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New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

In the early hours of Friday, July 13th we have a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer, at 21 degrees. This is the first of three eclipses this summer and it initiates changes that will take you all the way to 2020. Time to shed dead skin! This first eclipse is opposite puppet-master Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto always carries an element of fate. Summer 2018 is sure to transform you! Are you tired of being messed around? Time to take your power back!

Zodiac sign Cancer is the world’s moisturiser. It’s the source from which all nourishment, love and creative inspiration flows. The sea from which life springs forth! A tree might be tall and impressive but if its sap dries out, if it cannot draw moisture through its roots, it quickly withers and dies. Similarly, you can only go so long without love, sustenance, without being inspired. No amount of money, power and control or being bullied into submission can replace the power of love, creative impetus, life itself! Anyone who’s seen Harry Potter or Star Wars knows that. The time has come to reconnect to your source. What is it that sustains you? What do you need to survive? Trust your instincts and follow your intuition! Your world has gone all dry and brittle and urgently needs some moisturiser. Find yours!

The eclipses have not been in Cancer and Capricorn since 2010-2011. Cancer is all soft and squidgy, Capricorn is hard and dry. Cancer is all about mother’s love, sanctuary and support, Capricorn about reality, responsibility and walking naked and alone in the world. ‘Toughen up’, says Capricorn to Cancer, ‘there are no free lunches!’ But Cancer doesn’t want a free lunch. It wants to connect to the source from which all lunches arise! Time for you to do the same. Make your world safer and more nourishing, more moist and inspiring! Is someone bullying you? Pressurising you? Fighting dirty? Whatever harsh reality stares you in the face, it’s time to seek sustenance in the only place you can find it. Within.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer, What to Expect for your Star Sign

What feeds you? Where do you draw sustenance? Where can a drop of moisture - love, kindness, creative inspiration - make the world of difference for you right now? It’s time for some water-dowsing. Check out your star sign to discover where water is about to pour out from a gash in that rock…


Has your career become toxic, dear Aries? Are you crumbling under your responsibilities, goals and the image you are trying to uphold? The outside world has felt unwelcoming for a while now and it’s time to turn inward for sustenance. To your home, your family, your soul’s calling. This eclipse shines a spotlight on the very foundations of your life and on who you are deep inside. What needs to change for you to feel safe again? Where can you find shelter? You will soon have an inkling of this.


It’s your mind that has become hard and brittle, Taurus. You are harbouring some toxic beliefs and your negative outlook does not serve anyone, least of all yourself. Is it all doom and gloom these days? Have you even checked the facts lately? This eclipse opens a welcome window in your mind, through which fresh ideas, people and life can finally pour through and challenge any dogmatism. This is a good time to take a course, write or travel. Expect fresh food for thought!


Is it all bills, debts and taxes these days, Gemini? Are you being bullied by your nearest and dearest? Your emotional and financial ties seem to have gone toxic and it’s time to stop waiting for others to recognise your worth and to stand on your own two feet.  Return to basics. What is it that you value most in yourself? What is it that you love in others? This eclipse brings a fresh injection of self worth, revealing the potential for brand new sources of income!


Time to focus on yourself, dear Cancer! You’ve been playing second fiddle to a bunch of big guys for too long and isn’t it time you showed them what you can do? Isn’t it time you focused on your own needs, your own leadership, your own creative potential? This eclipse brings a change of attitude and a brand new you. Perhaps a life-changing contract. You might have to stand up to a bully or rid yourself of a toxic relationship for your initiation. A literal transformation is about to begin!


You’ve got some good karma coming your way, dear Leo, and isn’t it about time? You’ve been under someone’s thumb for too long, working obediently and doing as you’re told day in day out, being a good girl / boy. No longer! You’re no pen-pusher. No obedient housewife.  God has much bigger plans for you! Pay close attention to your dreams and listen to your intuition. The secrets of love, of life itself are being revealed to you as we speak!


Has someone zapped all the fun out of the world, Virgo? Has a love affair gone toxic? Or maybe it’s a hobby, your children or something else you ought to love and actually enjoy that’s just cracking the whip and it’s no fun any more? Just when you thought that there is nothing left to strive for, this solar eclipse brings fresh hope and a new dream for the future! Look to your friends, network and social community to apply said moisturiser and bring joy back into your world.


You need a brand new life-path, dear Libra, a brand new master plan, and you need it fast! You’ve been trapped for too long by heavy family responsibilities, toxic situations at home, rooted to the spot and wondering if you’ll ever get a chance to reach for goals of your own once more. This eclipse is here to open a new career path and re-ignite your sense of destiny! Expect fresh professional opportunities to arise. Let the rains fall from the sky and nourish the land.


It’s your immediate environment that’s become poisonous, dear Scorpio. You’re dealing with toxic people day in day out, gossip, politics and even restrictions to your movements that are putting a real crimp on your thinking. What you need is to rise above it all and see the bigger picture. To find hope, meaning and a new sense of purpose in life. A change of scenery is just the ticket! This year’s summer holiday could help you do just that or it could be a publishing or international project that finally cracks the code!


Are you ready for some deep and intimate involvements, dear Sagittarius? You might like your independence but this obsession with self-sufficiency - emotional and financial - is doing you more harm than good at this point. It’s time to draw others into this game!  Are you ready to share your life with someone? Your bank account? Are you willing to trust others or accept an influx of outside investment? Time to ditch toxic values, people and projects and rethink your priorities.


When was the last time you actually experienced kindness, dear Capricorn? The last time you showed it? You might be on full shut-down, sporting a Darth Vader look and letting no one come close for fear of losing a limb. Well done! Your power is undeniable! But is this really what you want? All you’ve done is alienate everyone, including the one who can offer you the keys to the kingdom… This eclipse shines a spotlight on all relationships, romantic or otherwise, existent or otherwise. Let others re-animate your world!


You poor old dear, who would have thought? Aquarius, the champion of freedom, a prisoner of dark forces and circumstances beyond your control… You do your duty, work, sleep, work some more but you’re fighting an unfair and losing battle. Your enemy lies hidden, refusing to come out and fight fair! If you’ve resigned yourself to daily sacrifice without end, don’t. This eclipse applies some much needed lubricant to your work, your daily routine and your overall lifestyle. Help is on the way!


You’re ready to fall in love all over again, dear Pisces! In love with love, in love with life, enamoured with a new creative idea… And goodness knows you need this. Your world is closing in on you, suffocating the life out of you with its pressure to conform. Is it peer pressure? Is it a toxic friendship? But the fish cannot survive on dry and brittle land all that long, no matter how many rules you’re meant to follow. So tell them to stuff it and follow your heart! This eclipse signals the start of greater happiness in your life.

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