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New Moon in Gemini May 2020

New Moon in Gemini May 2020

On May 22nd 2020 we have a New Moon in Gemini - a sign that rules the mind. It’s time to set your ideas into motion! Gemini is an air sign and this rules mental activity and dealing with your mind. Keep in mind that whatever you truly believe is extremely powerful. Easily bored Gemini likes to frolic on the surface of life thriving on constant stimulation by new people and ideas. This feeds Gemini's curious and strong mind.

We tend to underestimate the power of the mind and feed it all sorts of rubbish, thinking thoughts that actually do not serve us. This is your chance to sit up and take notice of the thoughts that preoccupy your mind on a daily basis and choose to act on only those thoughts that can improve your life! Your mind is highly fertile now and an idea is sure to take root in it. Choose the best you can.

As Keynes said: Ideas shape the course of history. And yours certainly shape the course of your own life.

What you should do with this New Moon in Gemini

A new moon in Gemini on May 22nd 2020 brings you a new beginning along with the gift of multiple choice. The Gemini new moon gives you the space you need to make an informed decision. Collect data, talk with those in the know and go see something for yourself if need be. The Gemini new moon brings you choices. Keep eyes and ears peeled and stay flexible! If you’ve been waiting to sign a contract, shop for electronics or launch your website or campaign, now’s the time!

So ask yourself:  

  • What thoughts support me in my endeavours? 
  • Has the time come to act on an idea?
  • Is there something I need to learn?
  • Is there knowledge I want to share?

For instance, you may have been thinking about starting your own business but you’ve been reluctant to do anything about it. This is the time for you to take a more positive and pro-active approach! If you think you lack the know-how, it’s time to change that - whether it's fact or mere perception. Do you need to set up a website? You will find that there are many easy ways to get started if you only look around a bit on the web. Need to go on a course? Start looking at what there is. Let your curiosity lead the way. Find out as much as you can: What’s out there? Are there any courses that interest you? How much do they cost? How long before you are ready to launch? What is your competition? What is the main idea behind your business? The main thing is to change your perception about what you can and cannot do and to get started. Remember: you can do anything you set your mind to!

Or it may be that you have been dwelling on a problem, going around and around in circles. It is your chance to cut through all the nonsense and make a decisive new start. It also gives you the courage to speak up for what you know to be true.

Here's a few that capture this New Moon perfectly:

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Robin Williams

You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing your ideas.

Shirley Chisholm

Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one's better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk and to act.

Maxwell Maltz

You sit at the board and suddenly your heart leaps. Your hand trembles to pick up the piece and move it. But what chess teaches you is that you must sit there calmly and think about whether it's really a good idea and whether there are other better ones.

Stanley Kubrick

This is a time to look at the new beliefs you want to create: ones that will make you happier.

Keep your options open. Don’t make firm commitments. Try and taste a little of everything.

Focus on the positive things in your life. Every day become aware of at least 10 things you are grateful for. Bring lightness into your life. Focus on the joy, the pleasure, and it can be little pleasures: having a delicious meal, relaxing in the evening and watching a video, watching the birds, taking a dog for a walk.

How can you make your life more like a game? Don’t take things too seriously. If you find yourself getting really upset about something, think to yourself: how important will this be in five years from now? Is it worth worrying about so much?

Good things to do:

-        Start a new business

-        Join a networking organisation (or several)

-        Enrol on a course of study

-        Communicate with friends and family

-        Socialise and meet new people

-        Make someone laugh

-        Learn a new language

-        Buy a new gadget that makes your life easier

-        Plan or go on a short trip

Stay flexible, and have in mind at least two different possible directions you’d like to pursue. Gemini likes to do things in twos, so don’t be surprised if opportunities come in twos, relationship options come in twos, job offers come in twos.

Check out your own birth chart and find out which house Gemini falls.

Gemini New Moon Horoscope per Zodiac Sign

This is an optimistic, positive new Moon. If you worked with your demons a couple of weeks ago, this is a good time to start fresh and to see the world from a child’s playful perspective. What gives you joy? What makes your heart sing?

It’s a time for new beginnings, new people, new projects, new ideas, variety and spontaneity. Don’t deliberate too much. Call someone and ask them to meet up. If they can’t, call someone else! Don’t take things too personally, just keep all your options open and focus on enjoying life!

Gemini likes to have at least two of everything so this Gemini new moon brings not one but two fresh starts! Where does it all happen in your horoscope? It’s down to your zodiac sign. Check out your ascendant too!


The Gemini new moon brings a pleasant change of scenery, dear Aries. You’ll have multiple opportunities to travel and explore nearby neighborhoods in the coming days - all you have to do is plan your itinerary. Keep an open mind and let others chip in. Whatever has got you all in a tizzy, remember: forewarned is forearmed. It’s also a good time to start a blog, take a short course of focus on your writing. Spend the next few weeks gathering as much information as you can. Speak with people, go places and do your research. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Continue your reading with Aries Weekly Horoscope.

  • Starting a business, improving communications, siblings, commuting, learning something new.


This Gemini new moon is very much about you and yours, dear Taurus. Time to take a dispassionate view of what you’ve got. If you need to ask for a raise or discuss better ways to manage your assets now’s the time. You may have more than one way to earn your living and multiple options when it comes to how you want to spend what you’ve earned. Keep an open mind and an eye out for the most lucrative deals! You have many options so it’s up to you to decide what’s most important right now. Someone may be forcing your hand but still, the final decision lies with you.  Taurus is all about money so your Taurus Weekly Horoscope is a must!

  • Finances, increasing your assets, generating greater security, making the most of your talents, improving body and health, managing personal resources.


You have a new moon in your sign and it’s time for a fresh start, dear Gemini! This one seems to be quite cool and collected. There are many paths that open up before you! Writing, travel, agreements and communications are exploding onto the scene in the next days to help you put your plans into motion! Yes, money seems to be a bit of a headache and you’re not feeling all that relaxed about it, as it’s out of your hands. You’re full of energy and vitality and a lot will depend on you simply taking the initiative! Not sure how? Here’s your Gemini Weekly Horoscope to give you a hand…

  • A fresh start with the things you want out of life, aggressive self-promotion, personal goals, leadership, renewing your appearance, name, identity


Do you need a holiday, dear Cancer? Now’s the time. The Gemini new moon heralds a week or so when you can lay low and recuperate a little. You can hang up your hat and get some rest. If you’re a busy bee, preparing something big, now’s the time to make your final little tweaks before you go live! Do you keep coming up against stiff competition? Or maybe someone’s making unreasonable demands? If they’re challenging your authority, you may not be strong enough to do something about it. That’s ok. Take a back seat at this Gemini new moon, dear Cancer. Work out the details. Read between the lines. Maybe you could negotiate more flexible hours? Or maybe what you need is a break, to rest and recuperate. Continue your reading with Cancer Weekly Horoscope.

  • Frantic activity behind the scenes, kick-starting secret preparations, paranoia and facing your personal demons, invigorating your spirit, psychotherapy.


This is a fun, friendly sociable period for you, dear Leo! You’ve already gathered as much but the Gemini new moon brings new wind to your sails. Work could well be asking a lot of you at the moment, dear Leo. You’re better than this, yes, and the key is to get others involved. Invitations could come pouring in during this Gemini new moon and that’s just what you need to get your mind off things. It's a chance to network and find like-minded people that can fuel your ambitions. This could be an invitation to a party, a collaboration on an interesting project, an opportunity to join a club or the making of new allies. You may have to juggle quite a few invites in fact... Go out and sample it all! Continue your reading with Leo Weekly Horoscope.

  • Join groups and networks, find allies, make a new beginning  on a social level, energise and pursue your dreams


The Gemini new moon brings you quite a career buzz, dear Virgo! Wherever you thought you’re headed, dear Virgo, the Gemini new moon opens up a new and wider playing field. There’s lots of intensity both around love and money matters and you have everything to play for. You have many options available to you. Which way to go? Keep an open mind and experiment a little before you nail your colors to the mast. Go after your goals! Use your authority to take the decision you want. A buzz could build up around your name, giving you a cheeky reputation! There’s potential for real self-improvement, greater visibility and financial rewards. Check out your Virgo Weekly Horoscope!

  • Energise your career goals, start a business, raise your public image, a new start in your career, make a name for yourself, bosses and parents.


It’s time to look at the bigger picture, dear Libra! Other people and their concerns have taken up the majority of your time in recent months. You now need a breather. You’ve been through a rather intense period and you’re increasingly dreaming of taking a vacation. The Gemini new moon puts you in an adventurous mood and ready to explore something new. This new moon allows you to do just that and go away in a luxury location to refresh yourself. A weekend seminar in some exotic place could also work, giving you food for thought. Now’s also the time to launch a PR or marketing campaign. Continue your reading with Libra Weekly Horoscope.

  • Embark on gaining further education, kick-start a publishing or advertising campaign, plan or embark on a long journey, raise your academic, religious or intellectual profile.


The devil is in the detail, dear Scorpio, and it’s financial detail we’re talking about. The Gemini new moon is all about money. Money talks and in this case it’s not about salary but other benefits that you could enjoy, such as more flexible hours, a bonus, health insurance or a company car. Talk through all the possible options before signing a financial agreement as there seems to be more than one way to dig for cash. The Gemini new moon could also bring news that change you and strengthen your bonds. Continue your reading with your Scorpio Weekly Horoscope!

  • Cut through the red tape and sort out joint finances, loans, taxes, savings, grants and benefits; energise your sex life; broach a difficult topic and get it sorted.


It’s time to seek your other half, whether in love or business, dear Sagittarius! If you’re single, it’s a matter of multiple choice! This is no time to go it alone. Find your other half and have a go at it together - whether ‘it’ refers to a romantic relationship, a business partnership or other collaborative project. The Gemini new moon is all about partnering up and planning your future together. Financial pressure? Others have much to bring to the table so follow their lead and listen to what they have to say!Continue your reading with Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope.

  • Serious romantic relationships and business partnerships get a new lease of life; set off in search of contractors and other professionals, actively reach out to others.


The Gemini new moon puts you in the mood for getting things done and ticked off your list. Talks could focus around a new work project that starts shaping up, help that's needed or you may simply have much on your plate that’s disparate and unconnected. How’s your health, dear Capricorn? If you’ve been at a loss as to what to do it’s time to get clued up! This is the best time to ask around, see an expert or draw up the perfect diet and exercise routine to get yourself bikini-ready for the summer! Find an exercise buddy if need be or get some tennis lessons. A new work project could also come your way, one that can raise your profile! Continue your reading with Capricorn Weekly Horoscope.

  • Kick-start a new health and exercise regime, pour all your energy into a new work project, communicate with your employees or coworkers.


The Gemini new moon brings a fresh start in love, dear Aquarius! Your sex appeal is off the charts and you may well have to choose between two or more lovers! Or maybe there’s no need to choose at all? Your enjoyment matters most. Trying for a baby? Give it your all! Your creativity is also receiving a huge boost and now’s the time to get your creative projects (plural) off the ground. Do some brainstorming and try on a few ideas for size. It’s the perfect time to look into turning a hobby into a business. Your Aquarius Weekly horoscope has more.

  • Start a new creative project, make a fresh start in love and romance, try for a child, start a creative or entertainment business, speculative enterprises.


The Gemini new moon brings a cool breeze into your home. Your home is a veritable hub of activity at this Gemini new moon and you’re likely to have many people visiting. If you’ve been in the process of buying or selling property, you can finally sign on the dotted line, dear Pisces. Get different quotes/property valuations and compare prices. Don’t let others bully you into anything. Take your time and make your choice! Explore different cable TV offers and telephone lines. Don’t limit your options. If you’ve been meaning to clear the air with a family member, now’s the time! Continue your reading with Pisces Weekly Horoscope.

  • A new start in real estate, domestic and family affairs, a new idea takes root deep in your mind, the start of a family, a new psychological stance. 
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