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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 28 April-22 May 2016: Go Slow…

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 28 April-22 May 2016: Go Slow…

On April 28th Mercury, planet of communications and transport turns retrograde at 23 degrees of Taurus to stay out of range until May 22nd. "Go Slow" is the message here so do take your foot off the accelerator.... You're entering a 20mph zone.

It's that time of the year again, when Mercury shuts shop for maintenance. The fact that this happens in down to earth, slow and deliberate Taurus has both its perks and drawbacks. Perks? Mercury is less buzzed in Taurus and less likely to create the kind of nervous tension that frazzles your nerves and makes your computer go 'cabloink'. Downside? It's bound to slow things down to a glacial pace, create financial delays and produce obstacles that muffle your ears and obscure your vision. It may also bring you face to face with situations that sound like a broken record. The world goes wonky during Mercury retrograde - if you don’t believe us check out Mercury retrograde and world events!  He who rushes stumbles now so take the scenic route. There's really no rush to get anywhere over the next three weeks. Trust us! 

The good news is that backward Mercury, alongside love-goddess Venus, will be creating a wonderful grand trine in the sky, giving you a lovely break from the usual hustle and bustle. Time to relax and smell the roses. If you enter a quiet space you will also see opportunities (for love or money) that you may have missed before. So keep your eyes peeled!

The most stressful dates will be April 28th and 22nd May +/- five days. Avoid those dates for important endeavours. Also be extra careful May 22nd-31st, when mistakes are still very likely.  Early to mid-May is best for switching off and relaxing.

Mercury Retrograde Don'ts

  • Don't purchase expensive items / make new investments (you’ll end up paying twice)
  • Don't go for a new look (hairdo, nose-do, wardrobe overhaul)
  • Don't sign papers (at least not without reading the fine-print/inserting a get-out clause)
  • Don’t travel without preparation (double check everything, leave extra time to get anywhere)
  • Avoid elective surgery (it’s fine if you have no choice)
  • Don't jump to conclusions (you probably misunderstood)
  • Don't let loose on social media (you may later regret what you say or who sees this)
  • Don't rush into a relationship (you don’t know what’s really going on)
  • Don't be sloppy and hasty. Prepare, edit, double-check, proof-read!

Mercury Retrograde Do's

  • Do review your finances, accounts, budget, investments
  • Do pick up projects that have been on the back burner for ages
  • Do keep receipts, back up your files, track parcels, double-check emails, read the fine-print
  • Do slow down and listen to your body
  • Do reconnect with nature, revisit your diet
  • Do review your priorities
  • Do some gardening, cooking or other hands-on meditative activity
  • Do renegotiate your contract / your pay
  • Do speak less & listen more.
  • Do indulge in simple pleasures and the beauty of ordinary things.
  • Do repair something broken
  • Do keep an eye out for great bargains (keep the price low in case it's a dud)
  • Do keep old promises
  • Do reunite with old friends
  • Do tend to unfinished business

Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope 28 April-22 May 2016

Where is Mercury retrograde causing havoc in your life? Read your star-sign and find out. And if you have completely lost it, you can count on one of our world-leading spiritual life-coaches to put you right - just dial 0207 111 6384!


With Mercury shutting shop in your money zone, a cheque you've been waiting for may be delayed, you may make budget errors or be handed the wrong change. By the same token an old payment may come through.

Don't sign new financial contracts, purchase expensive items or make new investments. Refrain from plunging head-first into a new project or relationship. Don't ignore your body's signals.

Do review your investments, reconsider how you spend your money, review your earning capacity, go over your budget twice, reconnect with your body, discover hidden talents, reconsider what you value most (e.g. in a potential partner), look for future / undetected networking, work and business opportunities. Do check out Astrology and your Finances for some ideas!


You're 'It" with Mercury wonky in your sign and it's time for a full personality and goals review. Anything new you undertake this month may stumble on misunderstandings or run into unforeseen obstacles, so do what Taurus is great at: wait it out. Best revisit anything that has been pending for a while and deal with all kinds of unfinished business. 

Don't splash out on a new wardrobe, new hairdo or new look. Don't start a new business, project, relationship or any other brand new personal enterprise. Don't go forward without double-checking each step or you may lead yourself and others astray. Don't blurt things out.

Do review your goals and desires, double check your plans, catch up with old promises and projects, revisit your appearance or research how to renew your look (but don't take action yet); revisit your exercise and nutrition. Relax, have fun, indulge in your hobbies and stabilise yourself. Do have another go at something (or someone) you love. Try our celtic cross love tarot if you’re unsure.


With your ruling planet retrograde in the most unfathomable part of your chart, get ready for a strange few weeks ahead. You may experience funny dreams, become privy to secrets and trip over your own feet (that's your demons) if you are not careful. Think of it as therapy.

Don't inadvertently reveal a secret or blurt something out that you didn't mean to say. Others may misunderstand your words or your demons may speak out on your behalf. Don't expect fast results or try to go at your usual speed. Don't take on new projects.

Do meditate, undergo therapy, get some rest and revisit any unfinished business. Do apologise for past actions and let go of past hurts. Do revisit and resolve the past. Do stay home, take time out to be alone and do whatever you need to do to reconnect with your soul. Do chance a look at your numerology - for instance your numerology soul-number!


With Mercury retracing its steps in your society sector, get ready to reunite with old friends and review old dreams and ambitions for current relevance. At the same time watch out for misunderstandings with your friends or when it comes to teamwork and collective enterprises. 

Don't join a new group or club now or seek to expand your network. Don't sign any paperwork or business contracts and don't push forward with ambitious goals, especially if they involve others. Watch what you post of social media and what you blurt out to friends. Don't start a new business with friends.

Do get in touch with good old friends that you have not seen in a while; do review your ambitions, goals and dreams for the future, re-work a collective project and iron out any kinks before pushing forward, strengthen existing group, club or network contacts. Do rekindle a friendship. Do check out your career-analysis report: find your niche and succeed!


With Mercury falling asleep where you are most public and visible, you may have to be doubly careful what you say and do in case you project the wrong image. Take it slowly and think more carefully about where you are going. On the plus side, long overdue honours may come now, you may hear from an old boss or get another chance at success.

Don't sign new work contracts, resign or change career direction (instead, if a change of course is what you are thinking about, take time to plan it out and consider the pros and cons). Don't take risks with your career and public image or invest in business equipment.

Do take time to re-think you business strategy, negotiate the money or other aspects of a new job before you sign any contracts and reconsider your life-direction. Do meet with an old boss or have another go at a role that didn't materialise before or which you may have turned down back then if you feel differently now. Do look out for business opportunities you may not have spotted before. It pays to know your boss, so do find out his/her star-sign.


Whatever your plans for the future get ready to go back to the drawing board. Your ruling planet Mercury is about to recalibrate your forward thinking. What's your strategy? Haven't got one? Time to get your thinking cap on. If you do have one, get ready to change it. 

Don't undertake highly ambitious projects, publish or launch a media and marketing campaign. Don't rush if you are travelling and double-check all documents and arrangements. Don't convert into a new faith or rush a decision. If you are applying to Uni, leave a get-out clause in case of a change of plans.

Do revisit your plans for the future, review your beliefs and expectations and make sure they are both realistic and productive, rework a thesis, publication or marketing plan, re-think a trip you are planning to take and map out your route very carefully. Do consider ways to increase your expertise, expand your business or raise your media presence in your business or creative projects (but don't act on it yet). Dreaming of distant shores? Do check out these holiday destinations from heaven.


With Mercury in your most private zone, you may have to revisit the ins and outs of an important relationship or financial agreement. Activities around alimony, taxes, loans and sponsorships may hit a snag. By the same token you could now resolve a long-standing personal issue. Check out some ways to keep the spark alive if this is what it comes down to!

Don’t sign financial paperwork or apply for a brand new loan or mortgage. Avoid filing a tax-return or getting too deep into an affair before you find out more about the other party.

Do your research. You can compare offers and get the best mortgage offer. You can iron out the details in a financial agreement or settlement, or go over your accounts once more before submitting any paperwork. You can also have that heart to heart with someone or resolve a past misunderstanding.


Mercury in your together-zone may bring opportunities to renew a partnership. It can also generate confusion in your relationships, so double-check that you understand what the other person is saying before jumping into conclusions. An unresolved relationship issue may get attention now. 

Don’t rush into a relationship. Don’t trust everything you hear or see. Don’t sign any agreements or contracts. Don’t expect a fast response.  Get your love-life forecast report while you wait.

Do seek closure with another. Do get in touch with old partners or business associates. Do read the fine print and consider any offer carefully. Take your time to find out more about the other person’s intentions.


With Mercury in your health-zone it’s time to review your diet and physical fitness. This is also your work-zone, so chaos may erupt at the office. Equipment may break down, an assistant may fall ill and nothing may move for a while. 

Don’t purchase any office equipment, don’t by a new work computer or print a fresh set of business cards. Don’t start a new and ambitious diet and exercise routine. Avoid mistakes at work by double checking everything twice before you hit send, empty the bin or sign. Read the fine print.

Do take time to slow down and get some rest.  Do back up all your work and go over it twice. Do revisit a health issue that you had to ignore for a while due to a busy schedule. Do look for clever ways to increase your productivity and efficiency.  


Mercury retrograde in your love zone can bring you another chance at happiness. But it can also generate a misunderstanding in your love life. Try to keep an open mind, as you probably only know half the story. You may hear from an old flame or rediscover a beloved hobby. Does your old flame mean what they say? Find out based on their sign.

Don’t rush into the arms of a new lover and avoid pushing ahead regardless with a personal business enterprise or creative project. Don’t just express yourself without thinking of the consequences.

Do let yourself have some fun. Do revisit a creative project and find ways to bring more love and happiness in your life. Do rekindle the romance. Do research possibilities for turning a hobby into something more serious or starting your own business. 


Mercury digging up your roots could mean a trip down memory lane. You may return to your house of origin, reconnect with a parent or sort through old items. A real estate opportunity you thought was lost may come up again. Try to avoid misunderstandings with your family by listening to them carefully and watching your own words. 

Don’t sell or purchase real-estate. Moving house is best left till June too. Don’t sign any paperwork to do with where you live and don’t get a new roommate now. 

Do use this time to carry out house-surveys and pore over the potential contracts or roommate candidates. It’s ok to carry out repairs that you have not had the chance to address before. It’s a good time for therapy, for researching your roots and reconnecting with family. Do cook everyone a lovely dinner, choosing dishes based on their moon-sign!


With Mercury’s madness affecting your immediate surroundings, you may have a misunderstanding with the guy next door or your brother or sister, your front road may get dug up, your car may break down or the corner shop may short-change you.  You may also find that you’re thinking well outside the box… Worried someone is not being honest? Check out the star-signs and cheating!

Don’t jump to conclusions - you may have misheard what was said - and don’t sign any paperwork - if you have to then double and triple check everything including the fine print. Do keep tracking receipts of any postage. Don’t leave getting somewhere to the last minute - you may hit roadworks.

Do double-check everything works in your car before you take to the road. Do make sure you have all paperwork and luggage if you’re taking a short break. Do double-check your communications before you hit ‘send’. Do reconnect with a brother or sister and look for missed business and romantic opportunities through your existing network. Do tackle a misunderstanding.

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