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Neptune Retrograde 2018

Neptune Retrograde 2018

Neptune in Pisces goes retrograde from the 18th of June until the 24th of November, 2018. Neptune in Pisces stirs things up as it decides to turn retrograde for 5 months. Neptune is the Planet of Dreams and the planet that overwhelms us with its love for illusion, urging us to  explore our fantasies, escape form reality, or ever create a reality of our own. Thus, moving backwards means a wake-up call, that will make us face unpleasant truths and figure out what's real. Now it's time to stop confusing dreams with reality. But let's focus on the positive thing: a clear sense of what's real will now help us make better plans for the future.

Stop ignoring the truth, set your priorities straight and start ACTING, not just dreaming! 

Neptune Retrograde Horoscope for each Zodiac Sign

Check our star-sign below and find out what Neptune retrograde has in store for you! If you'd like a more in depth reading based on your unique personal birth-chart, get in touch with one of our excellent stargazers now on 0207 111 6304 from the UK or 1877 608 3731 from the USA!


Neptune effectively pops you under the drier in the next few weeks, as you prefer to block out anything too troubling, tense or difficult that life is trying to make you face up to. A sense of uncertainty hangs around at home because nobody appears to know the answers. Solutions are to be found in abstract thinking, and getting lost in thought is where it’s at for you sometimes. Have faith that things will come good, and they will soon enough. Also check out today’s psychic reading!

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Unreliability, and people backing out of plans at the eleventh hour, both rank fairly highly on your list of annoyances. This is what Neptune may cause you in the coming weeks, and Mars could shake the very foundations of what you thought was solid in where you're headed. This might be a good time to get in touch with old friends and reminisce about times gone by. You can learn a lot about your current situation this way. Look the part with your weekly fashion horoscope.

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You’ll likely experience more hold-ups in your professional life than usual, but this is nothing you can’t handle. If you thought that something was a done deal then you may have to think again. You’re probably going to be more prone to forgetfulness in the next couple of weeks too, or unwittingly giving off the wrong impression to others, so just be aware that your actions could betray what is actually going in in your head. If a superior is giving you a hard time, it pays to know your boss and their star-sign!

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Mars in your house of intimacy has also decided to back peddle and so you’ll be downwind of some powerful urges to look back. You have a philosophically reflective few weeks ahead, which kind of suits you. You’ll happily stare off into the middle distance and dream about what could have been. Make sure that you are up to date with all your bills and payments in amongst all your lovely tuning out. If you’re thinking of getting a psychic reading have a look at our psychic blog and find out what to expect!

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Anything that you’ve invested in, emotionally and financially, feels as though it’s stalled in lots of ways. Making a chaotic mind more orderly comes from putting your weight behind something that didn’t quite work out as you’d hoped in the recent past. This is perhaps not the best time to push it forward, but it is a good time for planning to do just that in time for the Sun entering your sign in late July. Find out what makes each star-sign fall in love while you wait…

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There’s something rather fragile about relationships in the coming weeks, or it’ll be a time for getting back to basics. Your partner’s word or intentions might not be as solid as usual, and history might feel like it’s repeating in a strange way. Friends also appear to be a bit all over the shop. Bear in mind that a lot is lost in translation where Neptune is concerned. Discover someone’s intentions with your daily love tarot horoscope!

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If you’re between jobs, an offer from the past could be back on the table, and even if it looks more attractive, it might be best to chew over it. Watch out for slippery colleagues, or people telling you what they think that you want to hear in order to further their own ends. That said, it’s a great time for creativity and for using your charm to get people onside. Check out your daily career horoscope for added assurance.

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It’s so easy to fall into the trap of becoming too fond of play and to forget about work altogether when the sky’s so crisscrossed. Thinking about fun times past is also symptomatic of Neptune, as is a heightened instinct, so this should keep you right. But remember this planet is backwards, so even your normally razor sharp intuition might be a little off key. Sharpen it up by looking ahead with your summer 2016 love horoscope!

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The next couple of weeks come with a sense of nostalgia guaranteed. Family issues from the past that have to be discussed in the round will likely resurface, mainly because they weren’t dealt with properly in the first place. This is perhaps not the time for trying to apply historical blueprints to your current scenarios. Find out what the right gemstone can do for you instead. 

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Talk is cheap and you’re looking for actions to back it up. Either that or everything appears hazy, or like you’re talking through the gauze at the confessional. Feeling as though the meaning of what you’re saying is being slightly lost on people puts you at a disadvantage, you feel. But just remember that we’re all in the same boat pretty much. Distract your mind with a celebrity horoscope!

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Neptune backwards in your money zone means that the stuff could run through your fingers like water if you don’t remain astute. A long stretch of buyer’s remorse is what you could be looking at if you make impulsive purchases. Household appliances may also be more prone to go on the blink right now, and the buying and selling of property could be fraught with hiccups. Get all clued up financially by reading all about the star-signs and money.

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Neptune is your ruler and it’s all happening in your sign, so it’s double concentrated for all Pisceans. The morning fog may not lift at all in the next few weeks so there’s a strong argument for a pinch more scepticism than you’d normally add. Jupiter could bring a dictatorial attitude from others, but you could get the feeling you’re repeating yourself and going over old ground, and becoming a little hoarse, as far as matter of principle is concerned.  If you’ve just about had enough, here are five reasons to be happy when your lover is not around!

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