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New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

On March 17 there’s a new moon in Pisces. Life gets get fuzzier when the zodiac sign of Pisces plays host to any planet starring in the horoscope. What else? Well, if you don’t like the sound of it you probably won’t hear it. Plus Neptune’s gliding through Pisces and shimmying on down with this lunar energy, so imagination could be your best way out. You might also discover that you get more by trusting instinct and feeling, or that by being imprecise, you win. 

How will the New Moon in Pisces affect each star sign? 

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All the stuff hiding and festering at the back of your mind might be shunted forward like a crash-test dummy thanks to this new moon. But you’re no dummy when it comes to sensing what’s good and what’s bad for you. Like toxic life-force drainers. You’re most empowered when you’re underestimated.


You might have avoided it for ages because you just couldn’t face it, and then, right at the eleventh hour, this new moon possibly shoves another option into the mix that saves your bacon/makes the decision a lot easier for you. You might benefit from embracing something that other people fear.


As the moon switches to the 12 o’clock position in your horoscope, you adopt one of those ‘midday mind sets’ that fills you with hope that there’s still sufficient energy within you to achieve so much before the sun sets, metaphorically speaking. There might be a deadline to meet that relies mostly on your contribution.


From the moment you first see it you know if it’s right for you because you’re rather expert at evaluating situations/people and seeing through any pretences when the moon turns new. You’re not gonna have much time to waste once a feeling hits. You have an interesting theory on a loved one’s predicament. 


The new moon in Pisces will sharpen your valuation skills and enable you to filter out all the poor substitutes or people trying to pass themselves off as real deals. Neither do you want to be made to feel ‘less than’ or like the poor relation. What a fabulous time to review what is coming and what is leaving your bank account. 


You’re a dab hand at helping out other people. Tuning in to the fact that someone is feeling fragile presents you with a number of options, and you should allow your intuition to guide you toward which one is best for you. The new moon strikes up your romantic side. 


You could well be asking yourself where your life is heading once the new moon has you under its spell. Better still, answers follow on shortly from any kind of wistfulness that you’re indulging in, swiftly prompting you set to work on planning your next practical steps. 


Pisces, home sign of the new moon, is your sister water sign. This means you’re likely gonna get a rush of feelings that you can’t explain, or that tail of yours might be twitchier than Tabitha’s nose on Bewitched. At your fingertips is the ability to rustle up some kind of creative magic.  


Rather than closing in on you, those four familiar walls might look like they’re in need of a lick of paint by the light of this new moon, or you’ll happily stay within their confines more. Possibly to save some money. Possibly to lick your wounds. A deep clean is psychologically uplifting. Show regret the door.  


If you’re looking for love beneath this new moon, you’re might attract a Pink Panther type – you know, a gentleman, a scholar, and an acrobat! At least his chat might be acrobatic! Flexibility is everything, and you might want to exercise your mind in order to get your head around x, y and z. 


This big bear-hug of a new moon grounds you quite considerably, and rather than deciding on going left or right based on half a story or negative feeling, we recommend that you stand still and hold tight. That’s the best way to channel the new moon’s fantastic energy. 


Selfless love means that Person A gets something from Person B that Persons A&B know they really don’t deserve. No matter. Love is all around when the moon’s new in your sign. This is a watershed moment. A shedding of skins. A time when people band together and show the world that the universal spirit is still alive and well. 

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