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New Moon in Aries, To Go Forward…Retrace Your Steps!

New Moon in Aries, To Go Forward…Retrace Your Steps!

We have a New Moon in Aries on March 28th, the first new moon of spring! This is a wonderfully fresh and dynamic horoscope moment, when life bursts forth with new energy! Crucially, this new moon is conjunct Venus retrograde, which can only mean one thing: that to go forward you have to retrace your steps! This is not just a time of renewal, it’s a time when you can dust something off and give it a new lease of life. So go back and re-evaluate where you stand - be it with an important relationship, a friendship, a past love affair, a career or financial decision you made a while back, or a labour of love you abandoned long ago. Look for treasures in the attic or in the box under the stairs… It’s a time for second chances! Mars in Taurus, the ruler of this new moon is giving you backbone and staying power to see this through.

Your New Moon in Aries Horoscope, Sign by Sign

Where does this Aries new moon give you a new lease of life? What old business does it bring up for you to resolve? Your horoscope has some clues so make sure you read both your star-sign and ascendant sign too to get the full story! Knocked off your feet? Need some expert advice? Reach out to our friendly love-psychics on 0207 111 6384!

Aries Star-Sign or Aries Ascendant

This is an invigorating moment for you, dear Aries - a fresh start on all fronts! Is someone you used to love back in your life? Or maybe you have some old clothes that are waiting to be rediscovered? The best use of this energy is to give something pre-loved a new lease of life. Beware of impulsive decisions (don’t jump into a new relationship, buy a luxury item or change your hairstyle on a whim) or you won’t be pleased with the results come May. Worried your lover is about to pull a fast one? Find out how the star-signs behave before a beak up!

Taurus Star-Sign or Taurus Ascendant

This is a moment of inner renewal for you, dear Taurus. A secret desire you’ve been harbouring for some time could come back to life. Go for it! An old skill could be polished up or a past relationship revived. It’s a good time to throw yourself into a creative project or address a health issue that’s been bothering you for some time. What to watch out for? Trusting the wrong people. Throwing yourself into an illicit love affair that you could regret come May.

Gemini Star-Sign or Gemini Ascendant

How’s your social network doing, Gemini? Time to give it a boost of energy! The best thing you can do now is reconnect with old friends. Maybe you’ll meet your old gang and, oh, didn’t you used to have so much fun together? What was that you wanted to do? Open a business together? Make a film? Now’s the time to revive old dreams. Watch out for impulsively forming new friendships on the other hand, as they may not turn out the way you expected.

Cancer Star-Sign or Cancer Ascendant

Your career is shining like a jewel up there in the sky with so many planets giving you fresh energy and dynamism. This new moon represents a professional fresh start, dear Cancer. Maybe you’ve reconnected with old friends? Maybe these are people from your home-country or your childhood? That’s a big factor in your professional decisions right now. Just watch out that you don’t set off on a strange path and find yourself out of line with your true professional values. 

Leo Star-Sign or Leo Ascendant

This new moon opens up new horizons for you, dear Leo. You’re thinking of the big picture. Fancy expanding the boundaries of your life and exploring something different? For instance you could take a long trip or apply to university. If you work in the media, reconnecting with old associates could bring exciting opportunities. A romantic trip could be memorable and lead to a subtle reorientation. It’s a great time to refresh yourself and explore your options. Don’t commit to anything for definite.

Virgo Star-Sign or Virgo Ascendant

This new moon brings you a sexual boost of energy, dear Virgo! You could reconnect with an old lover or sow the seeds of some wonderful future changes in your personal life. It’s also a very important time financially. You may receive a long overdue gift, pay off a bill or reorganise your finances in a way that allows you more freedom. This is a good opportunity to resolve a long-standing financial issue or personal hangup. What to watch out for? Spending recklessly.

Libra Star-Sign or Libra Ascendant

This is a fresh start in an important relationship, dear Libra. Chances are you’ve been through many highs and lows and you need a moment to reconsider where you actually stand in your love life. This is that moment. Your decisions will slowly bear fruit over the next six months. Try to avoid making major concessions for others now, making impulsive relationship decisions or going for a dramatic change in your looks. Discovering exactly where you stand with someone comes first. Stuck on an ex? Read how to win back your ex or gain closure depending on his star sign!

Scorpio Star-Sign or Scorpio Ascendant

It’s time to review and re-invigorate your work and daily routine, dear Scorpio. Are you ready for a fresh start at the office? To revisit an issue with a coworker or employee? Things are not following the usual patterns so you’re rightly cautious to begin with. Experiment a little. If someone from the past has got in touch, this is a good time to re-evaluate that relationship. Springtime is here and this is also the moment to revisit a pre-loved diet and exercise routine or address an overdue health matter.

Sagittarius Star-Sign or Sagittarius Ascendant

Spring is when nature wakes up and starts to multiply and you’re certainly feeling the vibe, Sagittarius! You’re feeling frisky and up for a bit of fun! This is an excellent moment to reboot your love life or kick-start a creative project that’s been in the wings for far too long. You’re better off reviving something from your past than impulsively throwing yourself into something new, as you may find yourself high and dry come May. If you don’t know the person, proceed with caution.

Capricorn Star-Sign or Capricorn Ascendant

Time to reinvigorate your home life, dear Capricorn. Does your house need a good spring clean? Or maybe you need to have a car-boot sale and get rid of stuff? This is a great time to have a look at your home with fresh eyes and make it a more pleasant place to be. Venus is retrograde so don’t go buying luxury household items. Start by going through what you’ve already got and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If a personal matter has been dragging on, it’s time to address it.

Aquarius Star-Sign or Aquarius Ascendant

Your mind is on fire, dear Aquarius! This new moon could bring a flurry of news and communications from people you hadn’t heard from in a while. It’s a good time to take a trip to see family, reconnect with mates or visit a place you’ve always wanted to. If you need to write up or finally do that blog you’ve been thinking about, begin. A chance meeting could revive an old idea or bring up childhood memories. Proceed slowly when it comes to new ideas.

Pisces Star-Sign or Pisces Ascendant

How’s your bank account, dear Pisces? This new moon throws you a financial life-line. It could be connected with someone from your past or require you to take a different financial approach. Watch that you don’t pour your money into a misguided venture or buy clothes that you wouldn’t wear in a thousand years. You’re better off rummaging through your drawers. Forgotten treasures are surely hiding in there! Give an old asset - whether it’s a person, talent or thing - a new lease of life.

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