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New Moon in Libra 2020

New Moon in Libra 2020

The New Moon in Libra on October 16th, 2020 brings a lucky fresh start in love! It’s time to set all your affairs in order and move forward on all fronts of your life! This new moon activates a part of your life that is no stranger to activity. It comes at a point when various cycles are closing, giving you another chance to tidy up loose ends and move on.

Libra rules your relationships. At the time of the New Moon in Libra, you have an opportunity to start fresh. 

Lucky Libra New Moon 2020 brings a fresh start in your relationships

What are you looking for in your relationships? Often people think that they know what they really want, but they haven’t spent any time deeply examining their own emotional needs. Keep in mind that your needs change over time. Nothing stays the same, so it’s a good idea, especially at the time of the New Moon in Libra to look at what’s working for you and what’s not working. If you are experiencing on-going issues in your relationships, this is a good time to resolve to spend some time every day on looking at why your relationships are problematic.

Maybe it’s a particular relationship that’s causing you grief. What is it you want to change? Is it time to end this relationship? What adjustments can you make in order to get your needs met? Do you need to have a difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding in order to clear the air?

True story: a Libra woman keeps on getting into relationships that never seemed to last. She went to her astrologer and asked her why she couldn’t seem to get into a satisfying committed relationship. The astrologer told her the reason was because she was looking for a relationship to answer all the problems she was facing in her life. She was feeling lonesome and was looking for someone to fill a void.

The Libra New Moon asks you to reconsider your priorities to love 

The most successful relationships are formed when each party is fulfilled and happy within themselves. This is the best starting point. If you are putting out a needy vibration, you won’t attract the kind of relationship that will be deeply nourishing to you.

At the very beginning, a new relationship usually feels wonderful. You are both on your best behaviour and you do everything you can to please the other person. However, as the saying goes: “familiarity breeds contempt,” and this is exactly what creeps in. Even though things are not necessarily directly expressed, we all feel the vibrations behind someone’s energy. An angry glare, a sudden erratic body movement can speak much louder than words.   

During this New Moon in Libra, 2020 there will be a tendency to want to please people and not necessarily to take care of your own needs. Make sure you keep yourself in the picture otherwise you’ll end up feeling resentful and frustrated. Whilst it is a good idea to try to resolve differences amicably, sometimes it just cannot be done.

Libra has a tendency to let something go on and on without addressing it. If you can catch something early in a relationship, you will have a much better chance of resolving it than if you leave it for weeks and even months festering inside of you.

Some of your relationships may be tested at this time. Some may drift away and yet with others you may make stronger bonds. If this New Moon is happening in your 7th house of relationships, you might have to be blunt and more direct with someone. (To find out more, see the 12 Houses in Astrology) Libra doesn’t like conflict and much prefers nicey-nicey, but you may have to risk the relationship and say what is on your mind.

What you should do during the lovely New Moon in Libra 

Resolve to do something uplifting during this New Moon in Libra, 2020. It’s a good time to do anything artistic, creative, go to the movies, the theatre, a concert, an exhibition. It’s also an excellent time to beautify your environment. It could be something as simple as adding some pretty flowers or a painting that can improve your surroundings.

Libra loves to connect and to be friendly with people. During the day, reach out and make eye contact with as many people as you can. Smile from your heart and give each person you meet a feeling of appreciation and love. It doesn’t matter whether or not you receive a smile in return, what’s most important is that you are reaching out to others and connecting, no matter who they are. This is a wonderful way in which to benefit from the energies of this New Moon in Libra.

Think about ways in which you can connect more with people and feel that spark of love for each and every person you meet. We need more positive energy on our planet to see us through these turbulent times.

Good things to do with the Libra New Moon:

  • Socialise, catch up with friends
  • Negotiate a deal
  • Work in a team
  • Do something creative
  • Go to a cultural event
  • Speak out for justice
  • Focus on the beauty around you
  • Be tactful and diplomatic without deliberately pleasing others
  • Make a wish list for what you want to manifest in your relationships
  • Find ways to bring more balance into your life
  • Put yourself into another person’s shoes

Let’s conclude with the perfect quote from Sting who has both Sun and Moon in Libra:

“I have never lost perspective on who I am. Well, maybe briefly, but generally I am pretty balanced.” 

What does the Libra New Moon mean for my love life? 

Where's your chance to restore balance and set your affairs in order? Read your star-sign to find out. Too much on your plate? Not sure how to handle it? Talk to one of our gifted psychics and star-gazers: call our friendly service centre team on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) to book a reading.


It's time for a fresh start with significant others in your life! This is especially so where a romantic relationship or business partnership is concerned, and in how you meet people in general. Your relationships have been in turmoil for the past couple of years, partly due to changes in others and partly due to your own process of finding a new identity. Finding balance may involve meeting someone half way to safeguard your position, despite your own desire for freedom and progress. Sobering realisations involving work and travel, a publicity project, legal and ethical concerns, or limiting day to day realities will have a role to play in forcing your hand. What's done is done. This is your chance for a fresh start in how you relate to people, helping you to better promote your interests in the long run.

Looking for your soul mate? The Libra new moon is here to give you a helping hand. There has never been a better time for you to set a firm intention of finding someone who is really good for you. The universe is on your side! If you already are with your special someone, then use this opportunity to renew your love for each other.

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This new moon brings a fresh start at work, as well as with any health concerns. It’s an opportunity to establish improved daily habits. Your day to day life has been chaotic for the past couple of years, be that due to hectic work schedules not giving you a moment’s peace or due to health concerns that kept you on your toes. It was also partly due to a kind of spiritual disquiet on your part, urging you to put feelers out there for the future. The past months gave you a chance to revisit any health concerns or problems at work and review your daily routine. You may need to combine any alternative healing methods with a more conventional approach.

Sobering realities concerning love or money will be important in shaping your new routine and work ethic. You may also have to compromise some of your more inspired ideas in order to deliver work on time or meet any publishing or other (e.g. legal or exam) deadlines. New habits and work agreements have staying power.

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This new moon in your house of love is indeed a rare and wonderful gift. If you have been feeling lonely and closed off to love, now's the time to open up. This new moon is here to get you started!

Has your love life been full of ups and downs? Or maybe it's a creative project or a child that has been giving you a headache? This new moon gives you the opportunity to put the past years behind you and make a fresh start in matters close to your heart. You have spent years pulled between your search for personal happiness and self-realisation and your desire to find your place in a changing world. This New Moon in Libra may be making room for more romance in your life, trying for a child, starting your own business or developing a creative talent. Moving forward with your heart's desires whilst securing others’ trust and financial support may fly in the face of your social milieu. Facing up to certain truths concerning your partner, home or family is likely to force your hand. You have an opportunity to build a better partnership if you speak straight from the heart. This new moon will also help you if you want to start your own business or pursue a creative hobby. 

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This new moon allows you to make a fresh start in personal, family, home, and real-estate matters. Home is very important for you, dear Cancer. And yet your whole life's foundation, as well as your life direction, have been majorly shaken up in the past couple of years. Where is home? How do you feel about your parents or home-land? Are you ready to have a family of your own? Information coming to light over the past few days helped you reconsider such matters and revisit your roots. You can now sell your home, find a good flatmate, get a more spacious residence or renovate. Decide right now what you would like to manifest and send it to the universe in the knowledge it will happen. The universe will provide as long as you plant the seeds and have faith now. 

Any decisions you make concerning a residential or family matter will have to take your partner into account, as well as fly in the face of continued instability in your career. Pressures around your job and daily commute, as well as any health concerns will also bear upon the decisions you make. You have an opportunity to take steps concerning your base of operations that will make you more efficient and productive in the long run.

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They say that curiosity killed the cat, but nothing could be further from the truth in your case... This new moon in Libra is an invitation to indulge in your curiosity and explore your world. Charming new neighbour next door? Now's your chance to show up on their doorstep, cup in hand, asking for some sugar!  

You life has been in mayhem for the past couple of years, with so much movement and so many ideas flying around that you undoubtedly changed your mind more than once about your future vision. This new moon gives you the opportunity to make sense of it all and get into your groove. You may be in the process of negotiating a contract or you may be in the midst of meetings and communications that affect your daily existence. New agreements will certainly require hard work on your part and may seem to fly in the face of your greater vision for the future. You may have to face the fact that the money is not what you would like it to be. As long as what you do speaks to your heart that’s ok for now. Experimenting and learning new things is good, for it will eventually bring you closer to happiness and self-actualisation.

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Time to make a fresh start in your finances and rebuild your strength! Now's the time to plant seeds that you want to see grow into a more lucrative future. This goes for your body too. If you've got it flaunt it! All this will do wonders for your self-worth.

Your life's material and emotional stability has been shaken up by constant changes in the past couple of years and this new moon brings you an opportunity to build greater self reliance. This is easier now than it was even a month ago, because new information has come to light that allows you to make more informed decisions about your assets - be that your income, your talents, your possessions, your body, or an important relationship - and to invest in what’s of greatest value to you. Doing so will require you to stand on your own two feet and be enterprising in the face of financial instability. It may also require you to invest in someone romantically despite your fears. Personal limitations and others stemming from your home and family will have a part to play in your decisions. But making the most of your talents and resources now will help you build a more stable foundation for the future.

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The spotlight is on you this month. This is your chance to get everything you've ever wanted. Whether it is love you are after, or fame and fortune, setting things into motion during this new moon almost guarantees success! What's more, events now will benefit you for years to come, so don't hesitate. Luck's on your side!

There's lots of details that you need to take care of especially where a relationship is concerned. Now  it’s time to put your reworked ideas into action. This might involve carefully negotiating family and real-estate matters, despite others being unpredictable or uncooperative. You are no stranger to diplomacy and you will have to put your communicative skills to good use this month, especially as someone  (possibly a woman) may be trying to secretly undermine you. On another level, if you are tense and run down this new moon brings you a chance to get to the bottom of things healthwise. Communication is key, helping you learn the truth of a matter or secure a much needed agreement. 

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This is a new moon of endings for you, dear Scorpio. Time to put the past behind you and look forward to a new beginning. The last couple years might have been difficult, with many factors affecting your life that were beyond your control - whether that was health problems, increased stress around your job or a demanding daily schedule. Yours is a dynamic sign, dear Scorpio, always fighting for what you want. But with this New Moon you can let go a little and trust the universe to deliver. This new moon could bring a spiritual new beginning, open the doors of a large institution to you, initiate you into fame or let you in on secrets that will benefit you for a long time to come.

A deep psychological shift is in the making, allowing you to take a fresh approach to life. Time for one final push to eliminate anything that drains your energy! It’s time to follow your intuition, letting go of ideas no longer relevant to you and finding innovative working solutions. You may feel socially isolated and this, alongside sobering financial realities, will have a role to play in the decisions you take. Focus on clearing house and rely on your intuition, as this will help you build your strength and resources. 

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Time to re-define your place in the world, dear Sagittarius! A friendship that’s gone through highs and lows may be put on a new footing with this new moon. Alternatively you may be introduced to a new social circle or get involved in a joint endeavour. Friends you make now can become your staunchest allies, helping you go after your dreams. You’ve spent a lot of time striving to find like-minded people with whom you can join forces, pursue your dreams and find happiness. Or you may have been put through the wringer whilst looking for true love and companionship. You have a chance for a fresh start now. The last weeks may have seen friendships changed, old allies come forth and social dynamics rearranged. Now it’s time to put your social network to good use and reposition yourself among friends. You may have to compromise a little to make everyone happy and this may be hard. You may feel that you are limiting your creative freedom and happiness to please others or secure your financial position. You may also feel like you are not getting the necessary respect at times. But all this is part of a learning curve: showing team spirit now will help you grow and earn greater respect in due course.

The Libra New Moon may signal the start of a highly rewarding year for you. Things are looking up!

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This Libra new moon is the best time to set ambitious goals for the future. The seeds you plant now will form the foundation of your future success, so don't be shy! Be clear about what you want.

Time for a fresh start in your career! This new moon is a chance to refresh your public image and push onward with long overdue goals. Meanwhile, maybe you should consider reviewing your role in the company or your relationship with a boss or other authority figure. Or revising your professional goals and the image others have of you. You are under great pressure to survive and adapt and finding agreement with your superiors or reaching your goals seems to require compromises when it comes to home, real-estate or family affairs that you are unwilling to make. Legal constraints may also be forcing your hand. Or it may be obstacles with a marketing project or with travel and study plans that are making you somewhat pessimistic. Assume your responsibilities and speak up. That will help smooth out this period of transition.

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The whole world is ready to open its doors wide to you, letting you walk right through. Use this new moon to approach VIPs with your ideas, bring your products to a new market, apply for that course you've always wanted to do or plan that exotic journey abroad. If you're more concerned with love, look to foreign lands for an answer to your prayers! 

This is your chance to break free from limiting situations and expand your outlook. You may need to address a pending legal matter, or finally give the go ahead with a marketing project. If you are in higher education, you can make a fresh start with your work and studies after this new moon. Your way of thinking has been changing radically in the past few years. You now find yourself with a totally new outlook on life, liberated from previous conceptions. You may have to compromise the purity of your ideas a bit in order to resolve legal disputes or secure a promotional contract. Financial pressures involving public funding, loans or the division of property are also bound to force your hand. Taking steps to break new ground now will ultimately earn you a better place in the world.

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Relationships are all about give and take. Have you been giving too much of late? This new moon brings you a gift to help redress the balance. Time for a fresh start in an intimate relationship! This is your chance to experience true intimacy, rebuild trust or improve your sex life.

This is also an opportunity to set all your financial affairs in order - especially where loans, taxes, grants, shared resources and other financial agreements are concerned. You have had an intense few years were your emotional ties and finances are concerned and your priorities have changed as a result. During this Libra New Moon you may need to become more flexible in your principles and attitude to money and resources - especially if you want to join forces and face the social instabilities that surround you together. Any financial decisions you make may be squeezed by your partner on the one hand and a boss or authority figure on the other. Clearing the air and showing that you are ready for change will earn you respect. A financial agreement or merger could also give you a better chance to reach your goals.

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