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Mercury Retrograde in Libra, September 17th-October 9th 2015: Unfinished Business...

Mercury Retrograde in Libra, September 17th-October 9th 2015: Unfinished Business...
It's that time of the year again, when you are called to revisit unfinished business, as Mercury stations retrograde in Libra on September 17th until October 9th. This is a wonderful opportunity to renegotiate your course, weigh up your options and resolve disputes, thereby restoring balance in your life - especially where your relationships and expectations from others are concerned.
A Crucial Moment
You are standing on the brink of important changes. You may have descended down into the depths over the summer, which was Saturn’s last dip into Scorpio barely making it through. If so, the recent Virgo solar eclipse delivered the message loud and clear that it's time to shape up; time to try something new. Mercury retrograde is like a god-send - giving you time to review the situation and make an informed decision. 
Is it time to give someone a second chance? Think carefully. With Saturn entering Sagittarius as we speak, the choices you make now may characterise your life well into 2017.  
This Mercury retrograde cycle is opposite Uranus in Aries, which makes it confrontational, unpredictable and erratic. It is also conjunct the Lunar Nodes at 0 degrees Libra, which makes it karmic and fated in some way. Mercury also squares Pluto in Capricorn (three times as it goes back and forth) and this may bring you face to face with uncomfortable truths, transformative conversations and important realisations. Adjustments you make during this retrograde have been a long time coming and may well set you on a new path.
Use Your Brain!
Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces on the very same day, September 17th, so be wary that you do not re-act to circumstances naively, i.e. out of either some kind of romantic disappointment ("who cares - it's all the same anyway") or some misguided ideal, whereby the ends justify the means… Take your time to examine your beliefs and where your own blind expectations may have led you astray. 
Many matters that have been extremely active over the summer will finally come full circle by October 9th. You have until October 9th to review your agreements, renegotiate obstacles and make a decision. After that, things will take a couple of weeks to normalise. Watch out for September 27th-30th, when a lunar eclipse in Aries opposite Sun/Mercury in Libra may bring a relationship to an end and give birth to new alliances.
As always, there are things to look out for during Mercury retrograde: take care when you travel, avoid major purchases and delay signing documents that have just appeared on your desk (and do not concern old business). 

How will Mercury retrograde affect your sign?

Not everyone will experience this transit with the same intensity. Read your star-sign to get a taster as to how this Mercury retrograde will affect you!
Your relationships are reaching a point of crisis. A significant relationship may be up for review, or it may be time to examine whether you honour your agreements with others and how you handle one-to-one interactions altogether. Have you been too selfish? If so, time to give something back. Have you changed beyond recognition? If so, time to see where you stand with respect to others in your life. An old flame may come back now or you may be able to reach closure with a significant other, which will represent a completion of a karmic cycle in your partnerships. Your relationships have been undergoing major change since late 2013 - especially so given your own erratic experimentation with new ways to interact with the world. September 17th to October 9th is a time to re-negotiate your agreements with marriage and business partners alike and recalibrate your course, taking into account your own desire for excitement and your need to reinvent yourself.
A work situation that has been dragging on in a volatile state may have to be revisited between September 17th and October 9th - especially one that has characterised your life for the past couple of years. It's time to get everything cleared up and set the record straight. This may involve renegotiating your contract. Or it may involve setting your working relationships with your colleagues on a new footing. Whatever is happening now has a karmic feel to it, as if an apprenticeship is coming full circle, releasing you to move on more freely. The same may hold about a health concern that may have taken up all your time in the past couple of years, never quite being resolved. It may be time return to a tried and tested diet and exercise regime and to fine-tune your health. If so, incorporating an element of spirituality and faith (or a new philosophy on life) in this will be important to your success. Listen to your intuition.
How's your love life? Are you truly in love with your special someone or are you together out of convenience? Is it time to put the spark back in your relationship or is there nothing left? September 17th to October 9th will help you re-examine whether you are truly happy and if so, agree to have more fun together or, if not, seek happiness elsewhere. Alternatively a creative project that has been dragging on may need to be revisited now and either abandoned or brought to a successful conclusion. Whether you are getting closure in matters of love or putting the finishing touches to a personal enterprise, your eccentric social circle is bound to spice things up, informing the decisions you take. The past couple of years have been an immensely sociable, romantic and creative time, marked by huge changes, and it's finally time to see this cycle reach completion. You may find yourself renegotiating financial ties and bonds of trust in the process and taking into account the eccentric characters that surround you as well as your own unconventional dreams and visions. 
Your living conditions, home and family life have been in upheaval for the past couple of years and this Mercury retrograde period from September 17th to October 9th is here to finally allow you to find closure with personal and residential matters that have been bugging you for so long. Is it time to review your living situation? Is it time to reconsider selling or buying property? Where do you want to set down roots? Decisions that you make now about where you want to live or how to handle family affairs will end a two year period of karmic upheaval in your home base and personal life, allowing you to decide on a future course. Instability and sudden changes in your career have been a constant thorn in your side and show no signs of subsiding. All that remains is to review your private circumstances and renegotiate relationships and agreements in light of this, making the necessary adjustments.
September 17th to October 9th brings to an end a two year period of experimentation with new and original ideas, during which time your life may have changed completely - from the route you take to work, to the people you meet every day, to the very neighbourhood you live in. By now you have no doubt familiarised yourself with this whole new language. This is your chance to make everything you have learned in this amazing school of life finally work for you. An old contact may prove pivotal for you now, helping you move forward. Alternatively it may be a short trip, a seminar, or going back to school that helps you gain the necessary perspective. Your life-vision is constantly changing and that's making it hard for your mind to settle on any one idea. Nonetheless, reaching an agreement and finding common ground is important now if you are going to get on with your work, even whilst allowing enough room for any philosophical differences. An ongoing situation with a sibling may also resolve itself now.
This has been a physically challenging couple of years for you, transforming your relationship with your physical body as well as the way you earn your living, and bringing you opportunities to develop latent talents and build greater self-reliance. September 17th to October 9th brings up a progress review and a chance to revise the way you handle your resources - especially in view of continued instability in your family or business finances, which may be causing you insecurity. Are you investing your time wisely? Are you paid well? Are you making the most of your assets? It's time to revisit financial agreements, important relationships, and your own attitude to your physical body. A better understanding of your need for fun and creative self-expression as well as your attitude towards love and children is essential now. You are still in the middle of important changes in your family and finances, but this is all the more reason to ensure you act from a position of strength.
Mercury is holding court in your sign, dear Libra, which means it is time for you to re-evaluate all aspects of your life and see if developments so far match your personal goals and desires. From September 17th until October 9th - and even all the way until October 24th - it is time to set all your affairs in order, especially where important relationships are concerned. You have spent the past couple of years going through a major transition and you may now be single where before you were hitched or, if you were single, you may have met someone important but rather unpredictable. This is your chance to focus on yourself and what you seek out of a relationship. It's also a chance to review your outlook on life, as well as how you present yourself to others, down to your very appearance. It's a chance to commit afresh to your own personal goals and resolve a property or family problem, no matter what spanners others may throw into the works. Someone is being especially volatile now and this may make your job harder, but you're nonetheless ready to begin a new life chapter.
You have had to make great sacrifices and put up with many things being largely beyond your control in the past couple of years, even as you have had task-master Saturn in your sign, forcing you to take responsibility for everything nevertheless and carry a heavy load. What a difficult combination, dear Scorpio! September 17th to October 9th is your chance to see an end to these sweeping movements in your life that seem to overwhelm you through no fault of your own. Things will pretty much resolve themselves of their own accord in September-October, as you are finally released from your karmic debt, free to move on in your life, so there is little left for you to do. Why not take the phone off the hook and get some peace and quiet? Your work, health and day to day life have been unpredictable of late, with few people (if any) that you could actually rely upon for help. This has made it hard for you to get any rest or to get your ideas across. But rest you must. For as the year comes to a close, it will be time for you to come out of the deep freeze and enter the world of the living again. 
Your social landscape has changed considerably in the past couple of years and you have made some important new friendships and alliances to help you push forward with your dreams. September 17th to October 9th (and beyond) is a time for you to make the most of your community, reconnect with old friends and finally make progress with a group endeavour that may have been put on the back-burner. A past acquaintance may come to the fore, playing an important role in the achievement of a dream now, or you may regroup with others and review how you want to proceed together. Equally it may be time to review an important friendship and set it on a new footing. The only fly in the ointment is your crazy love life or your own erratic, artsy and unpredictable behaviour, which you will have to take into account. Can you follow your heart yet also make it work with others and improve your finances in the process? This is your chance to try.
The past couple of years have been very demanding professionally, and you have had to deal with many responsibilities and expectations both at work and in your family. September 17th to October 9th is the time to review all the changes in your career (or at home, if you are a full time carer) and public image and to decide where you want to go from here. Don't expect to have matters completely resolved before October 24th - take your time. A relationship with a boss, employer or parent may come under the magnifying glass. If so, it's time to revise your agreement or bring an ongoing project or dispute to a satisfactory end. This is a great opportunity to rethink your life direction, reconnect with VIPs and put your career on a new path. You will of course have to take into account your own personal radical changes and the increased volatility and insecurity stemming from your home-base or family, which shows no signs of subsiding as yet.
Your outlook on life and vision for the future have changed so radically in the past couple of years that you can hardly discern plans you may have had back in 2013. These changes may have been brought about via education, because of long distance travel, in your attempts to resolve a legal dispute, or in your efforts to reach a wider audience with your work. September 17th to October 9th is the time to review how you visualise your life evolving - especially any plans you may have had to travel or expand your operations that were temporarily put on the back-burner. If a legal dispute has dragged on, this is a good period in which to resolve it. You may reconnect with a person of authority now who can help you finally get closure one way or another. There is no doubt that you have some radical ideas yourself, which are causing a bit of a fuss. You will simply have to find a way to incorporate these into your vision, even whilst keeping your ear to the ground for the universal pulse...
There is no doubt that you have undergone a couple of deeply physically transformative years, where crises that you had to face together with a significant someone have either led you to bond more closely or to go your separate ways. Your finances were certainly not spared in the process and you may find yourself today in a completely new financial landscape than two years ago. If there are any financial matters hanging - for instance a divorce settlement, bank loan or financial merger - then September 17th to October 9th is your chance to finalise unfinished business. Equally, if there are things left unsaid, then this is your chance to voice them and resolve matters that may still stand between you and your partner. It's time to put your relationship on a new footing in light of your changing priorities. Equally, reaching a financial agreement will inevitably have to take your own volatile financial situation into account, as well as the radical ongoing changes in your social community.
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