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New Moon Blue Moon in Cancer 2020

New Moon Blue Moon in Cancer 2020

July 20th, 2020 brings a New Moon Blue Moon in Cancer and with it a rising tide: time to give birth something new!

This New Moon is in Cancer, the star sign that hosted this year’s Cancer Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse in June. That's why this Moon is Blue, it is the second one in Cancer in a row. This is the first non-eclipse New Moon of the Summer and you can finally put the drama of the first half of 2020 behind you for a brand new beginning!

Cancer represents the womb from which springs all new life, bringing forth something new under the cover of darkness. As with all New Moons, you have a two week window of opportunity from this point on to plant the seeds that you want to see grow in your future.
Cancer also represents humanity's desire for family, and its nationalistic and tribal tendencies. Cancer prompts us to gather together to fulfil our fundamental needs for water, food and shelter. It also represents our desire to bond and belong, so that we can defend ourselves against outside dangers. It's a fiercely protective energy and, like a mother bear, Cancer can be a formidable foe when challenged. 

What does the New Moon in Cancer mean?

This New Moon in Cancer is a chance for you to focus on how you feel, on your attachments and the things you need to feel safe. Ask yourself: Are you giving yourself what you need? Or are you disregarding your soul's cries for sustenance to satisfy your intellectual pride or ego? Or maybe you are being too fearful? Often what we need and what we want are two different things. This is a chance to focus on what you truly need - on your inner truth, the one that you know to be so in your very cells. Listen to your body, follow your instincts and seek that which you need to survive.
If you feel physically and emotionally overwhelmed at this time, the New Moon is a great opportunity to turn your attention within and give yourself time to respond to what's going on. This is a good time to start a diary to unlock your feelings. You can choose any other form of expression too, as long as it's private and just for your own benefit. This is about you connecting with your inner needs, not about others. It's also an opportunity to address any psychological or physical problems that arise and to handle interpersonal problems with your people from a place of connectedness.

Themes coming to the fore with this Cancer New Moon:

    Belonging, Nationality and Security
    Basic Needs: Food, Water, Shelter
    Home, Housing and Family
    Fears & Defences
    Psychological Complexes and Hangups
    History, Tradition and Ancestry
    Birth, Nourishment and Digestion
    Land and Real-estate
    Motherhood and Women
    Parent-Child/Maturity-Immaturity Issues

How to make good use of this New Moon in Cancer, July 2020

Trust your feelings. Put your hands on your tummy and take some slow deep breaths. This will help you to get in touch with your emotions. If everything feels too much, get a pen and paper, or go on the computer and write out your feelings.
The New Moon always signifies the possibility of new beginnings. Spend some time thinking about what you want to create in the coming month.
You might want to get your house painted, clear out some old things you never use,
If you know your ascendant, follow the signs around your chart until you come to the astrological house that is occupied by Cancer. This will show you the area of life which is seeking comfort and wants nurturing. It’s also going to be where you can nurture others.

Cancer New Moon Rituals:

  • Sit quietly. Place your hands on your tummy just below your navel and ask yourself what it is you need right now - what is right for you. Give your body time to come back with the answers. These may come up immediately or they may arise gradually throughout the next few days or in your sleep. Trust the answers that come forth.


  • Go to your favourite spot near water. (If there is no water nearby, choose a place that makes you feel secure.) Sit gazing at the scene quietly and allow yourself to connect with your feelings. Ask yourself how you feel and what it is you are most afraid of. Let your fears well up without resisting them. Just acknowledge them and let any overwhelming feelings wash over you. Feel protected and contained as you gaze at the scenery, connecting with the source of sustenance within you. By acknowledging your fears and stopping fighting them, you release vast reserves of energy that are normaly used to suppress emotion and this makes you stronger. It also cleans your aura making it easier to receive intuitive messages, unhampered and unscrambled by emotional noise. Feel the strength that arises from connecting with that inner voice which knows what's best for you and your loved ones.

Here are some things you can do during this Cancer New Moon to help the process along:

Resolve family issues, especially anything that has an emotional charge
Spend time quietly at home either alone or with people who you feel comfortable with
Start any kind of creative project
Write about your emotions
Find the healer inside
Explore new ways of taking care of yourself.
Be close to water
Make a nourishing meal
Invite people over for a meal
Show your vulnerable side and allow people to get closer to you
Spend time in nature
Good questions to ask yourself:
What makes me feel safe and secure?
What do I need to let go of?

The Cancer New Moon And Your Star Sign:

Each person will experience the themes of the Cancer New Moon differently according to the astrological house in which this New Moon falls in their birth-chart. Here's where each star-sign can look forward to giving birth to new life. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our psychic team on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) to book a taylor-made New Moon reading.


A brand new beginning with your roots and foundation in life. Home, family and land, your sense of belonging and safety get a boost of energy. Your innermost sense of who you are is now calling for a fresh look. Allow yourself to be reborn from within.


Fertiliser for your mind, thoughts, ideas, and communication style, as well as your daily interactions with others. Siblings. Movement and travel. The birth of a new idea or new way of thinking. The birth of a creative project involving communications, such as a book or website.


A fresh energy infusion to your finances, values, assets and sense of self-worth. The birth of a new source of income. An opportunity to fertilise an asset or talent and make it grow. Refresh your value system.


Total renewal in your self, personality, identity and desires. A chance to energise your personal goals and put yourself forward. A chance to refresh your self-image, revitalise your energy-levels, show initiative and sow fresh seeds for your future development.


Spiritual renewal. Hidden activities, secrets and psychological complexes come alive. The collective atmosphere in which you are immersed is undergoing renewal. Step out from the spotlight and replenish your spirit. An opportunity to get in touch with the collective pulse. Sacrifice personal goals to protect something greater.


New allies, friendships and a social circle. New dreams and ideals that connect you to particular social groups and communities. A chance to imbue your social sphere with fresh life force, revitalise a friendship or give birth to a new dream for the future. A reward.


Green shoots in your career, public image and social status. A chance to attract fame and honours or refresh your relationship to parents and authority figures. An opportunity to relaunch your public image, pursue a new direction and revitalise your career goals. A chance to give birth to a new public persona.


A boost of life to legal and international matters or those involving travel and higher education. A chance to refresh your faith or belief system or make a fresh start with publishing and broadcasting. The birth of a new vision. A chance to infuse your life with fresh meaning and purpose. The launch of a new marketing campaign.


Fresh life is injected into joint finances, bank loans, taxes, grants. A fresh start on matters of financial dependency, emotional intimacy and sex. The birth of a new relationship. A chance to revitalise a joint financial scheme. A gift. A chance to connect with deep psychological processes and uncover hidden strengths. Rebirth.


Fresh collaborations, business partnerships and contracts. A new relationship or a chance to revitalise an existing relationship. A more refreshing way to relate to others. Awakening to the importance of emotional connection and give and take in equal measure. Increased popularity or a new way to connect with the public.


An emotional energiser for work, health and daily routine. Chores, tasks and life's nitty gritty well up and take up your time. Pets. A chance to improve your health, or start a new diet and exercise regime. A time for healing, when your body can take well to treatment. Revitalise your work relationships.


A bundle of joy. Fertility both literally and metaphorically. Children, love and romance. Creative self-expression and recreation. The birth of a new creative project. The possibility of a new romance or the chance to revitalise your sex/love life. A chance to experience greater joy, love and happiness.

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