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Mercury Retrograde March-April 2018

Mercury Retrograde March-April 2018

Astrology’s messenger, Mercury goes retrograde on March 23rd until April 15th, 2018 in hotheaded fire sign Aries. Yes, Mercury is up to his crazy antics again!  It's been slowing down since the 8th of March and chances are you feel like you've been going over some tentative ground of late. Mercury stations retrograde on the night of the 22nd - 23rd March kicking off a racket and launching a tricky three to five week period. Although Mercury stations direct again on April 15th, he won't fully normalise his course until May 3rd. 

The third and final Mercury retrograde cycle of 2018 begins on 17 November, when Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius and Scorpio

All Mercury retrograde periods can be divided in two halves. The first phase allows you to catch your breath, complete projects, revisit the past, tackle unfinished business and tidy up lose ends. That’s March 22nd to April 1st. You enjoy the benefit of hindsight during that phase, which often culminates in an ‘aha’ moment. The second phase is trickier, because that’s when you brave new ground and step into the unknown without a roadmap. This is April 1st to April 15th. That’s when you need foresight! You don’t quite know what’s about to transpire but you have to carry on regardless with nothing but a tentative idea as a guide.

There are a couple of too-hot-to-touch moments to watch out for during this Mercury retrograde in Aries in March-April 2018. The first is around March 31st to April 4th-5th. That’s when Mercury and the sun in Aries, the full moon in Libra and Mars and Saturn in Capricorn all clash in a red hot impulsive argument in the sky. Relationships during Mercury Retrograde will be tense to say the least! Aggression may be rife and there's no use crying “but he / she started it!” Cruel, harsh words could be exchanged. Be wise and stay out of it. The second tricky period is April 15th-16th when Mercury stations direct bang on an Aries new moon. Don’t rush headlong into anything or you might find yourself acting too soon - or even misfiring! 

How can you make the most of Mercury Retrograde in Aries March 22 - April 15 2018? 

When Mercury goes retrograde in a fire sign, it is time to get inspired! 

  • Reimagine your vision for the future.
  • Come up with new and pioneering ideas and give them a test run.
  • This is a good time to brush up on old creative projects and give them a new lease of life. 
  • Old conflicts could resurface, giving you a chance for a better outcome this time around. 
  • This is also a fantastic time to rekindle your passion or relight the spark in your relationship. 
  • Be careful when you deal with machinery and check all things mechanical.

How does Mercury retrograde in Aries March -April 2018 affect your star sign? Let’s find out! Check out the horoscope for your star sign below…


Don’t get the wrong end of the stick, dear Aries! You tend to take things personally at the best of times and misunderstandings could arise even more easily with Mercury retrograde in your sign. Don’t: provoke others needlessly! Don’t fire your mouth off before you’ve had a chance to think about what you’re going to say. Do: use this opportunity to re-imagine your look, review aspects of your personality that you hadn’t thought of much before and re-envision what you want out of life.


Mercury retrograde in Aries will blaze a trail of fire that will reconnect you to your spirt, dear Taurus!  You have a chance to rekindle the spark inside of you, put the past to bed and deal with any hidden demons that might raise their horned head. Don’t: dredge out the past in an argument or get stuck feeling resentful about ghosts long dead and gone. Do: meditate, heal, get creative and search your soul for answers. Retreat from the hustle and bustle and let hidden secrets come to light.


What’s your vision for the future, dear Gemini? What sort of world do you want to live in? This is your chance to revisit your dreams and ambitions and speak any words that are left unspoken creating resentment with friends and others in your community.  Don’t: get into needless fights with those who are on your side, your friends and allies. Don’t speak unthinkingly and stir up arguments. Do: re-imagine your place in the world, the goals and dreams that guide you forward and the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. 


Where are you headed in the world, dear Cancer? Your reputation always precedes you - what does yours say about you? If there’s some misunderstanding - either in your own mind or in others’ - about that, it’s time to clean up that noise. Don’t: Get into an argument with a boss, higher up or other authority figure. Do: work on any resentment you may have toward those at the top. Time to review your life direction and re-envision the image you want to project to the world.


Mercury goes retrograde in your house of learning and long distance travel, dear Leo, where it will broaden your mind and rid you of any misconceptions you may have. Don’t: ignore viable alternatives. Don’t be afraid to re-examine beliefs, morals or what you think is and isn’t possible for you. Do: step out of your comfort zone and give yourself a challenge! Review your guiding credo.


Mercury is your ruling planet and this is a transformational transit for you, dear Virgo. Why? Because the retrograde happens in your house of crisis, intensity and up close and personal involvements with others - financial, sexual and emotional. Don’t: miss out on your loan / tax payments or get reckless with someone else’s cash/sexuality and cause bad feeling. Do: get on top of your financial entanglements, re-envision your sexuality or clear the air with someone close. You could experience a healing crisis. 


Things could get messy pretty quickly relationship-wise, dear Libra. Hurtful words could be uttered, misunderstandings could arise and old, unfinished business could demand your attention. Others seem to act childishly, speaking before they think and causing all kinds of trouble. Don’t: get into a fight. Don’t sign on the dotted line. Do: re-imagine your relationship or what you want out of a relationship. Do revisit contracts and agreements with others.


Expect your daily routine to be thrown into disarray over the next few weeks, dear Scorpio! This might be due to work mayhem, an assistant causing you trouble or an old health concern playing up. Don’t: get into needless arguments with co-workers, assistants or orderlies. Don’t cut corners at work or with your health. Do: inject your day to day life with a brand new vision, review your lifestyle and habits and try new and innovative solutions to practical problems.


Love holds all sorts of crazy surprises in store for you, dear Sagittarius!  You could re-envision an old love affair (or creative project!) that sort of lost its spark and relight your fire and passion for it. Don’t: rush headlong into the arms of an old lover without doing your due diligence first. Don’t pick fights with your kids. Do: make space for more fun, love and creativity in your life! Revisit an old hobby or a creative project that had fallen by the wayside.


All hell could break loose in your very own home, dear Capricorn! Whether that is because you’re doing a major clear up, have loud visitors or got the builders in to move things around, expect things to be turned upside down. Don’t: pick a fight on your home turf, accidentally throw out important paperwork or knock down a wall only to find it was crucial to the building. Do: Re-envision your living space and look for pioneering and inspiring ideas. Review your life’s foundations.


Of all the star signs you’re the most likely to suffer the usual communications and travel mishaps usually associated with Mercury retrograde, dear Aquarius. A full check up on your car or computer could reveal the need for repairs. Mangled up communication channels mean you should proceed with caution. Don’t: let resentment and unexpressed anger poison your words. Don’t sign papers. Do: clear the air with someone of things left unsaid. Do revisit a writing project. Do double check that you heard correctly.


Expect financial mayhem, dear Pisces! It might be unclear who owns what or exactly how much you should receive for your contribution. You might have to fight for your ground, your worth or to reclaim something as your property. Don’t: spend your forces, energy and resources recklessly fighting over who gets what. Do: re-envision ways that you could earn a living. Rethink the way you employ your strength, assets, talents and resources.

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