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New Moon in Aquarius, Again! A Second Chance – Let’s Do Even Better!

New Moon in Aquarius, Again! A Second Chance – Let’s Do Even Better!
This month, we have yet another New Moon in Aquarius on February 18th – two new moons occurring in the same sign in sequence is a relatively unusual event! Just as the previous Aquarian New Moon (on January 20th) was at 0 degrees, this New Moon is at 29:59 – the very last degree and very last minute of Aquarius!  With Mercury's retrograde stint in Aquarius, following on the heels of Mars and Venus in that sign, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on innovative, ground-breaking and forward looking Aquarius this winter. Clearly, the Universe wants us to give new and progressive ideas a real fighting chance!
This New Moon is a second opportunity to effect positive change. We can do better this time! The Moon becoming new at the last minute of Aquarius also conjures up images of making progress at the knick of time! A last chance to make things right!  Aquarius wants to make a difference in the world. Where do we want to be in years to come? What are our dreams and ideals? Who are our people? This is our chance to make it happen.
This New Moon is extra special for another reason: the previous Aquarian New Moon happened just as Mercury in Aquarius was turning retrograde. The last cycle therefore gave us a taste of something new and unusual! It gave us a period of grace, taking us into a world of magic and make believe, to test new ideas without writing anything in stone... Now this period of grace is coming to an end. This New Moon happens just as Mercury is finding its winged feet again and whatever we decide to do now, it's for real! 
For instance, if you have been playing around with a relationship, testing the waters, it’s time to decide if you really want to take things forward. Or, say you have been planning a trip and imagining all the wonderful places you want to go. Now is the time to decide if you will go for it or if it was just a pipe-dream. There’s still time in which to make progress and make things right.
Note that this cycle's will not culminate in Leo (Aquarius' opposite sign) but in Virgo. The aim of this cycle is not to make a grand impression or play around with a big idea (like the previous one). Its aim is to get real, get down to the nitty-gritty and find practical solutions.
This Aquarius New Moon has some potentially tricky influences to contend with: it squares Saturn in Sagittarius and widely conjuncts Neptune in Pisces (even though it's in a different sign - or "out of sign" as astrologers call it). This New Moon will shed light on a widening gap between our dreams and reality, bringing important dilemmas to the forefront that are likely to trouble us for the foreseeable future. With the Moon still in independent Aquarius however, we truly have a golden chance to make progress and be proactive right now, while there's still time; while our vision is clear. What a wonderful gift from the Universe!

New Moon in Aquarius on February 18th: How it affects your star-sign

This New Moon highlights the same life-arenas as the last New Moon in Aquarius. With Mercury direct this time, however, we are now asked to either commit to previously experimental ideas or abandon them. It’s a second chance to decide on our future course!
Your friendship zone has been lit up like a Christmas tree for months now, allowing you to build up your social circle, make new alliances and catch up with old friends. This New Moon is a final opportunity to pursue your dreams and increase your influence. It does come with some strings attached though - possibly to a university, publishing house or foreign land. Best leave sleeping dragons lie.
The focus remains solidly on your career and social status. Events have conspired to bring you into the spotlight and increase your influence over the past few months. This New Moon is the final act in the show, a last chance to establish your authority and consolidate your image. It may be time to repay debts to friends or invest in your dreams, even if you know it won't be perfect.
The Universe is intent on expanding your horizons! This new moon brings round two of inspiring people and ideas that renew your faith and raise your sights to greener and brighter pastures. Have you been thinking of travel or embarking on a new course? Now is the time to make it happen. If your career and relationships are weighing you down or starting to pull in different directions, a more philosophical stance will help.
Taxes, investments, commissions, loans...it's been all systems go on that front for a while now and you've made significant advances. This trend continues, giving you a chance to set your business dealings straight. It's also a chance to get closer to someone special and build trust. Your working situation is difficult and you may be dreaming of escape abroad or into brighter days. It will never be just perfect, so invest where it matters.
You have had an intense spotlight on relationships since even before the new year began, where you may have had a period in which to experiment and try something new. This New Moon is your chance to evaluate where a relationship is headed, see wherey you are prepared to compromise a little and - above all - if you can build the trust necessary to move forward.
You have been incredibly busy for months now, with errands, work and health matters eclipsing everything else. This New Moon is a second chance to get everything in working order - something a dear Virgo loves. If you find it hard to reconcile your partner's and your family's needs and this is taking its toll, then it may be time to put your own wellbeing first - it's the only way to help anyone at all.
Love, creativity and children continue to hold top spot on the agenda, giving you many joyful moments. This prolonged focus can help you sort out your love-life, renew your efforts if you're trying to conceive or successfully complete a creative project. This might require sacrifices in your day-to-day life, but it will be worth it in the end!
The spotlight remains firmly on your home-base. This New Moon offers a second boost of energy to help you finalise improvements with home, family or real-estate matters. You may be carrying a heavy financial burden, but it is a worthy sacrifice in the name of love, children or a creative project. Focus once more on building a secure foundation.
Travel is still on the cards. If you have been putting off a journey or important communication now is the time to reconsider. You have a second chance to establish positive contact: family commitments may make you feel like a martyr, but taking responsibility now can prevent more insidious difficulties later.
The focus remains firmly on your finances. This is a second chance to increase your income and take care of any bills or expenses. It's also a good chance to address health matters ahead of time, get the facts straight and take care of your body. Things may not be perfect but you should be able to find the resources to sort them out.
This is round two of you going after what you want and steering your life in the desired direction. And this time, with Mercury direct by your side, you can make real headway! Some small sacrifice now can forestall potential financial difficulties with friends and allies in future. The situation is not perfect but you are the best person right now to lead the way.
After some period of uncertainty, you have another chance at consolidating your position within a large institution and making quiet progress. Increased responsibilities at work or with a parent may require some sacrifice on your part, but it's all for the greater good. Use your intuition. This is also a chance to recuperate and gather your strength.
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