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New Moon in Libra October 2016: A Fresh Start in Relationships!

New Moon in Libra October 2016: A Fresh Start in Relationships!

October 2016 enters with a lovely new moon in the sign of Libra on October 1st. What does this mean for your star sign? New Moons always bring the chance of a fresh start!

We get a new moon about once a month. Isn't this great? This means that you actually have the chance for a fresh start in your life much more often than you think! What's more, this particular new moon is pure gold because it's conjunct lucky Jupiter. It is also in relationship sign Libra - a great opportunity to improve relationships all around! Pluto and Mars in Capricorn give this new moon energy while Saturn gives it authority. So you have everything you need for a dynamic fresh start!

Your New Moon in Libra Horoscope

Where does this Libra new moon bring you luck? Read your horoscope and find out!  Alternatively, call one of our expert fortune tellers on 0207 111 6384.

Aries New Moon Horoscope

Looking for your soul mate? The Libra new moon is here to give you a helping hand. There has never been a better time for you to set a firm intention of finding someone who is really good for you. The universe is on your side! If you already are with your special someone, then use this opportunity to renew your love for each other.

Taurus New Moon Horoscope

Has your diet fallen off the rails lately? This new moon brings you a fantastic opportunity to begin a diet and exercise routine that will benefit you in the long run. Now's also the time to address any health issues that have been ongoing. Opportunities for a fresh start also arise at work, where you can improve productivity and working relationships. 

Gemini New Moon Horoscope

This new moon in your house of love is indeed a rare and wonderful gift. If you have been feeling lonely and closed off to love, now's the time to open up. A fantastic year awaits you in your love life and this new moon is here to get you started! This new moon will also help you if you want to start your own business or pursue a creative hobby. 

Cancer New Moon Horoscope

The tme is right to make a fresh start with home and family matters. You can now sell your home, find a good flatmate, get a more spacious residence or renovate. Decide right now what you would like to manifest and send it to the universe in the knowledge it will happen. The universe will provide as long as you plant the seeds and have faith now. 

Leo New Moon Horoscope

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but nothing could be further from the truth in your case... This new moon in Libra is an invitation to indulge in your curiosity and explore your world. Charming new neighbour next door? Now's your chance to show up on their doorstep, cup in hand, asking for some sugar!  

Virgo New Moon Horoscope

Wonderful financial news! If your finances have been flagging a bit, this new moon brings you a chance for greater prosperity. Now's the time to plant seeds that you want to see grow into a more lucrative future. This goes for your body too. If you've got it flaunt it! All this will do wonders for your self-worth.

Libra New Moon Horoscope

You've hit the jackpot, dear Libra! What can we say... This birthday of yours is your chance to get everything you've ever wanted. Whether it is love you are after, or fame and fortune, setting things into motion during this new moon almost guarantees success! What's more, events now will benefit you for years to come, so don't hesitate. Luck's on your side!

Scorpio New Moon Horoscope

Yours is a dynamic sign, dear Scorpio, always fighting for what you want. But starting October 1st you can let go a little and trust the universe to deliver. This new moon could bring a spiritual new beginning, open the doors of a large institution to you, initiate you into fame or let you in on secrets that will benefit you for a long time to come. 

Sagittarius New Moon Horoscope

This new moon has the power to initiate you into a whole new circle of friends. If you have been trying to get into an exclusive club this is the best time to apply! Friends you make now can become your staunchest allies, helping you go after your dreams. October 1st may signal the start of a highly rewarding year for you. Things are looking up!

Capricorn New Moon Horoscope

This Libra new moon is the best time to set ambitious goals for the future. The seeds you plant now will form the foundation of your future success, so don't be shy! Be clear about what you want. This is also the best time to change your public image or make a fresh start in your career. 

Aquarius New Moon Horoscope

The whole world is ready to open its doors wide to you, letting you walk right through. Use this new moon to approach VIPs with your ideas, bring your products to a new market, apply for that course you've always wanted to do or plan that exotic journey abroad. If you're more concerned with love, look to foreign lands for an answer to your prayers! 

Pisces New Moon Horoscope

Relationships are all about give and take. Have you been giving too much of late? This new moon brings you a gift to help redress the balance. This is your chance to experience true intimacy, rebuild trust or improve your sex life. Now's also a great time to play the lottery, get a great divorce settlement, apply for a loan or ask for financial backing!

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