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Mercury trine Uranus 2019

Mercury trine Uranus 2019

Mercury trine Uranus on December 30th, 2019 and here is everything you need to know about this transit, as well as its meaning in a birth chart.

When the astrological planets Mercury and Uranus come together in a favourable planetary aspect such as this trine, there is a wonderful opportunity for something entirely new to manifest.

Mercury represents the lower mind while Uranus represents the higher mind.

Mercury deals with day-to-day thinking, communications, networking, short journeys and your daily routines, while Uranus deals with inspirational thought, divine ideas, coming up with something new that has never been dreamed of before. The message of this aspect is to tell you to wake up!! Instead of repeating or memorising other peoples’ thoughts and ideas, come up with something entirely new of your own. This is a great time to unleash your divine mind and connect with the wider cosmos.

How to make the best of Mercury trine Uranus

It’s the perfect time for brainstorming, for finding new solutions to difficult problems, for having one of those ‘aha’ moments. During Mercury trine Uranus any problems relating to computers, technology, cars, airplanes, electrical or electronic appliances, solar energy and renewable resources can be creatively resolved. Information that is not normally readily available will be much easier for us to access now.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, to allow your mind to roam free because you could come up with a powerful new business idea that could make you a billionaire!

During Mercury trine Uranus you may receive a welcome surprise in an email, a text, phone call, letter or you could just bump into someone who you find inspirational and with whom you have a magnetic chemistry! 

Expect the day to be very busy and fast-moving. By the end of it, you’ll feel as though your feet have hardly touched the ground.

Anything that has been completely stuck in your life can have a sudden breakthrough while Mercury trine Uranus. For example, if you have come to an impasse in some negotiations e.g. for a divorce, for the sale of a property, a quick and inventive resolution can be found. If you’ve been unsure about which direction to take your career, this is the day you can receive divine inspiration for your next move.

In relationship astrology, if one of your partner’s planets aspects your Uranus, you may find that you have difficulty sleeping next to them. The energy between you can be so strong that you find it hard to relax your nervous system. Often, one partner just cannot turn their mind off and this is what sets off the vicious circle. Don’t be surprised if you need to go into another bedroom to get some sleep!

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Good things to do during the transit of Mercury-Uranus

  • Take a short trip, go somewhere you haven’t been before
  • Do anything connected with computers and technology
  • Meditate and clear your mind so that you can gain a new perspective
  • Try to come up with new ways of solving your problems e.g. a new way to lose weight, to start writing your book, to resolve an issue in your relationship, to start a new exercise programme, etc.
  • Stay flexible and don’t plan out your day rigidly so you can be ready for a great surprise
  • Be spontaneous, do what you feel in the moment
  • Learn some technical or computing skills – your mind will be especially alert and will pick up complicated information more easily
  • Do any repairs or anything that needs fixing
  • Practise mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Change a habit e.g. if you always clean your teeth with your right hand, clean them with your left hand, if you always go to work a particular way, take a different route
  • Study something that challenges your mind

The meaning of Mercury Trine Uranus in your birth chart 

If you have this aspect in your birth chart, you are open to new ideas and you love being inspired. You may have an aptitude with technology, especially computers, electronics and anything in the scientific field. Also, because Uranus rules the esoteric field, you may have an interest in astrology, numerology, graphology and any number of the metaphysical subjects.

If Mercury trines Uranus in your birth chart it indicates that you need a great deal of space to think for yourself and you hate it when other people try to force their opinions on you. You’re friendly and generally upbeat and tolerant of other people. You get some very powerful intuitive messages that you need to pay attention to. With your super-fast mind, other people may have trouble keeping up with you as you flit from one thought to another with amazing speed. You have the attention span of a gnat and you can’t bear to be bored for a second. Your life needs to be filled with new and mentally stimulating ideas and thoughts.

This aspect can enable you to accurately predict the future, to invent new scientific and technological products and services that can greatly improve our world.

People with Mercury trine Uranus in their birth chart often find themselves finishing other peoples’ sentences off for them. Their minds are going a million miles a minute and they know just what you’re going to say next.

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