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Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius December 2017

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius December 2017

It’s that time of the year again, when Mercury turns retrograde and pushing on at your usual speed simply won’t do. Time to slow down, review and revise. What exactly? Mercury goes retrograde in a fire sign (it's retrograde in Sagittarius 4-23 December 2017) and when this happens it’s your vision in life that you need to take a closer look at. What’s your outlook? What are your expectations for the future? Do you feel hopeful or dispirited? If the latter, it’s time to rediscover your sense of hope. What inspires you? Saturn in Sagittarius for the past three years certainly had some lessons to impart for all zodiac signs - check out your Saturn in Sagittarius horoscope! Mercury crosses over Saturn during his retrograde and it’s time to take stock of the past three years and try and understand what went down. This will help you decide what’s important and draw fresh hope from committing to your long term priorities.

Needless to say, Mercury retrograde happens exactly on the run up to Christmas so be very careful when you buy gifts.  How about a more spiritual approach to Christmas this year? If you’ve already done your shopping great. If not opt for gift cards instead, keep receipts for potential returns or look for something on an old, long forgotten Santa list.  You might have better luck now! Even then, keep the receipt. Be very careful when you travel. Double check documents and leave plenty of time to get to the airport as Sagittarius rules long haul trips. It might be a good time to revisit a place you used to go. If you need to sign papers, best wait until after January 10th.

Your December 2017 Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to review a particular area of your life. Which? Let’s look at your star sign's horoscope! Still pining after your ex? Will Mercury retrograde see you reunited? Our gifted psychics can see further than you can! Give them a call on 0207 111 6384.


Mercury retrogrades in your travel sector, dear Aries. You need to pay attention if you’re travelling long haul, double check everything and leave plenty of time to get there. On a deeper level, it’s time to review your outlook on life. Are your expectations realistic? An international, judicious, or moral issue might drag on, urging you think more deeply about your stance. You might also seek a second medical opinion or revisit an international contact or connection. It’s time to seriously think about your future.


Time for a major financial review, dear Taurus! The past three years have been difficult financially, to say the least. Mostly that’s been due to unbearable taxation, alimony or loan payments or a lack of financial support from your spouse or business partner. And when support did come - from a bank or relative for instance - chances are it was with heavy strings attached! Time to review where you stand with all this and come up with a new strategy. It might also be a good time to rethink about a creative project or labour of love. 


Mercury is your ruling planet, dear Gemini and you’re super-sensitive to its retrograde. Your hyper-active mind needs to slow down now and turn its attention inward. That means less messaging, emailing and talking and more being alone working on your blog, novel or other project. The retrograde happens in your relationship sector and so you might find that someone goes back on their word or drags their feet. Take time to tweek out an agreement and don’t rush to sign. Leave that till after the holidays. This is a good time to reconnect with someone from your past. 


Time to review your work situation, dear Cancer. Are you working too hard? If you’re looking for work to no avail is it time to change your strategy? On a deeper level, what is it that you look for job-wise? Remember, this is about what you do day in, day out. It determines your entire lifestyle and quality of life! Take time to think your answer though carefully. Saturn is nearly finished his tour of your work sector and limitations will soon start lifting. Be ready for things to get better, starting 2018, by being clear on what you want out of your working routine. 


You have just graduated from the great school of love, dear Leo! The past three years put your love life through the grinder, whether you’ve gone through a dry spell or had a difficult affair that made you think twice about exactly what you need to be happy. Time to take stock! The same goes where a labour of love is concerned - whether that is a child or your own business. Stop. Make an inventory. What will give you the greatest joy moving forward? If you’re pining after an ex, you can gain closure at last. This means you might now get a second chance at love!


Mercury is your ruling planet, dear Virgo, so this is a time to lay low for you. The retrograde happens in your house of home and family, pulling your attention down inwards and away from the social scene. Is it time to do a declutter or plan a renovation? Maybe you need to think about how to make a property work for you? Saturn has been giving you a hard time around family matters for the past three years, so it might also be time to make some important decisions about how to behave around a parent or how to organise your household around better principles, moving forward. 


You, more than any other sign, need to be careful when you travel, dear Libra. Also double check emails before you hit send and avoid signing documents. You might need to revisit a contract or hammer out a deal that's long overdue. The devil's in the detail so do take your time. File the papers safely and do your fact-checking. Also, better repair your car or computer than buy a new one now. Do your research and make your purchase after January 10th. Stop and review all you’ve learned in the past three years. Hidden information might come to light!


This is a big financial stocktake, dear Scorpio. Saturn has been in your money house choking financial flow for three years now. Worse, it's killing your self esteem! Well, no more. Time to stop and carry out a review. What assets do you have to offer? You and you alone know your true worth. If you need to make some key financial decisions, December is your time to think things through before you make your mind up. Pending bills might need to get paid now or you might finally get a long overdue cheque yourself. Contracts involving money need close attention.


Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, dear Sagittarius, and it’s time for a major personal review! Saturn has turned your world upside down for the past three years and it’s time to get your thoughts into order, make sense of the past and make important decisions moving forward. December is good for tending to unfinished business. Do not initiate anything new at this time. An old relationship might show up, allowing you to gain closure and move on. Do not sign on the dotted line or make major changes to your appearance in December. Come the new year, you’ll be ready to put all your New Year resolutions into constructive effect!


See this as a much needed downtime, dear Capricorn. Saturn is about to move into your sign and you will see major life changes take place over the next three years. So you’ll be wise to take a few weeks to lay low this December and prepare for this monumental event. Try to get on top of any paperwork and take care of your health. If you find yourself queuing up in hospitals and government institutions, take it as a signal to slow down and meditate. Unfinished business has a karmic tinge this December, so keep an eye out for strange coincidences, dreams and ideas lying at the edge of your awareness. 


Time to catch up with old friends, dear Aquarius! You’ve been rising in stature in the past three years and chances are you’ve had a reputation to uphold and many worldly responsibilities. If this meant you were cut off socially, then it’s time to reconnect! If, on the other hand, you’ve been rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty, this is a good time to revisit your social circle and consider who your true friends are. It’s also a good time to review the dreams and aspirations that used to inspire you and renew your commitment of time, money and energy to those that matter. 


You’ve grown up real fast, dear Pisces! The past three years have made an adult out of you. Whether you’ve risen to a position of responsibility and stature in your work, gone self-employed or become a parent, you know what it’s like to take charge and potentially have others depend on you. It’s time to take a moment and review where you’re going. Where do you see yourself in a year or, say, five year’s time? Review your career and life goals and reconnect with your most inspiring objectives! You might reconnect with an old boss or revisit your relationship with a parent in the process too.

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