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New Moon in Scorpio 2020

New Moon in Scorpio 2020

We have an empowering Scorpio New Moon on 15th November 2020, making November the most transformative month yet. You’ll feel energised, empowered, determined and full of beans to make changes and make up all the time you may have lost. 

This New Moon gets right under your skin, opening a door to all things hidden, secret and taboo. So dig down deep and heal yourself (physically or emotionally). You can also use it to magnetise money and investments into your life, fertilize a project or experience sexual renewal. Strong feelings come to the surface now. Don't be surprised if you come into contact with matters normally kept under wraps - whether these are of a sexual, metaphysical or financial nature. Time to turn the soil and plant new seeds!

What does the New Moon Supermoon in Scorpio mean?

Scorpio rules sex, money, raw energy and change. It also rules truths that are difficult to face. Scorpio knows that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Where you have Scorpio in your horoscope, you face crisis and morph into a more durable version of yourself. Where you have Scorpio, you suffer no illusions, no matter how harsh the truth. Where you have Scorpio, you’re a survivor. And where you find Scorpio, you also find power. This Scorpio New Moon means to reconnect you with that power inside of you. That’s the power to overcome any obstacle, rise from the ashes and draw strength from the naked truth. Time to transmute your weaknesses into strengths. This New Moon in Scorpio 2020 is a fresh start to relish and dive into at full throttle!

How does the Scorpio New Moon affect your Zodiac Sign?

Time for a fresh start! Where does all the magic happen? What does this Scorpio New Moon 2020 have in store for your zodiac sign? It’s all here, in your Scorpio New Moon horoscope! Check out your sun-sign and ascendant to find out how to best deploy your energies...  If you want more in depth guidance, call our friendly service centre team on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) to book a reading.


This is a very sexy new moon, putting you in charge and giving you the power to get closer to someone special - whether this is someone powerful at work or a special someone in your heart.

Maybe it’s time to speak up and clear the air? It’s time for you to embrace change. If something has not been working thus far, it’s time to hit ‘shuffle’ and make changes. Has the trust in a certain relationship all but evaporated? You need to decide whether to rebuild it or move on. It’s also a perfect time to explore your sexuality - especially aspects you've been too shy or busy to touch upon before...

This is a good moment to set financial goals into motion, dear Aries. Start looking for the best mortgage, seek financial advice around your taxes or investments or find a sponsor with some deep pockets to inject cash into your business. If you’ve been suffering from a health complaint, this is the time to schedule the tests and procedures that will help you get to the bottom of it and eradicate it! Your body's healing powers are also awakened, so this is a good time to undergo therapy of any kind.

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This new moon brings a fresh start in your relationships. This is a moment of deep involvement with others, dear Taurus. This is especially true in your most important relationships - personal, romantic or business - where you have the opportunity to deepen your commitment, open up and get to know the other person much better. Interactions with others are deep and meaningful. Whether you are with your long time partner, newly single or newly hitched, you are now much wiser and ready to commit to a relationship as an equal party. This is your chance to go more deeply into a relationship and build a stronger bond based on mutual honesty and support.

15th November launches a very romantic time for you, giving you the chance to meet someone special if you are single. You could meet someone at a party or through a friend. If you’re in a relationship, you're inspired to pursue a shared dream together and make sacrifices for one another. Watch out for little white lies, no matter how harmless.

If you need to book an agent or contractor - or reach out to others as a coach or advisor yourself - this is a good time to set things in motion!

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This Scorpio new moon is your chance to kick a bad habit or make a fresh start at work. Your home and family can act as a catalyst in this. This new moon is a fantastic opportunity to streamline your life and boost your health and productivity in the process.

The arrival of a cheque may be a big help, as will modifications around your home. Your career and public image will benefit greatly as a result of small changes and improvements you make now. Or maybe it is time to listen to your assistant or make changes at the office to increase your productivity. The work you do now has a glamorous quality and could put you in the limelight

Pay attention to life’s little things during this new moon. Is your body trying to tell you something? Is it time to detox and get rid of all the stresses and impurities that have accumulated in your body?

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For this new moon opens a brand new door on love and happiness! Time to go where your heart takes you...without all the fear! Get ready to pour out your heart to someone special. He who dares wins!

If you are single, put yourself out there! You’re super-popular now, both in business and among friends. This is the perfect time to fall in love (for the long term), enjoy fantastic sex with your sweetheart or try for a baby. Maybe you’re freshly in love? This is the most romantic new moon of the year for you. This could be with a person who you just can’t get your mind off of...

It’s also a great time to launch your business or talk to someone who can help you get it going. But it could equally be with a creative project, hobby or passion of yours that’s giving you such joy! You are divinely inspired! Your creativity is about to blossom. Speculative projects go well. Time to plant the seeds for your future happiness and gain. What is it that your heart yearns for? Go after it!

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This is your chance to make a fresh start with all family and residential matters and settle firmly into the new foundation that you have now built for yourself.

Psychological changes are upon you. It’s time to decide who you are inside and what you need to feel secure. Being honest with yourself and with family members is key here. Only then can you make decisions that bring you future success. Having a heart to heart with those closest to you can strengthen your bonds now. This is a mystical time when you can touch base with yourself and find your centre.

This is a perfect moment of stillness, dear Leo. Go home, pull the curtains, roll down the shutters and spend some time quietly by yourself. Family are welcome too and should that happen interactions are far from superficial. If you want to turn over a new leaf with a family member, find a flatmate or plan a housewarming party for your new place, this is the moment. You can also make a positive start with a housing project. Your work is a major factor, making you feel more able to stand on your own two feet and giving you a sense of self-worth and inner strength. This is a very powerful and very healing new moon, allowing you to smooth things over with important people in your life and feel more empowered in the process. Grab your chance!

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Changes in your environment overturn all sorts of stones for you to look underneath. This Scorpio new moon rejuvenates your mind and revives your social network. Inspiring people and ideas enter your life now and someone could even sweep you off your feet! Or it could be you who enchants a captive audience with your words. This is an excellent time to put pen to paper, give a speech or pitch a sale.

The universe is giving you creative license. Use it well! Your curiosity is piqued and you can learn much now that will stand you in good stead in the future. Others in your life bring inspiration and stimulate your mind into overdrive.

Are you about to attend a class or workshop, visit relatives or organise a whole trip for the family? Interactions with others are intense to say the least and you might have to discuss and handle money too. Single? Expect sexy strangers and romantic opportunities! This is the best time to get out there and mingle, as someone really exciting - and potentially life-changing - is bound to be lurking in your vicinity.

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Your finances get a fabulous boost, read Libra! There’s a whole host of planets in your money house, promising you riches, and the new moon is just what you need to put the key in the ignition and turn! Money talks and there is lots going on under cover now that will decide your financial future. Sacrifices you make at work now could translate to praise and more money in future.

What do you need to feel more affluent and secure? What would make you feel good about yourself, raising your self esteem and your income too? That’s what needs your attention right now. Maybe it’s not a matter of what but who… And you’re looking really hot right about now! This can be a lucrative time.

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Launch a thousand ships, dear Scorpio! You get a single new moon in your sign once a year and this is it - and it's a good one! This is a joyous, romantic and happy new moon. You’re drunk on life, plugged in and turned on. Your popularity soars, your creativity blossoms. Or maybe you’re just in love… The time is now and life is yours for the taking. Ask the one you fancy out on a date!

A new moon in your sign is a door into all that you desire! Get to work on that creative idea! Make a start no matter how small. Just as the acorn eventually grows into a tree, the seeds you plant now will grow for all to see. A short trip or communication may be the trigger that propels you forward, or it may be that you have powerful people around you who can help. Do not hesitate to contact them! If you want something so bad that your heart aches for it, now is the time to push forward. If love, children or a personal project is on your mind, then this is the perfect moment to speak up and ask for what you want! It’s all systems go!

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This is an intensely private time for you and you may prefer to be alone. This new moon urges you to put the past behind you, no matter how rosy it looks to you now. Time to let go and move on.

Watch out for hidden messages! You may learn a secret that gives you greater self-assurance for what lies ahead, or you may become privy to something that helps you financially.

Ready to go off piste and sink under the radar, dear Sagittarius? Do you have a demanding project to tend to? Step into the lab, studio or library and get busy! Or find a hideaway and lay low for a while. It’s a good time to meditate, rest and recover from the crazy intensity of the past few months - heck years! If your health has been troubling you, you’ll find that your body has miraculous healing abilities now, if you only leave well alone! Drift off. Your powers of divination are also pretty good right now... Oh and love, too, thrives in secret.

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A highly sociable and worldly few days are kicking off for you, dear Capricorn, that will colour your social interactions for the next year or so. You’re surrounded by people with whom you can let your guard down and let your emotions show and you might find yourself having deeply honest and healing conversations with friends. You’re ready to hit reset when it comes to exactly where you fit among others.

A new dream is born, even if it’s still in its early stages. It’s time to network, set new ambitions and pursue dreams you feel passionate about. Your words are inspiring and moving, allowing you to rally people to your cause. It’s time to make new alliances that will stand you in good stead in the future.

Travel, marketing and publishing projects get a wonderful boost now too. There may be some benign gossip about you, or you may be giving others a modified version of the facts…

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You are about to start a whole new cycle in your career. With so many planets in your house of fame, this is the moment to launch your ships, go for that promotion and direct events. Things that take place now will change your public image and affect your reputation in the long run.

And so the decisions you make need to be based on where you see yourself in the future and the sort of image you want to project. This is a great opportunity to tell the world what you stand for, showcase your talents and address any financial concerns from a new and more powerful vantage point. Bring your idealistic values and refined talents into the public eye.

New goals, titles and honours await! There could be financial rewards in it for you too, but also sacrifices. Only you know if it’s worth it.

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This is fun, happy and carefree period for you dear Pisces! Not that it’s without challenges, but this is nothing compared to what you’ve been through before. This new moon is like a key that is the perfect fit into the door that opens up a whole new future for you!

You will find that you have powerful allies who are prepared to fight your corner. If you’ve been dreaming of launching your PR campaign or starting a YouTube channel, going back to school and getting that accreditation, or going on that long journey to Bali, get going! 

So why not let your hair down and explore your options? Cast your net and see what (ahem) fish you’ll catch! Whether for love or profit... This is a highly romantic time, opening up new horizons and bringing you new hope

This new moon brings your attention to the beliefs that guide you in life. If you are facing a dilemma, you need to look to higher principles to help you make your mind up. Can you be honest with yourself? Much will depend on this. Be careful of self-deceptions that could make you act too self-righteously. Others are a catalyst to help you gain a new perspective. An objective judge or arbiter could help.

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