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New Moon in Scorpio-November 11th 2015: A Sexy New Start

New Moon in Scorpio-November 11th 2015:  A Sexy New Start

With a New Moon in Scorpio on November 11th, it's time for a sexy and wonderful new start!

This is a very special New Moon! Think back on the past three years. Did you have one crisis after another? Did your life change beyond recognition? Was it impossible to just go on as before without facing certain truths? This is the first Scorpio New Moon since late 2011 that is neither a Solar Eclipse nor under the influence of taskmaster Saturn! Scorpios are finally free to get on with it... And so are the rest of us in the life-arenas (a.k.a. astrological houses) ruled by Scorpio. For a sign that is as intense as they come, it's nice to have all that power at your fingertips for once without all the drama…

Scorpio rules sex, money, raw energy and change. It also rules truths that are difficult to face. Saturn in Scorpio at exactly the same time as the eclipses from 2012 to 2015 made it impossible to continue living a lie. The purging of old security patterns is now complete and the landscape looks vastly different to what it was back in 2011... Time to finally regain a sense of normalcy.

This New Moon is full of mobility, conviction and opportunity! It has healing power and can mend the fabric of reality where it was torn by the violent storms of the past… The New Moon is conjunct Mercury, trine Chiron in Pisces, sextile Jupiter in Virgo and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. With such harmonious aspects, this is a fresh start to relish and dive into at full throttle!

How does this Scorpio New Moon affect your Star Sign?

The Scorpio New Moon happens on November 11th. Time for a fresh start! Check out your sun-sign and ascendant to find out how to best deploy your energies...  For your own personal reading, dial 0207 111 6384!


The past three years have seen you undergo a powerful transformation! Have you had an intense time of it with your partner? A financial nightmare? Your personal life and finances may have changed so much by now that they're nothing like what they were back in 2011. You may have settled on a divorce and division of property, or maybe you paid off your house and you now find yourself stronger and in a completely new financial landscape. If you’ve had financial complications, this new moon is a great time to apply for a loan, settle a dispute or sort out your tax return. This is a very sexy new moon, putting you in charge and giving you the power to get closer to someone special - whether this is someone powerful at work or a special someone in your heart. Maybe it’s time to speak up and clear the air? Your body's healing powers are also awakened, so this is a good time to undergo therapy of any kind.


Has your partner changed beyond recognition? Do you find yourself in a relationship that bears no resemblance to the one you were in only three years ago? All these changes are in the past and it’s time to look to your relationship future. Whether you are with your long time partner, newly single or newly hitched, you are now much wiser and ready to commit to a relationship as an equal party. Single? Life is brimming with opportunities for love and companionship this month! Push yourself out of your comfort zone! Hitched? Plan for the long term. Alternatively, a business partnership may be on the cards. This is a great time to  put yourself out there, get an agent, find an audience, market yourself and generally open up! A friend’s words have a soothing and instructive influence.


Has your work changed radically in the past three years? Do you now find yourself doing things differently than back in 2011? Or maybe you’ve become a health freak? Whatever you’ve been up to, your training is over and it’s time to settle into your new daily routine. If your health has been all over the place, this is your best chance of the year to begin a fresh diet and exercise regime just in time to look great for the holidays - and beyond! Your body will respond incredibly well to a detox now. Alternatively, it may be that your to-do list has been getting the better of you? If so, time to blitz through it and purge it of needless tasks. This new moon is a fantastic opportunity to streamline your life and boost your health and productivity in the process. The arrival of a cheque may be a big help, as will modifications around your home. Your career and public image will benefit greatly as a result of small changes and improvements you make now.


Does your love-life resemble a bit of a battle-field of late? Or maybe you have been taking major risks in following your heart over the past three years? That's the universe trying to purge your life of everything that prevents your true happiness! Your crash course on love and self-expression began back in 2012 - be it through a new love affair, the birth of a child, a creative enterprise or the chance to launch your own business. That's been teaching you to live straight from the heart, open up and take risks. Much wiser, you now know what it takes… That’s perfect timing! For this new moon opens a brand new door on love and happiness! Time to go where your heart takes you...without all the fear, ifs and buts of the past three years! This is the perfect time to fall in love (for the long term), enjoy fantastic sex with your sweetheart or try for a baby. It’s also a great time to launch your business or talk to someone who can help you get it going. This is one of the best new moons of the year, dear Cancer, and it falls right in your house of true love and happiness! Get ready to pour out your heart to someone special. He who dares wins!


Your home has been a hotbed of activity over the past three years… Have you bought your first property? Has your residence changed beyond recognition? Alternatively, it may be that your family has been going through the wringer, shaking the very foundation on which you stand. If you underwent any therapy in the process, then this must have been truly intense... But all that is in the past!  This is your chance to make a fresh start with all family and residential matters and settle firmly into the new foundation that you have now built for yourself. Your work is a major factor, making you feel more able to stand on your own two feet and giving you a sense of self-worth and inner strength.  At the same time, the way is now open for productive conversations about money and shared resources with family members. This gives you a chance to express any grievances, as well as clear the air about financial concerns. This is a very powerful and very healing new moon, allowing you to smooth things over with important people in your life and feel more empowered in the process. Grab your chance!


Your mind has been constantly challenged to learn new tricks and adapt to a fast changing environment for the past three years. Did you work hard to establish yourself in a new trade or profession? Did you have to write, teach, haggle or otherwise engage others in conversation? Or maybe you went back to school and challenged yourself intellectually? You’ve now been around the block a couple of times and the neighbourhood no longer seems as daunting. You have proven your abilities to yourself and others. Time to put all that wonderful experience to good use! This new moon is truly exhilarating, as you can now take definite steps to establish yourself in your field - this time without fears of what might lie just around the corner to upset your plans. You have finished school and are now ready to put yourself out there. Start selling your services! Launch your business! Write that blog or article! Find an agent and go after your secret wishes!  Single? This is the best time to get out there and mingle, as someone really exciting - and potentially life-changing - is bound to be lurking in your vicinity. Expect sound advice from a partner or agent.


Did you have a major clear-out in the past three years? Did it involve possessions as well as important relationships? Your priorities have been changing with people and things loosing their hold on you and leaving your life, making space for something new. This is the first chance you have to start living life from this new vantage point! It's time to invest your money, time and energy where it really matters and this new moon brings a confidence boost to help you do just that. This might come as a new source of income, greater physical wellbeing or a new asset or person enriching your life. This is a great opportunity to build greater security and sort out your finances, aided by positive changes at home. Use your unique talents to increase your income! An assistant can also be of great help now. This is also an excellent time to give your body an overhaul, apply healing balm where it's needed most and get your strength back.


As the saying goes, ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’… boy, did you get going over the past three years! You may have had a bit of a rough and tumble too as every aspect of your life went through the grinder.  If you were living a lie then you are most likely on a whole new and more empowering path now. Alternatively, if you were on the brink on achievement three years ago, then you've put in some hard work and ‘arrived’ well and truly by now! You have changed beyond recognition and are ready to embark on a new journey. Well, this marvellous new moon is the champagne bottle that launches your ship! It's the best new moon you've had in your sign for years and your perfect moment of initiation, when you can finally move forward with all your dearest plans - unopposed. A short trip or communication may be the trigger that propels you forward, or it may be that you have powerful people around you who can help. Do not hesitate to contact them! If you want something so bad that your heart aches for it, now is the time to push forward. If love, children or a personal project is on your mind, then this is the perfect moment to speak up and ask for what you want! It’s all systems go!


Has your life been quietly and secretly unravelling? Perhaps office politics have been doing your head in? Or a health concern? Or perhaps you have been introduced to the halls of power? Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been undergoing a very secret transformation for the past three years and this new moon is the coded signal that you have passed with flying colours. Watch out for hidden messages! You may learn a secret that gives you greater self-assurance for what lies ahead, or you may become privy to something that helps you financially.  This new moon also strengthens your body, so do take time to rest and recuperate to speed things along. If you are into the occult or spirituality, this new moon allows you to make a wonderful new beginning and restore your sense of faith. Trust in your intuition which is uncanny now! The new moon also brings a career opportunity as well as a chance to heal a family rift or sort out a residential matter.


The world all around you is morphing, dear Capricorn. As a sign that likes to be in control, you are probably reeling from all the changes. Has a friend turned their back on you? Has your social club changed so much that you no longer belong? Or have your own transforming goals and ambitions made you switch allegiance? No matter how things have changed, this new moon is a marvellous energiser for all your future dreams and projects! New allies are here to help you. You can also move toward a more positive space within a friendship which may have hit the rocks of late. The past three years have seen major changes with you struggling to find a new place in the world. If you made new acquaintances in the process, you can now call upon them to help you... It’s time to claim your reward. This is also the time to speak your truth, as your words have the power to move and heal old wounds. Travel, marketing and publishing projects get a wonderful boost now too. Time for some much needed PR! 


Your public image has been shapeshifting and morphing over the past three years. Have you totally changed your career and braved something new? Did you decide enough is enough, branching out on your own? Or maybe you have become a parent? All of these eventualities carry a heavy responsibility load, as well as doing a total overhaul on how others see you. The pressure has been on, ever since, to do well and succeed. Well, you've now taken the plunge! You've had your crash course on being at the helm. Respect! Time to make swift progress! This fantastic new moon does wonders for your career and achievements and it's the time to pour all you've got toward reaching your goals! Your authority is finally undisputed and you seem to have the trust and backing that you need to make things happen. This is a great opportunity to tell the world what you stand for, showcase your talents and address any financial concerns from a new and more powerful vantage point. 


This new moon opens up new vistas for you, dear Pisces. After years of fear and uncertainty clouding your vision, you now have a sense of hope and great expectation for the future! Have you been trying to improve your life - whether this is to expand your business, go back to college or take that holiday you have been dreaming of? This new moon gives you all you need to proceed! The same goes if you have a legal or immigration matter pending. This new moon is like a key that is the perfect fit into the door that opens up a whole new future for you! You will find that you have powerful allies who are prepared to fight your corner. Any marketing or PR you initiate now is also hyper-auspicious. This is your moment to spread and broadcast your truth! You will find that your authenticity and wisdom will touch people’s hearts. The new moon may also liberate you from a health concern. 

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