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New Moon in Cancer: Fresh Opportunities!

New Moon in Cancer: Fresh Opportunities!

A new moon in domestic Cancer on July 4th 2016 brings fresh opportunities for a fruitful new start. After months of stalemate, anger and resentment (that was Mars retrograde in Scorpio), this new moon finally gives you the green light to get unstuck. Cancer turns your attention to hearth and home and to the actions you need to take to secure your base. This is a time for baby steps, to plant fresh seeds and nurture them with love. 

The Cancer New Moon is trine Neptune in Pisces, activating the Saturn-Neptune square, which is the aspect in the skies responsible for so much disillusionment and disappointment in 2016. The new moon signals a fresh chance to apply your creative imagination to the seemingly intractable problems you are faced with. This nurturing moon can help you solve your conundrum in a life-giving (rather than life-denying) way. As Sun and Moon meet, they also oppose Pluto in Capricorn, which brings a sense of urgency: it may feel as if you’re pushing against great odds or trying to move forward under duress. You may feel as if your very life hangs in the balance. But Sun and Moon also sextile Jupiter in Virgo, harmonising with the lucky Jupiter-Pluto trine, and conjunct Venus in Cancer and Mercury in Cancer. These are positive aspects that provide you with ample opportunity, ideas and charm - enough to help you push through any obstacle. So, good luck and Happy New Beginnings!

New Moon in Cancer and your Sign

Where's your best chance to take baby steps toward something new this month? Read your star-sign and find out. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our psychic team on 0207 111 6384 and get answers to your burning questions right now!


The July 4th new moon brings a brand new start at home, with your actual residence or with family members. You may decide to move, make repairs or redecorate your house. You can also push forward with land or real estate matters until July 20th or if you wish to relocate. The next few weeks favour a positive new start on all these fronts. This is also a great opportunity to start a family or hit ‘reset’ with a parent. Time to nurture your nesting instincts! You'll see your efforts bloom all the way to January 2017.  How are the planets affecting your birth-chart right now? Check out your daily natal horoscope to find out!


A new idea is born! This is a fertile time for you in every way. You can give a creative project a fresh lease of life, start thinking differently about a problem or reinvigorate your social network. The July 4th new moon opens up a two week period that’s great for business, sales, if you work in the media or if you are in the midst of writing up. Travel and movement may also feature strongly. If you are single, this is a great time to circulate and meet new and interesting people. Take a moment to nurture and share your ideas now and you'll be setting events into motion that will keep growing all the way till 2017.  Check out your love horoscope for 2016 to find out what else is in store for you this summer.


The July 4th new moon is a great time to plant seeds that can help you grow financially over the next six months. Look for opportunities to increase your assets and make good use of your creative talents. Money that may appear like small pickings now can really grow into something bigger over the rest of the year. This is the time to plant seeds that will increase your security and self esteem.  The next couple of weeks are also a good time to listen to your body, strengthen it and feed it wholesome fresh foods. You star what you eat… check out what you sun sign and moon sign have to say about your diet!


Dear Cancer, the moon becomes new in your sign on July 4th and this is a brand new start for you on all fronts! You are entering a new cycle of growth that will keep unfolding all the way until January 2017 and beyond. Opportunities abound to meet people, even to have life-changing encounters, and to go after your dreams, no matter how great the odds. Your best window for effective action is July 4th to 20th with July 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 17th giving you a powerful boost. This is your chance to reinvent yourself and vamp up your looks too. Happy birthday, dear Cancer! Get your personal year ahead predictor for the next 12 months!


The July 4th new moon brings a chance for spiritual renewal. Take a leaf from the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” Now’s the time to let go of what lies beyond your control, pray, meditate, heal and look to a brighter future. You may seek solitude over the next couple of weeks as your subconscious works a problem through.  Give it space, dear Leo, and by August, you’ll be ready to wow the world once more. Do your dreams carry secret meaning? Check our dream meaning dictionary to find out!


Have you been meaning to get in touch with a friend but somehow it was never the right time? The July 4th new moon brings you an opportunity for a fresh start in a friendship or your wider social circle. Now is the time to nurture your relationships with people you consider your friends and allies, and to reinvigorate your presence in your social network. You can also make a fresh start in pursuit of a cherished goal or ambition now. The seeds you plant between July 4th and 20th will continue growing till January 2017, so go for it! Want to make your partner jealous? Here are some tips based on their star-sign.


Time for a fresh start in your career. The July 4th new moon and the next couple of weeks bring you a chance to refresh your public image and enhance your reputation. If you've been feeling like your life is going nowhere, this is the time to set your heart on brand new goals and nurture those projects and people that can raise your profile in the long run. What you set into motion now will keep ticking over until January 2017, so be patient. By that point you may be celebrating your achievements or get a clear picture of where you’re at. Short of ideas as to how to get your career unstuck? Get your career analysis report, find your niche and succeed!


Legal matters, academia and international travel are all favoured now, receiving a strong energy boost from the July 4th new moon. If you were hoping to finally go on that holiday, go to university, apply for a visa, or get legal representation make sure to initiate this process after July 4th and before July 20th for best results. This month may also see the birth of a new vision that you won't see fully realised until January 2017. A lot seems to be at stake, so it’s time to nurture a brand new outlook on life and plan for the future. Nothing can help you change your outlook like a holiday in a far away place. Check out these holiday destinations from heaven!


The July 4th new moon brings fresh financial opportunities for you. This is your chance to find a sponsor or investor, get money owed to you, sort out a tax issue, find insurance, apply for a loan or grant or get your mortgage or health cover approved. If you have been waiting and hoping for financial support to come through - in any shape or form - July 4th-20th is your time to pull out all the stops to get the best deal. It's also a good time to undergo a medical procedure or get closer to someone. The events you set in motion now will keep you ticking along for the rest of the year.  Need a bit of space? “Let’s take a break”: your partner’s reaction based on their star-sign!


The July 4th new moon brings a brand new start in an important relationship. This may be romantic, with your husband or partner, it may be a business partnership that receives a fresh lease of life, or it could be a competitor that brings something new to the table, galvanising you into action. Whatever comes, July 4th and until the 20th brings you an opportunity to negotiate a better future. Just watch out that you don’t become too dominating in the process. This is the time for you to nurture important relationships in your life and see them grow over the next six months. Are you two meant to be? Find out more in Astrology and Marriage!


Your work and daily routine need a total overhaul and the July 4th new moon brings a chance for a brand new start on all matters mundane yet essential. A new work assignment can be very fruitful now, you could find ways to increase your productivity, or you may get to know your colleagues better. Your health may also concern you in the weeks to come. If so, July 4th offers a fresh opportunity to do right by your body, rest, exercise and feed it only wholesome, home-cooked foods. This is your best opportunity to kick-start a health and exercise routine that could pay off big time by January 2017. Stay motivated with your weekly fitness horoscope!


Your happiness comes first, dear Pisces and the July 4th new moon brings a brand new start in matters of the heart. This is the time to pour your energies into the people and activities that make you happy. What do you love most about your partner, your child or your business? What do you love most about yourself?  Let that be your focus! Your popularity is on the rise and if you are single, July 4th-20th is your best chance to fall in love. That same period is also excellent for creative endeavours or if you are hoping to conceive a child. Give yourself permission to love, play and have fun now and you will see your heart bloom by January 2017. Stay happy in love with your daily love tarot horoscope.

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