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New Moon in Cancer June 27th – Home Sweet Home

New Moon in Cancer June 27th – Home Sweet Home
The sign of Cancer, where this month's New Moon is taking place, is the nurturing and mothering sign of the zodiac. It rules real estate, your ancestry, your roots, your home and family. It’s associated with the breasts, stomach and the solar plexus. This is an important time to look at how you nurture yourself. Are you being loving and kind to your body? Are you sensitive to the slightest changes that you are feeling? This is an important time to become aware of your digestion. This could either be on a physical level or an emotional or mental level. For people with Sun in Cancer, the emotions are usually a trigger that upset digestion. Make sure you get time to rest, to enjoy the simple pleasure of life and to be kind to your body.
Good questions to ask yourself:
Am I digesting everything that is going on in my life?
Am I feeling calm or overwhelmed?
Do I have a healthy work / life balance?  

How to make good use of this New Moon in Cancer

Trust your feelings. Put your hands on your tummy and take some slow deep breaths. This will help you to get in touch with your emotions. If everything feels too much, get a pen and paper, or go on the computer and write out your feelings.
The New Moon always signifies the possibility of new beginnings. Spend some time thinking about what you want to create in the coming month.
You might want to get your house painted, clear out some old things you never use,
If you know your ascendant, follow the signs around your chart until you come to the astrological house that is occupied by Cancer. This will show you the area of life which is seeking comfort and wants nurturing. It’s also going to be where you can nurture others.
Good things to do:
Resolve family issues, especially anything that has an emotional charge
Spend time quietly at home either alone or with people who you feel comfortable with
Start any kind of creative project
Write about your emotions
Find the healer inside
Explore new ways of taking care of yourself.
Be close to water
Make a nourishing meal
Invite people over for a meal
Show your vulnerable side and allow people to get closer to you
Spend time in nature
Good questions to ask yourself:
What makes me feel safe and secure?
What do I need to let go of?

Where does this New Moon in Cancer fall in your chart?

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1st House
Present yourself to the world in a new way, get your hair done, wear different clothes, buy some new accessories, do something that makes you feel good.

2nd House
This is a good time to take a fresh look at your financial situation. Are you spending more than you earn? Do you have plans in place for the future? This is a great time to look for new sources of income.

3rd House
This New Moon gives you an opportunity to start fresh with the way you network and communicate with others. See if you can train yourself to become a better listener. This will be very valuable in all your relationships.

4th House
You might decide to move home, to change your surroundings, to move the furniture around, to paint a room and generally to make your home feel more comfortable.

5th House
This could bring a new romance into your life, an exciting new business idea may come to fruition. You might engage in a new sport that is exhilarating and possibly dangerous. This is a good time to take a risk and buying a lottery ticket might pay off!

6th House
With this New Moon in your house of health, this is a wonderful time for going on a diet, starting a new exercise regime, having a massage, going to a spa. People at work may show you more appreciation and respect.

7th House
Look for ways you can nourish your existing relationships. Is there a balance of give and take? What can you do to ensure that your emotional needs are met in your relationships?

8th House
You may receive a windfall or inheritance or someone just wants to give to you in some way. Crowd-funding could be an excellent option if you are looking to raise money for a project.

9th House
This is a great time to take your spiritual growth into a new direction. What beliefs are blocking you from getting what you want? What would you like to study? You may receive good news about a legal issue.

10th House
How can you nurture your career? Do you need to move in a new direction? Have you been afraid to make a move? This would be a great time to make fresh decisions about how and where you work.

11th House
Look for ways in which you can feed your friendships and the networks you interact with. You may meet a new friend who feels like a member of your family who you feel you have known all your life.
12th House
Take some time out for introspection and withdrawal from your everyday life. It’s an excellent time for anything involving metaphysics, research and delving into your subconscious. You may get some powerful answers to problems that have been bothering you.
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