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New Moon in Sagittarius 2018

New Moon in Sagittarius 2018

New Moon in Sagittarius

7 December 2018 at 2:20 AM EST / 7:20 AM GMT


On Friday 7 December 2018 we have a New Moon in Sagittarius. Get ready for take off! This is the last new moon of the year and it sets the tone for 2019…Say hello to the future!

Why does this new moon open the door to the future?

New moons can be quiet affairs. Unlike full moons, there is no welling up of feeling, no sense of culmination or climax. But what you choose to do now matters. A new moon is the equivalent of planting seeds. It may be May or June next year before you see your efforts bear fruit. But make sure to have some input now.

Watch closely what happens around December 7th and for the next couple of weeks. This will give you a clue as to the themes active for you throughout 2019! From December 7th and until Christmas is also a great time to set your intentions for the coming year. 

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New Moon in Sagittarius 2018 Meaning

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 7th of November encourages us all to Dream Big!

This is an optimistic Moon which wants you to see that everything is possible. Sometimes we get so caught up with the minutiae of daily living that we don’t take time to vision what we want in our lives and in our world. To quote the Bible: 

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

When you are feeling uninspired and your life is just shades of grey, you become unmotivated and stagnant.

This New Moon reminds you to bring a new perspective into your life. No matter what you may be going through right now, it’s worth keeping in mind the old adage that

This too shall pass.

All our material conditions, whether negative or positive do not last.

This is an ideal time to make a break from the past. Anything that has been holding you back can be released at this time. This is a wonderful time for learning something new, for going on a course, for teaching, publishing a book, promoting a service or a product.

Good things to do during this expansive, joyful New Moon in Sagittarius

  • Expand an existing business or start a new one
  • Go for your dream – if you can dream it, you can achieve it!
  • Bring more meaning into your life
  • Go on a trip to somewhere you have never been before
  • Start a new creative project
  • Recognise all the miracles around you every day
  • Bring a sense of adventure into your daily living
  • Make a wish list of the things you want to manifest in your life
  • Make a list of all the things that you would like to learn to make your life easier
  • Take up a new sport
  • Go on a spiritual retreat
  • Widen your perceptions and be open to new ways of thinking
  • Be generous with your time and energy. Make a point of giving more than you receive
  • Learn more about other cultures

Let’s take a trip through the signs to see where this New Moon will affect you:

New Moon in Sagittarius and How it Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Read your sun-sign and ascendant to see where this new moon opens new doors for you, giving you a glimpse into the future! And if you want more of a personal approach, give our expert stargazers a call and get your full bespoke reading for the year ahead. Just dial 0207 111 6304 from the UK or 1877 608 3731 from the US!

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December 7th opens the door to a new vision and outlook on the world that’ll carry you right through 2019. You may feel very excited about the future as the holidays approach, ready to have oodles of fun and experiment with new ways of doing things. There's an electrifying feeling in the air as December unfolds and you can expect others in your life to stir the pot quite a lot this week. No rest for the wicked. You will no doubt be tempted into excesses of all kinds as the holidays approach, but don't go too crazy with the partying. You're only made of flesh and blood after all…

This is a fabulous time for learning something new, signing up for a course of study, writing and publishing a book or your memoir, for planning a trip. You’ll be feeling restless and searching for more meaning in your life. You could meet someone who has a powerful influence on your thinking and your belief in your abilities.

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This New Moon in your eighth house will encourage you to push past any limitations in your relationships. It’s time to allow more intimacy and connection into your life. You could get into a new business partnership or take on a new project that has great financial promise.

It's always an intense time for you as the year draws to a close and this year is no different. But this time the concerns brought on by the December 7th new moon will stay active right through 2019! So get ready for a rather steamy year ahead - especially where sex and money is concerned. Get a head start by using December to get on top of your finances. File your tax return and make sure you’re on top of payments. December also brings an opportunity for a fresh start with a special someone or with a very private matter. Love and intimacy are very much on your mind. If a medical procedure is called for, this new moon brings swift developments. It’s also a good time to start work toward a big commission.

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Have you been wondering where your relationship is headed? Well, December 11th opens the 'me-and-you' book on a brand new chapter. It's time to look to the future of your partnership and plant the seeds that you want to grow together into 2019 and beyond. With this New Moon in your seventh house of partnerships, this is a time for expansion in this life area. This is a time to inject more fun and pleasure into all your interactions. Try to see the funny side when things are getting too heavy and serious. Take a chance and introduce yourself to someone who appears to be interesting. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Love (or lust!) at first sight is a distinct possibility if you are single, awakening your desire for romance. And  if you are hitched then sudden developments may ignite a powerful love spark. Home and family concerns may feature largely in your thoughts during this new moon presenting you with a dilemma. Work it out with your partner.

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When was the last time that you actually felt relaxed before Christmas? That's usually the time when there's a mountain of things to cross off your list. Work is on your mind this year too but with a difference... This isn't just about some passing task, it's time to think more closely about your work future. December 7th opens up new potential at work to take you well into 2019, so why not use the run up to the holidays to envisage your ideal job and work-life balance? Your career may hold a surprise to jar you into action this December, upsetting your home-life in the process. You may need to make an important decision - for instance whether to stick to what you know or branch out. Try to contain your excitement or think a minute before you book that trip, make that call or hit ‘send’.

This is a good time to expand your work area. It could be about pushing yourself into unfamiliar tasks and challenges and finding that you feel more stimulated and excited about work. You may decide to move job or work into something that is more fulfilling. As this is the house of health, make sure you don’t overdo anything: e.g. eating lots of chocolate, drinking too much alcohol!

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December 7th opens up a whole new chapter on love dear Leo. You may not know it but you are now planting the seeds of your future happiness! That's because your house of romance, fun and joy will be majorly active throughout 2019 and this new moon is the seed from will grow this giant future beanstalk… It may all kick off with a surprise trip abroad or with a sudden communication that presents you with new opportunities. If you are in the creative and media industries, this new moon will plant important seeds for your future development. A financial dilemma may be on your mind or you may be wondering whether to trust someone. Go with your heart on this. 

This is a very positive New Moon for you as it will give you the opportunity for romance, pleasure and enjoyment. It will increase your confidence, boost your creativity and make it easier for you to attract attention. This is excellent for any kind of creative work and for doing anything entrepreneurial.

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December 7th brings your focus squarely on home and family matters, where it will stay throughout 2019. Is a parent having a difficult time?  Do you need to move house? Are you ready to start a family of your own? Issues like this will require your attention in the coming year and now is as good a time as any to begin. Your finances may hide a surprise to urge you to make a faster decision on this, or you may undergo a quick operation to speed things along with a personal matter.

Your partner may be presenting you with some difficult dilemmas too that will need you to look at your deepest needs to answer. Do what you need to do, for you are now setting the foundation for your future and every minute counts! 

You may have an opportunity to travel to a distant country, and if you do, don’t hesitate, because it could be a life-changing trip. You’ll be feeling restless, so don’t make too many commitments to your family or close friends. Keep your schedule open so that you can change your mind at short notice.

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December 7th brings meetings, news and exchanges that will eventually rearrange your world. Do you need to expand your network? Put yourself out there more? Open communication channels? Or maybe you need to learn new skills? If a dispute has been dragging on, it's time for you to try a fresh approach. Especially as someone may be a real wild card, acting out and getting you all worked up. You will be doing much to mark out a new territory over the coming year and this is a good time to begin. Take little breaks from all the action if you feel a little frazzled as your health may be playing up should you get too stressed. 

This is a wonderful New Moon for meeting new people, for negotiating a deal, for selling anything at all. You’ll be able to get your point across easily and persuasively. If you want to design a new website or new promotional materials, this is the time to do it. You may want to teach and share your views. Learning, studying, research, marketing, negotiating are all favourable.

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December 7th opens a whole new chapter for your finances, a topic that will stay very much in the spotlight throughout 2019. Questions about money are really questions about priorities. Is something worth investing in? What's more important right now, a regular wage or developing a new talent? Saving or using your resources for an endeavour? Be honest with yourself and make the decision that truly makes you stronger in the long term.

Work may be especially stressful now, so do take time to relax and listen to your body or you may get burned out. Simplify. What's more important? You are very eager to make progress with a cherished goal but this may present financial dilemmas. This is only the beginning so do your due diligence. This New Moon is ruled by Jupiter which magnifies whatever it touches. So this could mean a windfall or some extra money coming your way, but it could also mean that you are tempted to spend more than you actually have. It could bring an unexpected financial opportunity.

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Welcome to your future, dear Sagittarius! December 7th opens a whole new chapter in your life, one that will take you right through 2019 and beyond. What a rollercoaster it will be! Why not use this magical influx of fresh energy just before the holidays to map out your course? There’s much that you want to achieve in the coming year and this is a great time to prepare - especially where a home versus career dilemma is concerned pulling you in different directions.

Love also heats up now and you my feel all caught up in the  friends/lovers border. Put yourself first. Alternatively, a creative project or hobby could get you so fired up that you are eager to plunge right in!

This New Moon in your sign will make you impulsive and keen to take action. This is a good time to take up a new sport, to dance, to move your body.

Set new intentions for your dreams, visualise what you want, and you will see them manifest. This is a good time for a makeover or for presenting yourself to the world in a totally different way.

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December 7th opens the door to a whole other world to you - a world of angels and demons, symbolism, fame, notoriety and sabotage that may well set the tone for the coming year...  Watch out for prophetic dreams and memories that contain important messages about your present situation. If the world seems to have gone bonkers, pay close attention to your intuition to guide you through. This is a wonderful New Moon for getting away from it all and exploring your spiritual side. Find peace in nature and away from your current responsibilities in the world. Your dreams will be extra powerful so be sure to have a pad and pen by your bed to write them down as you wake up. Visualise the future you want for yourself.

An inspired idea may show you how to break new ground now, or shed light on a past event that still bothers you. With so many changes at your base, a surprise development in your career may stir up some of your insecurities.  Some things are out of your hands by this point, dear Capricorn. Que sera sera... Have faith!

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With the New Moon falling in your eleventh house, this is a great time for making new friends, for joining new and exciting groups and for getting involved with a cause that matters to you. This is an excellent time for teamwork and for creating a vision that you feel passionate about.

December 7th opens a whole new chapter where your friends and social circle are concerned. Time to put your aspirational hat on and think of ways that you can put your stamp on the world! This is a good time to sow the seeds of an important project that you want to see unfold over the coming year. Watch this space, for events now can lead to much achievement. News may surprise you now and galvanise you into action. Well, if you want to take the world by storm, this is as good a time as any to begin. Don't let financial dilemmas hold you back. Give your dreams a big push… You never know what sort of fish you may reel in!

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This New Moon is stimulating your career and could bring you the promotion or recognition you have been seeking. It’s also a good time to expand your existing career or to take it in a completely new direction altogether. Aim high and remember to think big. If you think small, you will continue to get the same old same old. If you aim high, you can achieve anything. 

This December 7th is like a big reveal, when the curtains are finally pulled to showcase a brand new you to the world. This new moon is in your house of status and responsibilities and it plants the seeds for a more mature and responsible you that will blossom over the coming year. It may be parenthood, marriage, increased stature or a big step-up in your career that becomes a focus of your attention in 2019. Whatever it is, it all starts this month, dear Pisces!

A relationship is a major factor in all this and may present you with certain positive dilemmas. Expect sudden changes, passionate encounters and financial surprises to speed things along now. 

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