to reconsider the way you present yourself to others. And so on. Check out your birth-chart to see if you have a planet there and read the planets in astrology to find out what that planet represents!
Take the usual precautions during Mercury retrograde:
•    Do not rush to sign a contract or start a new job
•    Don't buy electronic equipment or install new software
•    Don't buy a car or other large goods
•    Back up your work!
•    Avoid elective surgery
•    Be very careful with our emails etc, as you may accidentally copy a message to the wrong person!
•    Double check all travel arrangements and documents and leave plenty of time to get everywhere
•    Do not rush into something the minute Mercury goes direct, on June 11th!  Wait until the second half of June - preferably the last week of June.
Mercury Retrograde is a Great Time to:
•   Go over old ground, re-examine a situation
•   Renegotiate a deal
•   Tidy your paperwork, do a little spring clean at the office
•   Catch up with your communications
•   Complete a project that you have hitherto had no time to look at.
•   Reconnect with old friends and lovers! 
•   Take a breather!
•   Get closure
•   Rekindle an old relationship

Where Does Mercury Retrograde in Gemini create Havoc for Your Star-Sign?

Read your sun-sign and your ascendant to find out where you can expect things to slow down until mid-June, but also where you have a chance to reconsider how you handle the affairs of that astrological house! Overwhelmed? Call 0207 111 6384 and talk to an experienced psychic now! 
Aries: Your 3rd House: Travel and Communications
You are entering communications and travel madness, dear Aries. Be extra careful in all your written communications and watch your words for the odd Freudian slip! Travel may also prove tricky. Make sure your car documents are up to date and leave lots of time to get places by public transport. A routine car service may prove more lengthy or costly than you anticipated. Despite the madness, this is your chance to re-establish contact with many people in your environment, reconnect with a sibling or refresh your social network.  
Taurus:  Your 2nd House: Money and Values
Mercury retrograde may bring financial disarray, delays and hiccups. It's a chance to review your expenses, renegotiate your salary and rearrange your accounts. You also have a chance to examine whether you are living according to your values. Are you investing your time and money wisely? Are you making the most of your talents? You may spend too much time and money in pursuit of an ideal now, or you may be misguided about a friendship.
Gemini:  Your 1st House: Identity and Desires
Time to review who you are and what you want out of life. Are you being true to yourself? Are you pursuing what you want? If you have been too shy, it's time to step it up a notch and develop your sense of leadership and authority. Alternatively, if you have been too proud or ego-centred, it may be time for a little attitude-correction that can allow your true self to shine. Dreams and illusions about where you are headed in your career make it harder to pursue your goals. This is your chance to take a good stab at what you want, especially where a long-held goal is concerned.
Cancer:  Your 12th House: Spirituality, Large Institutions
This is a chance to retreat from the external world either to do work behind the scenes or to reconnect with your spirit. You can resume an old spiritual discipline, record your dreams or fruitfully undergo psychotherapy now. Or, if you work in a large institution, you may renegotiate your position or take up a more active role now. Whispers behind the scenes may create some confusion however. If you're in broadcasting, you can inspire the masses with a message (or even lead them astray!). Your longing to escape is strong. Take care when travelling.
Leo:  Your 11th House: Friends, Clubs and Aspirations
This is a chance to reconnect with old friends or even renew your membership at a club and remember the old days. It's also a good time to revisit dreams and aspirations that may have fallen by the wayside. Financial confusion may thwart your efforts or it may be that sexual undercurrents or matters of trust come up in discussions with a friend. Just take it slowly. It may be a while before you get to the facts. You can have lots of fun socialising now!
Virgo:  Your 10th House: Career, Direction and Public Image
Time for a career progress review! Are you headed where you want to be? Are you projecting the kind of image that you want others to perceive? What do you want out of your professional life? This is the time to think about all these questions and adjust your course. Your professional role may undergo some changes now or you may reconsider if it is what you want. Mayhem may happen at work, so double check work communications, especially with your boss, and watch out for misunderstandings in a business partnership. No need to rush, dear Virgo, pay attention!
Libra:  Your 9th House: International Travel, Education and Publishing
This is your chance to review your outlook on life. It's also an excellent time to reconsider that long trip you've been hoping to make, resume work on an old publishing or marketing project or think about going back to University. A legal case that was left hanging may resume now but move forward with great care and don't start any new proceedings! If you are travelling, leave plenty of time to get there and double-check you have all your documents! A co-worker or employee may not be completely honest now, or it may be that work commitments are thwarting your plans. Proceed slowly.
Scorpio:  Your 8th House: Finances, Sex, And Transformation
Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to review taxes, loan repayments and all sorts of financial agreements. Some financial mayhem may ensue, so take your time to ensure you are on top of payments and to review the way you handle your finances. An intimate relationship is also up for review. Are you happy with your sex life? Is a child on the way, heralding important changes? Your pursuit of love and happiness (or a child's needs) may be throwing a curveball to your finances. Take extra care with any financial decisions.
Sagittarius:  Your 7th House: Relationships and Contracts
Time to review your relationships! What do you want out of a personal and professional partnership? Is it an equal arrangement? Is it what you want? Time to renegotiate your terms of agreement - either with your spouse or with a business partner. This is also a good time to renew an old contract or reconsider a past proposal you had rejected. Matters may be a little confusing at home, making it hard to see a relationship clearly. Just proceed carefully, making nothing final until the air clears up somewhat by the end of June.
Capricorn:  Your 6th House: Work and Health
Be ready to put up with a lot of disruption to your daily schedule - especially if you are trying to push forward with a new project. Time to review your work-life balance and, if need be, take a breather. You may also revisit an old work-project or reconnect with old work-colleagues now. An old health-matter may return now to be resolved for good. But if you go for a new health check up, make sure to get a second opinion before you jump to conclusions. Be extra careful of misdiagnoses at the doctor's and misunderstandings at work and double check all your travel arrangements!
Aquarius:  Your 5th House: Love, Children, And Creativity
Time to have that little heart-to-heart with your lover and generally for a review of all the things that bring you love and joy in life! An old love affair may also be rekindled now with much to talk about. Or you may finally get closure on something dear to your heart. Alternatively you may find yourself up for a performance review or resuming an old creative project. Children may also be an important subject for discussion: time to pay attention to a child, prepare for the coming of one or revisit the subject of having children. Watch out for some confusion around your finances during this period.
Pisces:  Your 4th House: Home and Family
Time to renegotiate your living situation or sort out a festering matter with a parent. Thinking about having a family of your own? You can now go over the idea in fine detail. Real-estate matters need careful handling now too. Do not close on a house, unless it is something that you had written off that comes back now, in which case you can complete it, as long as you proceed slowly and read everything very carefully (better yet - have someone else read it). Watch out for confusion, misunderstandings and for sly tactics at home.
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