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New Moon in Scorpio: Change is coming

New Moon in Scorpio: Change is coming

A New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th means it’s Horoscope time! Scorpio brings change. Scorpio star-sign represents a time of year when nature’s trend is downward and inward. Everything returns to mother earth where it is transformed to make way for spring. This alchemical process is largely hidden from view. So it is with events in your life. But the results of your present decisions will be very visible come spring. So gather your strength and light the chimneys. Changes lie ahead!

This Scorpio new moon carries a glamorous message, for it is conjunct communications planet Mercury and trine spell-weaver Neptune in Pisces. This is the clear sound of a siren’s call. It may sound beautiful, but is it really in your best interests? Reality and fantasy blend perfectly, creating pure magic and making it hard to discern the facts. This is a rare and wonderfully romantic time! Just be careful you don’t accidentally sign your soul over to the devil… 

Your Scorpio New Moon Horoscope

How does this Scorpio New Moon activate your horoscope? This is sun-sign astrology so it all depends on your star sign. Read on to find out! If you want more in depth guidance, give our expert stargazers a call now on 0207 111 6384!


It’s time for you to embrace change. If something has not been working thus far, it’s time to hit ‘shuffle’ and make changes. Has the trust in a certain relationship all but evaporated? You need to decide whether to rebuild it or move on. Is an insurance company messing you around? This is your chance to set them straight or change insurer. Don’t let yourself suffer on others’ account.


Someone important in your life is undergoing changes right now and needs your help. This is your chance to go more deeply into a relationship and build a stronger bond based on mutual honesty and support. Now’s the time to nourish your relationships with important people in your life. If you are single, you could meet someone at a party or through a friend.


Pay attention to life’s little things during this new moon. Is your body trying to tell you something? Is it time to detox and get rid of all the stresses and impurities that have accumulated in your body? Or maybe it is time to listen to your assistant or make changes at the office to increase your productivity. The work you do now has a glamorous quality and could put you in the limelight.


This is the most romantic new moon of the year for you. What is it that your heart yearns for? Go after it! This could be the start of a beautiful love affair, an imaginative business or a creative project. You are divinely inspired! Speculative projects go well. Time to plant the seeds for your future happiness and gain. 


Psychological changes are upon you. It’s time to decide who you are inside and what you need to feel secure. Being honest with yourself and with family members is key here. Only then can you make decisions that bring you future success. Having a heart to heart with those closest to you can strengthen your bonds now. You can also make a positive start with a housing project.


Changes in your environment overturn all sorts of stones for you to look underneath. Your curiosity is piqued and you can learn much now that will stand you in good stead in the future. Others in your life bring inspiration and stimulate your mind into overdrive. This is a fantastic time to carry out research and indulge your creativity. You will be able to reveal your findings come spring.


Money talks and there is lots going on under cover now that will decide your financial future. Sacrifices you make at work now could translate to praise and more money in future. But keep the work honest and above board. It’s time to decide what your priorities are and do the things that raise your self-esteem. This can be a lucrative time.


A new moon in your sign is a door into all that you desire! Moreover, this one is dripping with romance… What do you want more than anything? Now’s the time to put it into motion. Ask the one you fancy out on a date! Get to work on that creative idea! Make a start no matter how small. Just as the acorn eventually grows into a tree, the seeds you plant now will grow for all to see.


This is an intensely private time for you and you may prefer to be alone. This could be because you have secrets or because you are working in an undercover project that you cannot reveal until it’s ready. Or maybe you are processing so much inside that you need some solitude to work through it. This new moon urges you to put the past behind you, no matter how rosy it looks to you now.


Changes are afoot in your community. It’s time to make new alliances that will stand you in good stead in the future. A new dream is born, even if it’s still in its early stages. Now’s the time to put your team together and gather a strong support network. Your words are inspiring and moving, allowing you to rally people to your cause.


You are about to start a whole new cycle in your career. Things that take place now will change your public image and affect your reputation in the long run. And so the decisions you make need to be based on where you see yourself in the future and the sort of image you want to project. This is your chance to bring your idealistic values and refined talents into the public eye.


This new moon brings your attention to the beliefs that guide you in life. If you are facing a dilemma, you need to look to higher principles to help you make your mind up. Be careful of self-deceptions that could make you act too self-righteously. An objective judge or arbiter could help. This is a highly romantic time, opening up new horizons and bringing you new hope.

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