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New Moon in Capricorn-December 22nd: New Beginning

New Moon in Capricorn-December 22nd: New Beginning
There is a New Moon at 0 degrees of Capricorn on Monday the 22nd of December, which signifies a powerful new beginning on the physical plane.  The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are the initiators of the zodiac, with 0 degrees of these signs being extremely powerful points of action, often on a world-wide scale. This is also symbolised by the fact that the ingress of the sun into those signs is associated with the change of seasons: Aries heralds the spring, Cancer welcomes the summer, Libra brings in the autumn breeze and Capricorn marks winter.
As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is the master builder of the zodiac - the master initiator on the physical plane. Because this New Moon is super-charged at 0 degrees - right on the winter solstice - we are likely to experience its effects more strongly. We usually get the Sun going into a sign then the moon joining it a little while later. This time both Sun and Moon enter Capricorn almost simultaneously and form a conjunction - i.e. a New Moon - at 0 degrees. This gives the winter solstice and Sun in Capricorn an extra boost, marking a powerful moment of initiation in our lives.

In What Life-Arena can you make a New Beginning aided by the Capricorn New Moon?

This New Moon has the power to unlock vast amounts of physical energy and put it at your disposal. Why not use it to make a powerful new beginning a key area of your life?  This new beginning will take place in a different astrological house and life-arena for each sign:
Career, parents, life-direction, authority, goals, social status. Who do you want to be in eyes of the world? Time for a powerful new beginning on the world stage!
Travel, philosophy, religion, publishing, broadcasting, education. What is your purpose in life? Time to invest in the things you believe in!
Sex, joint finance, intimate relations, trust, taxes, debts. How far are you prepared to go? Time to reclaim your power!
Relationships, partnerships, competitors, agents. How do you want to relate to other people? Who's on your side? Time for powerful new partnerships!
Work, daily routine, habits, health, pets, employees. What do you want out of your working life? Time to kick bad habits!
Creativity, self-expression, joy, children, sex, love and romance. What do you want to create in the world? Time to make room for more love, fun and self-expression in your life!
Home, real estate, family, roots, the past, psychological wellbeing, inner self. Where is home? Where do you belong? Time to reconnect with your roots and build a secure foundation!
The mind, siblings, communications, words and writing, movements, transport, information, learning. How can you stay relevant and connected? Time to increase your influence in your immediate surroundings!
Earned income, money, values, talents, self worth, assets, resources. What do you value most? How can you increase your income? Time to make the most of your talents and resources!
Appearance, leadership, personal desires, physical health, outlook on life, new beginnings. Who are you? What do you want out of life? Time to put yourself first!
Imagination, healing, intuition, creativity, spiritual wellbeing, philanthropy, large institutions, collective currents. What does your soul desire? Time to release the past and fall into step with the collective pulse!
Friends, dreams, ideals, social community, groups and societies, social contribution. What are your hopes and dreams for the future?  Time to get together with your friends and allies!

Good Things to do during the New Moon in Capricorn

From December 22nd and for the next 7-10 days, while the Moon is fresh, anything you begin will have the force of the entire Universe behind it! Here's some ideas:
  • Write down your goals for 2015 or even further into the future - where do I want to be in 5 years?
  • Take full responsibility for your life. We often feel like we are at the mercy of events, but we invariably have much more control than we give ourselves credit for! What do you want to attract into your experience? Direct your mind to that and reclaim your power!
  • And why not aim high while you are at it? This is no time to sell ourselves short! Let's be the best we can!
  • Do you want to be self-employed? Do you have an idea for a creative or business project? Why not use the boost of this new moon to come up with a business plan? You can also talk to someone experienced who can help. 
  • It pays to examine your life structures now. Do they enhance your growth? Are you happy with the way your life is organised? Or do you want to do something differently?
  • It's also a good time to attend to practical matters (taxes, paperwork, structural repairs etc) - and administer to all the things that will allow you to pursue your goals unencumbered in the coming year. 
  • You can address health matters too - especially involving teeth, joints and bones - but also fertility, since this is an earthy new moon. 
  • And remember to delegate. You don't have to go it alone! 
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