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New Moon in Gemini 28th May 2014

New Moon in Gemini 28th May 2014

Scorpio and Gemini are opposites. Scorpio wants to delve into the depths and find out everything there is to know, while Gemini likes to skate across the surface and is bored in a heartbeat.

Good questions to ask yourself:
What would I like to learn?
What would I like to share with others?
This is a time to be curious, to be like a butterfly that lands somewhere for a short while and then skips off to the next place.

This new Moon in Gemini is a seed-planting time.

Gemini is an air sign and this rules mental activity and dealing with your mind.
Keep in mind that whatever you truly believe is extremely powerful.
True recent story: a man, aged 57, had been told by his doctors that he had a severe bacterial infection and that he had to be on strong antibiotics. He took the antibiotics but he was still in pain and he couldn’t understand it. He went back to the doctor and the doctor put him on another antibiotic. Again, he was still in pain and was by now very frightened about what was happening inside his body. The doctor put him on a third set of antibiotics telling him that if things went on much longer he might have to go into the hospital and be hooked up with an IV to get an even stronger dose of antibiotics. This sent the man into an inner panic. He took the third set of antibiotics but all the time in his mind was a sense of foreboding and dread that they might not be able to find something to counteract his infection. He went for the tests to check whether his infection had gone away. In the meantime, he was still in terrible pain.
A week later, he went trembling into his doctor’s office. His fever had come back, he was shivering uncontrollably despite the fact that it was very warm outside, and he’d lost a huge amount of weight because he was too afraid to eat. The doctor told him that the test results showed the infection had cleared up and there was nothing wrong with him. Suddenly, as if a miracle had happened, his fever went away, he stopped shaking, the pain subsided and he felt well again.
Sometimes we underestimate the power of our mind. Use this new Moon to selectively keep the beliefs that serve you and discard those that don’t.
This is a time to look at the new beliefs you want to create: ones that will make you happier.
Keep your options open. Don’t make firm commitments. Try and taste a little of everything.
Focus on the positive things in your life. Every day become aware of at least 10 things you are grateful for. Bring lightness into your life. Focus on the joy, the pleasure, and it can be little pleasures: having a delicious meal, relaxing in the evening and watching a video, watching the birds, taking a dog for a walk.
How can you make your life more like a game? Don’t take things too seriously. If you find yourself getting really upset about something, think to yourself: how important will this be in five years from now? Is it worth worrying about so much?
This is an optimistic, positive new Moon. If you worked with your demons a couple of weeks ago, this is a good time to start fresh and to see the world from a child’s playful perspective. What gives you joy? What makes your heart sing?

Good things to do:

-        Start a new business
-        Join a networking organisation (or several)
-        Enrol on a course of study
-        Communicate with friends and family
-        Socialise and meet new people
-        Make someone laugh
-        Learn a new language
-        Buy a new gadget that makes your life easier
-        Plan or go on a short trip
Stay flexible, and have in mind at least two different possible directions you’d like to pursue. Gemini likes to do things in twos, so don’t be surprised if opportunities come in twos, relationship options come in twos, job offers come in twos.
Check out your own birth chart and find out which house Gemini falls.

It’s a time for new beginnings, new people, new projects, new ideas, variety and spontaneity. Don’t deliberate too much. Call someone and ask them to meet up. If they can’t, call someone else! Don’t take things too personally, just keep all your options open and focus on enjoying life!

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