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Neptune in Pisces 2012-2026: Spellbound!

Neptune in Pisces 2012-2026: Spellbound!

Neptune is in Pisces until 2026 putting us all under a deeply hypnotic spell...

After a brief taster in 2011, on February 2012 Neptune entered Pisces, its home-turf, to stay until January 2026. Neptune is the master-illusionist and Pisces is the land of magic. (Check out Neptune’s resume in the planets in astrology!) Put the two together and Neptune in Pisces promises to keep us totally spell-bound for another decade or so! We are gradually moving away from the technological rationalism of the noughties and toward a decade of romanticism and sentimentalism in fashion, art, politics and religion. Neptune's location by transit shows us what we dream and yearn for collectively. Where with Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012) we wanted to stand out as individuals, Neptune in Pisces craves sameness, loss of self and unity.  We are now longing to be part of something greater - to merge and be as one!
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Why are Neptune's transits so important? 

Neptune shows us what is fashionable and popular. Like opium for the masses, it's the thing that we cannot live without, but on a mass scale. It also shows us where we believe we can find God, heaven, Nirvana. It represents the dreams and ideals that feed our soul and the areas where we may experience a kind of mass hysteria. For instance: 

With Neptune in expansive, optimistic Sagittarius (1970-84) altered states of consciousness and hallucinogenic drugs were all the rage alongside New Age 'positive thinking' and 'world peace'. With Neptune in intense Scorpio (1956-70) we had sex, drugs and rock and roll. When Neptune was in career-oriented Capricorn (1984-98) we had the corporate dream of the 80s-90s. And Neptune's recent stint in quirky Aquarius (1998-2012) brought on tech-hysteria, the rise of social media, reality TV and celebrity culture (“we are all special - worthy of air-time”). This created a global village in which everyone wanted to stand out for their unique individuality. 
With Neptune in boundless Pisces, we are now more into celebrating the things that make us all the same rather than glorifying individual quirks. Fashion-wise, we are moving away from the androgynous, robotic and bizarre looks of the 00s and towards a more mesmerising, haunting, fairy-tale look. The same goes for music: after the speech-heavy gangster rap of the 00s, melody is once more coming into vogue.
Neptune takes about 164 years to go through the zodiac and the last time it was in Pisces was 1848-62. That was the era of spiritualism, seances, egyptology and theosophy. Women saw their skirts expand through extra ruffles and, later, the crinoline. Hooded capes and indian shawls were in vogue. It was also an important moment for communism ("let us all be the same"!) with Karl Marx publishing his communist manifesto...   
Neptune in Pisces will be strongly felt in 2015-2016, as it squares Saturn in Sagittarius. On the one hand, this aspect can be painful, constellating a sense of disappointment and disillusionment, as our hopes and dreams clash with the brick wall of reality. However unpleasant this is, there is an upside as well: once we know where we stand with respect to what we yearn for most, we can then take concrete and realistic steps to make our dreams come true. See how the Saturn-Neptune square affects each star-sign! 

How to make the best of Neptune in Pisces

  • Focus on the spiritual dimensions in whatever area in your chart Neptune transits.
  • Distill, purify and absolve that aspect of your life!
  • Be prepared for solid structures in that area of your life to erode and begin loosening up for fine-tuning. Where obsolete, they may even dissolve altogether.
  • Engage your imagination and open yourself to creative inspiration! This can be an immensely creative time.
  • Be conscious of your idealised expectations in the matters Neptune touches.  Cut yourself/the universe some slack when everything is not heavenly.
  • Do a little at a time - especially if you feel inundated, lost and overwhelmed: distillation takes its own sweet time.
  • Develop your spiritual gifts of intuition, imagination, compassion, psychic perception.

What to watch out for

  • Beware of falling under the spell of charismatic (yet possibly deceitful) people or illusory dreams and ideologies.
  • Don't fall into victim-saviour mentality.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Beware of losing touch with reality by getting addicted to TV, drugs, video-games, meditation, extreme diets, lovers or gurus and other forms of escapism. Remember to check in occasionally.
  • Protect yourself from invasion. You lack firm boundaries where Neptune is transiting, making you susceptible to influx and contamination.
  • Beware of mass-hysteria and brainwashing...
  • Don't try to hold onto diminishing returns. Let things go. 

What to Expect Collectively with Neptune in Pisces 2012-2026

  • Outlook: Let us be as one! Collective hypnotism.  At Best: Compassion, philanthropy and kindness.  At Worst: Cruelty through blind self-delusion and sweeping, indiscriminate, invasive acts.
  • Art and Fashion: Total immersion for film and gaming (virtual reality) with themes of magic, fantasy, fairy-tales, victims/saviours. Lyrical, haunting, poetic, melodious music. Romantic, soft-edged, but also unisex fashion. Soulful art.
  • Spirituality and Religion: Spiritualism, occultism, mysticism in vogue. Explorations of what lies beyond the veil / the psychic and extra-sensory. Divination. Christian values of self-sacrifice and suffering for the greater good. Religious romanticism, glorified martyrdom.
  • Politics: Saviour-leaders, entrancing propaganda, socialist and communist ideals, mass unification and loss of individual identities contrasted with romanticisation of nationalist history and legend.
  • Nature: epidemics, oil spills, contamination (and purification) of waters, tsunamis and floods - raw, uncontrollable nature.
  • Advances: unified theories of everything, environmentalist movements, nature reserves and clean technologies. Elimination of racial and other discrimination, drug-advances, philanthropic causes, exploration of the seas and deep space, the welfare state.

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How does Neptune in Pisces affect your Zodiac Sign?

Whatever area Neptune is transiting will become unstructured, permeable, ineffable... Keeping things under control will prove hard. On the other hand, you can purify that area of your life, glimpse moments of perfection and find great inspiration. Read your star-sign below! (For a more personal analysis, find out your rising sign and the exact astrological house Neptune is transiting by drawing your free birth-chart. Neptune is now at 5-7 degrees Pisces.)

Aries (12th House)

All kinds of mad, strange or needy people may drift into your life now. It may be hard to protect yourself against this and against other strange things rising up from the unconscious depths, as you are especially sensitive to various emotional undercurrents right now - both your own and those of others. Set regular time aside to be alone, meditate, relax and cleanse your energy field, as your unconscious mind will tend to absorb all kinds of feelings floating about, like a sponge. 
On the plus-side, you can tap into the world psyche and its dreams, which can be inspiring and give you great creative power, but it's also overwhelming at times. Neptune has put your finger on the pulse, giving you an intuitive sense for what people want. You may identify with mass movements and become spellbound, swept up by collective feelings now. Beware of hidden enemies undermining you in ever so imperceptible ways. Avoid hospitals if you can as you may be more susceptible to infection. This is a chance to purify your spirit and experience a feeling of unity with all there is.
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Taurus (11th House)

You are developing lofty ideals and searching for your spiritual community - the people with whom you belong at a deep soul level. To that end, you may idealise certain people and become a member of a club, in the hope of finding the magic and deliverance that you seek. Your social defences are down, and your circle is becoming less rigid and open to strange people (artists, madmen or spiritual folk) who bring another dimension into your life. This may also be a time when you feel disillusioned by a community or friendship, which seems to fall short of your ideal. This may urge you to raise your sights to more refined goals and aspirations to guide you onwards.
Alternatively, your community may be dissolving, casting you adrift in society and asking you to look more deeply at what makes you feel part of a greater whole. The biggest danger is losing your self-definition among others, giving up too much to belong or even being mesmerised and swept into mass hysteria. This is a chance to cleanse your life of draining social contacts, refine your dreams and find inspiration through communal creative and spiritual pursuits. 
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Gemini (10th House)

You are pursuing your dreams and seeking redemption through worldly fame, recognition and success. The career-path you are pursuing is taking on a glamorous element or even a spiritual dimension. Neptune is turning your public image into an excellent hook for other people’s idealised (or sometimes vilified) projections. Taking these on, you are entering a hall of mirrors, where it may be harder to discern your true goals and life-direction. You may be craving success and fame that seem to constantly elude you, or you may glimpse great heights in your career, but which seem fluid and hard to pin down and hold onto.
 If you experience professional disappointment, a purification of your life-goals is needed, distilling them to their very essence. Your professional path carries the potential for great creative inspiration and even for a spiritual awakening.  But you could also be led astray. A relationship with a parent may be changing too, becoming more spiritually involved, creatively inspired or emotionally empathetic. Your mother may me taking on a mythical dimension, inspiring you further along your path. 
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Cancer (9th House)

You are in a process of breaking down intellectual barriers and dissolving previously believed dogmas. Your world-view is becoming less rigid making you susceptible to strange and inspiring input. You may come to believe that a particular belief-system holds the key to your salvation or yearn to escape to greener pastures - maybe abroad - where things seem rosier. You may also dream of embarking on a course of study or of publishing, getting involved with the media and becoming an authority in your field. But these longings may remain elusive, either because circumstances hold you back or because you become disillusioned in the process.
Your soul yearns for infinite and magical vistas and mundane reality may often fall short of your idealised image, leading you to believe that the grass is always greener elsewhere. Another danger is that you get hypnotised by some ideology or religion that purports to offer privileged access to the truth at great sacrifice. Mentors and gurus could hold sway over you. This may end up widening your horizons, even if they are not always what they claim to be. You could enjoy popularity through media and publishing, but only if you do it out of a feeling of service to something greater. 
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Leo (8th House)

You are awakening to the magic of intimacy and sexual experience. You may go through extremes of total abstinence - a kind of psycho-sexual cleansing of the soul - to total immersion, body and soul, sexually merging with another in a way that is healing. You seek to lose yourself in the perfect union and this may be scary at times. You may glimpse moments of perfection that you find hard to recreate, or idealise this experience so much that reality falls short.
The greatest danger now is one of seedy and murky interpersonal relationships, or of someone gaining an emotional hold on you through love, money or sex that requires sacrificing part of your soul to keep it. Deception, confusion and co-dependence is also a danger, so try to keep things clean. You yearn to trust someone fully right now and you may kiss a few frogs, before you find your prince. You had better avoid get-rich quick schemes and financial dealings that seem hazy and make sure your taxes and payments are clean, as other people’s financial debris may drift into your court. This is an excellent time for a joint creative project and for partnerships of a refined romantic, spiritual or artistic nature.  
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Virgo (7th House)

Your defences against others are down right now. Unable to put firm boundaries in your relationships, you are open to being spellbound and mesmerised by others. You may expect too much from people, waiting for them to rescue you and experiencing disappointment as you realise that they too are mere mortals. Or you may see your partner as a suffering sweetheart in need of rescuing by you. The greatest danger here is one of deception, so make sure you check things out thoroughly before you hand over the keys to the kingdom.
Your need for companionship is great and you may idealise a person or relationship, seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses. This may make you kind and giving but also vulnerable to those who would take advantage. Business partnerships are not really recommended, as things may not go as expected. If your main motive is artistic or spiritual however, then you can achieve great things together. This is a chance to love unconditionally, refine your relationships and cleanse them of impure or base motives.  
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Libra (6th House)

The world of alternative therapies, raw food and healing may have you under its spell as Neptune sensitises you to the subtleties of the mind-body connection. You may find yourself extremely sensitive to certain substances, developing strange allergies and symptoms that defy definition and conventional therapies. These are here to make you aware of the subtle chemistry of your own body and show you how mind and body interact. You may wish to have a light, healthy diet and even a daily routine involving meditative and spiritual practices, which can help cleanse and purify body and mind. 
There is a danger however of falling to extremes in your diets and daily practices, detoxing too much or perpetually seeking salvation in the latest dietary or yoga fad. Try to listen to your body and not lose your common sense. Alternatively, Neptune may affect your work and daily routine making it impossible to stick to a rigid schedule, as all sorts of things seem to invade and de-structure your life - from strange sleeping patterns to health problems to an avalanche of chores and tasks. While this may be overwhelming at first, this is your chance to purify your life of pointless schedules and bad habits and focus on what is essential for smooth functioning.
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Scorpio (5th House)

This is an immensely romantic, imaginative and creative period. You may be in love with love, idealising the very idea. The real thing may fall short of your expectations or - not wanting to burst your bubble - you may prefer to experience romance in the world of your imagination. Where love is real, whether it is for your children or a special someone, it may involve sacrifices, which you willingly make. This is also a period of great creative inspiration and if you are involved in the creative professions, you can do exceptionally well. If you are an entrepreneur or speculator, you may have inspired ideas now too, but the material upshot of your actions may prove elusive.
Having children is a spiritual experience at this time, opening up your life to more subtle and refined energies. Indeed, you may be yearning to become a parent, pinning all your dreams on this miracle. This is fine as long as you are willing to take on the sacrifices involved. The biggest danger now is falling in love with unavailable people or taking ill-calculated financial risks. This is a chance to rid your life of anything that's an obstacle to your joy and happiness and to express your creative gifts.
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Sagittarius (4th House)

Existing home and family structures may be slowly becoming fluid, shapeshifting or dissolving, putting you on a quest for the ideal home - the place where you can truly feel safe and that you belong. This may make finding a home  difficult as everything falls short of the mark. Alternatively, you may spare no expense turning your abode into your dream dwelling. There is a danger of idealising your nationality, homeland or family at this time, becoming nostalgic for a perfect and more innocent past and spending all your energies seeking re-entry into this Eden. Be especially careful in your real-estate dealings as things may not always be as they seem.
Your relationship with your parents is also being cleansed from past sins now. It may be very hard to impose proper boundaries and you may find yourself trying to help your parents or constantly being invaded by them. You may create an image of your father, especially, as a long-suffering victim and feel subconsciously guilty at your inability to rescue him. As the debris of old home and family structures slowly clears away, this reveals a deeper spiritual connection towards your homeland or family, deepening your capacity for forgiveness and compassion. You may also find your spiritual family now, where your soul feels right at home.  
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Capricorn (3rd House)

You hunger for ideas, information, dialogue and social interaction, seeking happiness by immersing yourself fully in what's going on around you. The media may hold a great fascination for you now, as you experience the mesmerising power of words and images to transport the mind. Yours has become like a sponge, feeding on ideas almost indiscriminately. It's also chaotic, given to daydreaming and forgetfulness that may throw your world into disarray. Misunderstandings are a danger, as your inspired words tend to get lost in translation. Becoming mesmerised by the hype is also a danger, as your mind yearns for a good story more than it wants to know the facts.
This is an excellent time to learn artistic, more lateral forms of communication and sweep others away with your inspiring message! Steer clear of non-transparent dealings with people around you, however, as you may be easily duped. Your immediate circle is slowly dissolving, letting all kinds of strange elements in so try to be clear in dealings with shopkeepers and neighbours and double check your planned movements and transactions. Alternatively, a sibling may be going through a bit of a crazy or vulnerable phase, and you may desire to rescue them or even feel victimised by them. This is your chance to purify all your interactions and turn your mind to more creative pursuits.
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Aquarius (2nd House)

Money is starting to take on a mythical guise, as the vehicle of salvation - whether from the evils of poverty, or from other more insidious wrongs. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may now idealise money as the be-all and end-all that can deliver you from all suffering and evil. And if you do have it, then you may only value it as a means to an end, as a vehicle that can carry you toward more refined and exalted aims. Either way, the physical world of money, objects and resources is now taking a more romantic hue. It may be hard to hold onto your cash and resources now, which seem to become all the more slippery and elusive, the harder your try to grasp at them.
This is a great time to make use of your imaginative, artistic or psychic gifts to earn a living. Stay well clear of get-rich schemes and other dodgy ways of making money, where you may end up being duped. Investments in the arts on the other hand are favoured and you feel inspired to pour your resources into artistic, philanthropic and spiritual pursuits. You may also choose to invest everything you've got in a dream or simply to bring greater beauty into your life. This transit is awakening you to the connection between matter and spirit. It's a chance to purify your core values, utilise your intuitive and creative resources and invest in the things that mean the most to you. 
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Pisces (1st House)

Neptune is turning you into a master magician for an entranced audience! All the while, you are falling under a powerful romantic spell yourself. Either way, you are intensely glamorous and alluring right now and people may see all sorts of evocative things in you. You may take on the role of the great saviour, experiencing a spiritual awakening and embarking on philanthropic causes. Or, if you are in the creative professions, you may channel divine inspiration, bringing true magic to the world (and rising in popularity for it). Or, you may experience suffering through an illness, giving you a deeply spiritual (and inspiring) outlook on the world.
Your life may require personal sacrifices at this time, but you probably feel they are worth it, as they enchant your world with a romantic hue worthy of great novels. This makes it hard to see yourself clearly, so try to be as honest with yourself as possible as to your motives. You are experiencing ego- personality- and soul-refinement. Take extra care of your body now, which is extra sensitive, and keep your auric field strong through creative visualisation. You have a true capacity to channel divine grace and inspire the world! 
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