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New Moon in Aquarius: Breathe New Life into your Hopes and Dreams!

New Moon in Aquarius: Breathe New Life into your Hopes and Dreams!
Sun and Moon enter Aquarius on the 20th of January forming a New Moon in Aquarius at 0 degrees. This is a vibrant breeze to wake us up from our post-holiday stupor and a wonderful opportunity to raise our vibration and renew our commitment to our dreams and ideals!
With Mercury stationing retrograde in Aquarius at the same time as this New Moon, we are getting a magical chance to reconnect with a long held wish or dream. It is also the perfect time to inject new life into a cherished project or relationship or start something that you have been thinking about for a while but have been unable to get on with due to every-day life getting in the way. As this New Moon is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius too, whatever you re-animate now has staying power that can provide a solid base for future operations.  Do proceed carefully to avoid mistakes - best begin the week by observing closely and reconnecting with things and people you already know.  The fruits of this New Moon may not be fully visible until March, when Mercury is once more at full speed.
This New Moon will bring important restructures, as it will carry us through the re-thinking phase of realisations, changes and rearrangements of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. This is a unique opportunity to come together and make important decisions and to bring our reality more into line with our vision. It’s a chance to examine our lives and think about what we want to manifest on this earth. What world do you want to live in? Use this new moon to make your vision a reality!
Bear in mind that we are going to have another New Moon in Aquarius - with Mercury direct this time - at 29 degrees on the 18th of February. By the time that the next Aquarian New Moon comes we will be ready to move forward with our re-invented self-image, renewed world-vision, re-launched product or re-negotiated relationships. So make the best of this immensely creative time and enjoy this (double) New Moon in Aquarius! 

How this New Moon in Aquarius affects each star-sign

Aries: You can now rally your forces around a long-held dream, re-commit to your goals or re-kindle a friendship. If you have been meaning to set up a group, gather a team of people you already trust to achieve something that has been on your mind for a while, or arrange any kind of reunion, now is the perfect time!  You can count on your friends.
Taurus: This New Moon shines a powerful spotlight on your career! You may be called to re-occupy, defend or re-affirm an old title. It's time to review your life direction, revisit old goals and renew your efforts towards those goals that you still want to achieve, but life has been too hectic to allow you to return to them. This is the perfect opportunity to re-launch your career and re-brand your public image!
Gemini: This is your cue to focus on the things that you believe in and re-envision your future!  If you have been meaning to plan a big journey or embark on further education, now is your moment to infuse these plans with new life and start looking into the best options for you. It is also a good time to seek help from VIPs who can help you expand your base of operations.
Cancer: This New Moon will breathe new life into your finances - especially anything to do with grants, bonuses, loans and shared investments. It may bring a business collaboration with someone from your past, an opportunity to re-launch a business deal or re-invent the way you handle money. It will re-invigorate your financial dealings and intimate relationships, so you can proceed more empowered into the future.
Leo: There is a bright new spark in your relationship zone and it's time to focus all your energies on your significant other. If you are still looking for him or her, this is an excellent opportunity for you to consider carefully what kind of person you want to be with. If old ties are renewed, then this is your chance to be honest and do things right. Business partnerships will also receive a boost by this New Moon.
Virgo: This New Moon is your cue to pay attention to how you run your day to day life. If you have been letting things slide ever since the holidays, it's time to get back to a healthy and productive eating and exercise programme! The days following the 20th are best to make a fresh start and return to health. Your work and colleagues will also be a major area of focus, giving you a chance to go over everything with a fine comb and straighten things out.
Libra: This New Moon is your chance to focus on all the things that bring you joy and happiness, have fun with your kids or return to a favourite hobby. It is also a great window of opportunity to find  love or reconnect with an old lover. This is your cue to have fun and express yourself. If you are creatively inclined, this is the perfect time to focus your attention on a creative project and give it a new lease of life!
Scorpio: All your energy and focus is drawn to your home-base and family now. You are called to protect the things and people that make you feel safe and secure your foundations. A parent may take up a lot of your time and it is good that you give it, to make sure everything at home is as it should be. Real-estate projects that have stalled can also receive a new boost of energy now, so make sure to make the best of it for the next couple of weeks.
Sagittarius: Get ready for the world around you to burst into life with lots of people and ideas invigorating your mind! If you have been meaning to reconnect with people, find out more about a course or start looking for a new car, this is your cue to start your research or get in touch. If you want to try your hand at writing, this is a great window of opportunity for that too! This is your cue to network and feed your mind!
Capricorn: It's all about money for you, dear Capricorn, as this New Moon shines a spotlight on your finances. Is there anything you can do to manage your resources more cleverly? Is there a source of income you hadn't thought of? A way to cut needless expenditure? If you have been meaning to put certain abilities into good use but have not had the chance yet, this New Moon may bring you the opportunity you seek. It's also a good time to re-commit to taking care of your body.
Aquarius: This New Moon signals your annual cue to re-invent yourself, promote yourself and focus on taking care of number one. Being such a socially aware sign with such a grand vision, there is no doubt that if you take care of yourself others will benefit too, so no need to be shy about it. This is also a perfect opportunity for a make-over, a new wardrobe or a face-lift of your internet presence - anything that will revamp your appearance and re-invigorate your aims!
Pisces: The Aquarian New Moon happens in the deepest part of your chart, where things tend to hide in plain sight. This is your cue to try and blend in, so you can focus on your inner life and reconnect with your guiding spirits. If you are involved with large institutions, this New Moon might signal a new beginning amidst restructures there, redefining your relationship to the collective. 
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