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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 2020

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 2020
Mercury’s first retrograde of 2020 takes place from February 17th to March 10th in Pisces. So don’t be surprised if your brain turns to sugary slush then trickles right out of your head during this period! Mercury is already a bit of a goner in whimsical Pisces, the line between facts and fantasy being rather blurred. This ain’t so good for staying on the ball and you’re much more likely to be late, then add insult to injury by daydreaming absentmindedly out the window during classes and board meetings. Maybe that’s a good thing… You shouldn’t believe most of what you hear anyway, it’ll mostly be a load of twaddle. The truth is in there somewhere but you’ll have to use your intuition and your imagination to actually figure it out!

Mercury retrograde in Pisces makes this a tricky period for travel, for signing important papers or for tallying up the books. Leave left brain activities for April. But it’s a gorgeous time for creativity and romance, for fine-tuning your dreams, for doing your most inspired work yet and for putting the finishing touches on a glamorous project. Pisces is pretty big on forgiveness too, so maybe this is the golden moment to forgive and forget, meditate, free your heart from old hurts and to let bygones be bygones. A more spiritual approach will serve you best now, water under the bridge’n all…

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As for romance? You’ve hit the jackpot! Shy little Mercury retrograde in Pisces is fabulous for romance. Pisces worships the very ground love walks on and a bit of poetry and a smile might be just what you need to take the edge off bumping into that ex or the guy/gal you used to fancy… Indeed, there’s quite a high likelihood of that now that Mercury is retracing his steps! Old lovers return and so do old fantasies and daydreams along with a much needed second pass at making your dreams a reality.

Key Mercury Retrograde Dates 2020:

February 1: Mercury enters shadow: talk/ideas start to feel tenuous...

February 17: Mercury stations retrograde: a tense chaotic few days!

March 10: Mercury direct: chaos, a dangerous time for mistakes!

March 29: Mercury leaves shadow: what was broken is mended, you can move on.

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So how will Mercury retrograde in Pisces affect each of the star signs? Let’s take a peek!


Get ready for things to go all wonky, dear Aries, as your very own subconscious mind starts playing tricks on you. Are you finding sleep difficult? Or maybe you’re plagued by strange dreams? You mean to say one thing but say another, then you suddenly misplace your phone or glasses, now you’re running late and things are simply not quite going your way. Why is that? The cosmos wants you to slow right down! Stop pushing ahead. Take a moment to eat, pray, love…to sleep… to meditate and heal your soul. The cosmos is calling for a time out! And the more you ignore it the louder the call is going to get. Time to drop off the radar for a bit for some maintenance.


What’s that long lost dream that got shoved to the back-burner, dear Taurus? Did you plan to travel with a friend, join that club, pursue that ambition or do that thing that you always meant to do with your mates, plan a reunion, open a restaurant, or whatever it is? Now is your chance to reconnect with the old gang, reminisce about the good old times and revive a few old daydreams about things you’d like to do next. Don’t worry if you don’t quite get around to doing it all immediately. Once the crazy talk subsides, bits and pieces are sure to stick and you’ll feel much more inspired and plugged in, as you reconnect with old friends and revive a dream or two. Long time no speak? Now is the time to get in touch!

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Time to dust off that old career mood-board, dear Gemini. Are you heading in the right direction? Or have you given up on your dreams without even realising it? The time has come to stop pushing forward and to start retracing your steps. Listen to your intuition and use it as your inner compass to point you in the right direction. Don’t worry if things are unclear for a while. Let the pixels resolve themselves into a clear image in good time. If you just push on regardless, you could sell yourself short, misunderstandings could occur with higher ups and you might even suffer an unjustified blow to your reputation. Slow down and revisit old goals. Be sure you’re on the right path first.

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Oh, the wonders of travel, dear Cancer. Distant lands are calling you and you’re dreaming of a better life ‘over there’, where the grass is greener. But is it really greener? Or do you just fantasise that it is? Take a moment to revisit the vision that inspires you onwards and to find the people and places that can help you make your dreams a reality. Be careful when you travel or make bookings, or if you’re dealing with legal matters and the media, as communication might go wonky. Use this period to tweak your vision, re-imagine your life and put the finishing touches to your publication, broadcast, thesis or international project. You might re-establish a connection with someone who lives abroad.


How comfortable are you with your own vulnerabilities, dear Leo? How do you feel about letting someone in? How about getting closer with someone, letting them get under your skin or even getting naked? Mercury retrograde in Pisces will help you uncover and even share a few secrets and you might find yourself getting curious under the sheets. Money matters are also hot during this time and you should be especially careful that you don’t misplace your credit card, forget to make a loan payment or indulge in a crazy purchase that turns out to be of no use to you whatsoever once the fog clears. Use this time to do some navel gazing, instead, preferably not your own…


This is a classic ‘ex-come-back’ Mercury retrograde for you, dear Virgo, because your ruler backtracks through your relationship house. And just like that, you’re right back with that feeling you used to feel, the one that reminds you just what it was like to be around that person. If you’re single, this is a good time to do your research and figure out what you’re looking for in a partner. Someone might not be at all what they seem so don’t rush things. Keep an open mind. If you’re hitched, you’ll have a chance to address unresolved issues, reignite the romance and even fall in love all over again. What inspires you two to be together? This could also be about a creative partnership. Watch for misunderstandings and don’t jump to hasty conclusions.

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Mind and body are one, dear Libra, and Mercury retrograde in Pisces is all about getting a feel for this psychosomatic connection, the pattern on which your flesh and spirit are irrevocably woven. Now is the time to look more deeply into any symptoms you might have or a health matter, especially if it’s something that’s bothered you for some time. Don’t just go with the first opinion you get because there might be important information you’ll be missing. You might also find you'll do some of your most creative work at the office at this time, that an old inspiring project is reignited or even an old office affair. Old clients return, giving you a chance to rediscover why you went into this line of work in the first place.


Your heart flutters with joy, dear Scorpio, as a long lost romantic dream peeks over the parapet! Is the dream possible? Perhaps, but you won’t know for sure till April. An old flame could make an appearance unleashing an entire ghost parade of what could have been. Is it a fantasy? Maybe not! Now is the time to sort through the contents of your heart before you pour them out for all to see. This Mercury retrograde could also be about a creative project or speculative dream you’d put on the back burner. You now have the time to revisit this idea and polish it up! Just enter that magical romantic, creative space and forget about the world for now. Come April, you’ll be ready to share.

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There’s some confusion around your living situation, dear Sagittarius, and it’s time to rethink exactly what it is you want. Do these walls need a lick of paint? Or perhaps you need to get the agents around for a valuation or get a resident’s permit? Don’t commit to anything definite this month because you’re bound to hear all sorts of crazy stuff. Words will be like a puff of smoke - here today and gone tomorrow - and just as eye-watering and dizzying. Just gather some opinions, mad or sane, then sit on them till they hatch. Mercury retrograde is here to make you think laterally about your situation. This is a good time to reconnect with your roots, return to an old healer or therapist, research the property market or look into your family tree.


One picture is worth a thousand words and you’re much better off communicating in pictures this month because words are sure to lead you astray. Or maybe it is you who are leading others astray? If you work in the arts and media, you’ll be chock full of inspired ideas. Now’s the time to put the finishing touches to a film, a marketing or writing project or anything else that you want to eventually share with the world. Networking might lead you down some paths you’ve tread before and you might come across some pretty weird yet glamorous people, especially in the creative, media or psychic industries. Watch for secrets and lies. As for exes? You might well meet one walking to the corner shop…

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Are you dreaming of riches, dear Aquarius? If even half these dreams come true, you’re onto a winner! But you’ll hear lots of crazy stuff now, so don’t pay too much attention or you’ll end up overestimating certain situations and underestimating others. Listen to that inner voice instead, telling you what’s of real value to you. Research the market but reserve judgment till well into April. Use February - March to dream up new potential sources of income instead and brainstorm new ideas. An ex’s appearance could lead you to reevaluate exactly what it is you look for in a partner and see your love life in a whole new light.

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Mercury retrogrades in your sign, dear Pisces, and that’s sure to create a bit of havoc. Miscommunications could point right at you, making you wish you’d never said that thing you said, or blaming you for something you didn’t even know about, let alone do. Keep a low profile and try to stay out of disputes. Are you dreaming of a new look? Now is the perfect time to look through pictures and get some inspiration. Don’t change your look till April though, unless you want to go back to an old one. Old mates and ex flames could well make an appearance too and you might want to change your look to match? A personal project might meet with unforeseen setbacks now. Don’t just blunder ahead regardless. Think. Maybe it’s time to go back to plan A?

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