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New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

We have a New Moon in dynamic Aries on  24 March 2020, the first new moon of spring 2020! New moons always signify new beginnings, allowing you to hit refresh in some area of your life! Get ready for a fresh energy influx in your life to help you set all your plans into motion!

What you do now and over the next week or so marks a powerful fresh start for you, colouring your life for the next one to six months. Initiate your most daring plans today!

Aries is the universe's primal moving force. Brimming with get-up-and-go, it signifies the time of  year when everything on earth awakens into new life. It symbolises action, self-discovery and pioneering initiative. We have had Sun in Aries since 20 March 2020, shining a light of consciousness on the specific area of your birth-chart containing Aries. The Aries New Moon is here to give you a push to act on all your realisations, so enjoy!

What is this New Moon in Aries all about?

This New Moon in Aries is just what you need to do some spring cleaning in some area of your life, open the doors and windows and enjoy an influx of fresh life-force! New Moons are not as intense as eclipses but each New Moon is a bit like a power-point: a different place where you can plug your life in once a month and get a fresh input of energy. This can help you power up a different aspect of your life each month, as we have 12-13 of these per year, dotted around the zodiac and activating different parts of your birth-chart

This New Moon may be in impetuous and proactive Aries, but it is configured in such a way that it should nonetheless bring a slow and gentle unfolding of the ideas that were planted this winter. It is a call to action! Make a new start without any fireworks or drum-roll and without too many other people getting involved, stepping in with their own agendas and confusing matters. It's time to slowly push forward with your plans. This new moon is perfect for taking a creative initiative and putting your long term goals into motion! 

So, yes, you can take your time, but do get moving! New Moons open an energetic window of opportunity for you which remains open for around 7-14 days following the New Moon. Much like food that slowly goes stale, the fresher the energy when you use it the better; your motivation may slowly begin to wane as soon as 4 days after the New Moon and the window of action begins to gradually close after 8-10 days. So make sure to kick-start whatever you want to set into motion as close to that New Moon in Aries as you can! (Although go slowly, as Mercury is still normalising his course.)

This year’s Aries New Moon finds itself at a powerful crossroads, as it squares the Lunar Nodes. And so do you! Which actions will keep you stuck in the past and which will take you forward into the future? What patterns do you need to break? There’s something that requires real dynamism and bravery on your part and it’s now or never. Aries never holds back and this Aries New Moon makes a fighter out of you.


Aries New Moon, sign by sign: a fresh life-force

The New Moon in Aries energises a different life-arena for each star-sign: Read yours and find out where you can plug yourself in at the mains...where you can say good-bye darkness, hello life; where you can hit refresh, do a major spring clean and push on with your plans!
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This is your moment! It's finally time to go ahead with all your plans and ideas! You can now take the lead and truly go after what you want - the life that you want to build for yourself - and not follow other people's wishes and directives. This is also an excellent time to re-launch yourself, carry out a major popularity campaign or refresh your looks and identity, getting ready for your personal astrological year to come. You can set a personal wish into motion on an international scale. 

This is a good time to: initiate new projects for maximum effect.

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This New Moon happens in a very private, spiritual part of your chart, so it's time for you to clear the decks and get ready for a new beginning, to coincide with the New Moon in your sign exactly a month from now. Spend some time alone, recuperating or in meditative pursuits, clear away any physical and emotional clutter that is blocking your way to greater wellbeing and tune into your spirit. This New Moon may also signify a new beginning behind the scenes, changes that are still hidden from view, or a new phase in a big institution. You're undergoing a deep transformation, which also affects your intimate and financial relationships.

This is a good time to: initiate this major spring-cleaning that will allow you to bloom this spring!

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This New Moon in Aries is a new beginning when it comes to your hopes and dreams, your friendships and your associations with like-minded people in your community. It's time to infuse your aspirations for the future with new life-force and take the initiative to make things happen! This is also an excellent time to meet new people who can help you set things in motion and to breathe new life into your friendships, and give them a new pace, more into line with where you hope to be in future. 

This is a good time to: set yourself on the path to realise your dreams!

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This New Moon in Aries brings a fresh influx of energy to invigorate your career and set you on a new direction! You can refresh your social status and take steps to project the image that you want onto the world. This is a great opportunity to raise your public profile, showcase your achievements and approach exactly those VIPs who can help you get ahead. A gentle beam in your work and health-zone seems to suggest that you can take creative steps to effect long-term improvements in your health and working life.

This is a good time to: take new initiatives for best results. 

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This New Moon in Aries is here to gently open up new horizons for you and help you expand your operations. This is a great opportunity to move forward if you are seeking entry into the media and broadcasting professions, thinking of contacting a publisher, applying to university, or initiating a new marketing campaign. This is also a good time to set anything of a legal nature into motion. The New Moon also activates your travel zone, so if you have been thinking of taking a long journey, this is a great time to begin. Make sure that whatever you do is in line with your deepest heartfelt wishes.

So go on: make sure to take advantage of this fresh influx of energy at its best!

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This year's Aries New Moon gives you a gentle nudge to move forward with any major changes you want to make in your life. It also brings an influx of fresh life force into your intimate relationships, waking up your libido! You can use this window of opportunity to do a major spring clean in your private affairs, enjoy a more energetic sex life and set a new and more invigorating emotional pace. The New Moon also brings a fresh start in your joint finances, giving you the perfect opportunity to go after extra perks in your job, apply for grant or loan, sort out tax-matters or enjoy income that flows into your life through a partner. Any initiatives you take now help you stabilise your home and family life.

So go on: try and make your move before the end of the month.

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The New Moon in Aries is about relationships for you, dear Libra.  It offers you a chance to make a fresh start in all your partnerships with others - be they professional, personal or romantic. If things have gone stale, or if there is some problem that you have left to fester in order to keep the peace, this is your moment to address matters and do something that infuses your relationships with fresh life-force. Communication channels will open, allowing you to take a constructive step forward with a significant partnership. 

This is the best window of opportunity for you to hit refresh in all your partnerships and collaborations. 

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This New Moon in Aries is about setting a fresh pace in your daily routine and cutting out any unnecessary tasks and chores that are simply slowing you down and draining all your energy. If there is a health matter that you have been meaning to check up on for a while, this is your best window of opportunity to pursue it and clear it up once and for all. Similarly, if you have been looking to hire someone to help you out with work, this New Moon brings an opportunity to move quickly and efficiently. You can find someone that you can afford and who adds value to your company or household. It also means that if you address a health-matter now, this should a have long-term constructive effect on your body. This New Moon may also bring a rather hectic time at work, with lots to do all at once.

Take this opportunity to initiate new projects and make a positive start to improve your daily life!

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This New Moon in Aries is intent on bringing more love, joy and creativity into your life! If you have been waiting to launch a creative project, this is your moment. Similarly, this New Moon can do wonders for your popularity: this is your moment to promote your interests. The Aries New Moon may bring a new love interest into your life, or it can infuse your existing relationship with a new sense of romance. This New Moon is putting you in the mood for fun and to express what is in your heart. Taking a risk in love or business, or expressing your creative talents now can pay off in the long-term, helping you raise your profile and giving you a solid sense of self to build on. If you have been trying to conceive, this New Moon is here to give you a little boost.

This is the best window of opportunity for investments, creative and romantic endeavours.

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This New Moon in Aries creates some wonderful sparks in your home and family affairs! This is your moment to make a fresh start in your private life or living situation. The New Moon sends you a nice power-boost to help you with a real-estate project, renovations and redecorations to your home or with finding a flatmate. It can also give you a little push if you have been thinking of starting a family of your own. The New Moon may also help you set your relationship with a parent on a fresh and less complicated footing, or it may help you achieve a personal breakthrough if you are in therapy. Spring cleaning your house is an excellent idea with this New Moon. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of anything that weighs you down and proceed into spring and summer with a lighter step.

This is when you have more energy to set things into motion on the home and family front, so make use of it.

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The Aries New Moon brings lots of fresh movement and activity into your life. It may deliver an important piece of news that sets you on a new path for the summer. Or it may introduce you to people and inspiring conversations that motivate you to increase your knowledge and try out new things. This is a great time for you to promote your interests through the media or through gaining new and useful contacts and establishing your influence. New Moon helps you make the righty connections and pursue your dreams.

This is your best window for action, so make the most of it!

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The Aries New Moon is here to invigorate your finances and give your confidence and sense of self-worth a dynamic boost! This is your moment to hit refresh in your earnings and expenses: you can ask for a raise now to reflect your new responsibilities or, if a raise or new salary has already been agreed, you will receive the first money into your account now, making you feel good. Money coming in now is tied up with increased responsibility or a higher position - or you may be striking out on your own! This New Moon in Aries is also a good opportunity for you to cut out any needless expenses. As your sense of self-worth increases, you can also make a fresh start in your relationships and with your body, whereby you can feel more appreciated and valued both by yourself and others.

This is the best time for you to take action and make the best of your assets.

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