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New Moon Supermoon in Virgo 2020

New Moon Supermoon in Virgo 2020

The September 17th 2020 New Moon Supermoon in Virgo, at 19°36’ degrees, is decisive, powerful and important, giving you a magical 2-week window to put all your most important plans into action! With Saturn in trine, whatever seeds you now plant are sure to last. You’re at a major crossroads now. And the New Moon is at right angles with the eclipse points in the sky. And so, what you decide to do now has the power to determine your future course. Isn’t it time to choose a new path?

A new moon is always strongest during the two weeks following it, so make sure to plant those seeds now, when your ability to influence matters is strong. New Moons are always opportunities to start fresh. With the New Moon in practical, nitpicking, solution oriented, down to earth, perfectionist Virgo, this is a time to analyse each detail of your life. Look at every part and ask yourself – is this in balance? For example, your health, your family and close relationships, your intimate relationship, your finances, your work and career, your spiritual growth etc. Virgo likes the details and this is a good time to bring everything into the open and look at it from a practical angle. Are you all work and no play?

Virgo rules anything to do with natural healing, health, hygiene, cleaning, order, simplifying.

The Virgo energy can help you to sift through the plethora of information that’s out there concerning health, diet, nutrition, exercise, and find what’s really important for you. (For health tips according to your star-sign, check out Astrology and your Physical Body)

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What does the New Moon in Virgo 2020 mean?

Although this New Moon Supermoon is certainly a big’un, it only magnifies the importance of attention to detail. Time to employ all your training and knowledge to solve some big problems. Today’s Virgo New Moon is one huge to do list: a plan, a programme for moving forward is called for. Something you can do step by step and is achievable. The key is to stay confident, be honest with yourself and focus on what you can do. 

The 2020 Virgo New Moon brings the freshest of fresh starts and a boost of energy to get all your ducks in a row! It always comes toward the end of summer and it’s your cue to clear out your head and get organised post holiday-haze. For many, it symbolises the return to work or the start of school. Virgo loves learning and few things capture the joy of the Virgo New Moon more than a brand new pad and pen, ready to take down notes or help you power through your to do list. The Virgo New Moon is your cue to get things done!

The Main Themes of this New Moon in Virgo

This is a great time to clean your environment, your home, your emotions, your mind, your spirit so that you can function effectively on all cylinders. Which areas need your attention the most?

Virgo is the sign of the zodiac that needs order and cleanliness in which to function effectively. What do you need to clean out in your life? Maybe you need to look at what you are consuming and whether it is toxic to your system. Our society keeps telling us that we need to buy a house, a new car, more clothes, more stuff…..but what do you really need to be happy? Virgo is about getting back to basics. Look at what feeds your soul, what really nourishes you rather than something that will bring you short-term gratification but ultimately leaves you feeling empty once again.

This would be also a good time to get checked for food allergies, to see if you need any extra vitamins or minerals in order to boost your energy levels.

Because Virgo belongs to the earth element, look for ways in which you can feel more connected with the earth. For example, plant a herb garden, do some gardening, connect with nature. Our earth is going through huge changes with more earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, sinkholes, volcanic eruptions than ever before. Some scientists say that our poles are shifting and this is the cause of all these natural disasters. With the New Moon in Virgo, you’ll have an opportunity to become more in tune with your body and your mind and come up with ways in which you can adapt to these changes.

You’ll be extra-sensitive at this time so pay attention to your dreams and your intuition. They will give you guidance as to your next steps.

Virgo loves to be productive and to see practical results for its work. This is a great time to start work, to get something moving, to take some action steps. During this New Moon in Virgo you will have an opportunity to complete anything you have already started. It’s a good time to tie up loose ends. Resolve to take action and once you start feeling productive and useful your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase dramatically.

This is a great time for anything connected with self-development. What skills would you like to learn? Try not to be too critical of yourself and where you are now.

Since Virgo rules service to others, ask yourself how you can contribute to other people without expecting any recognition or acknowledgement in return. Resolve to do a simple act of kindness every single day. You’ll be astonished at how it will improve your mood.

Virgo is a mutable sign which means that it is adaptable and open to change. Use this energy to change the things in your life that are no longer working for you. Make a list (because Virgo loves lists), and check off at least one item every day so that you can see how much progress you are making.

If one of your parents or a family member is a Virgo, or if you are in a relationship with a Virgo, you will know that they set themselves and others very high standards. They can be extremely critical and nit-picking. However, this energy can be used in a positive way if you focus on finding the things that you love about someone. Give them credit and encouragement for the things that they are getting right. Make it your business to look for the times when someone in your life does something truly amazing or wonderful. The little things are what matter the most. Virgo encourages you to focus on these small things and to appreciate them. If someone has bought you a meal, or cooked you a meal, savour it, tell them how much you are enjoying it. If someone has cleaned the house or your room, acknowledge and praise them.

If you can set these small things into motion in your everyday life, you will notice a huge improvement in your relationships. Virgo is all about focusing on the small things and seeing the beauty in the simplicity of life.  

Three Good Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Which areas of my life need healing?

2. How can I be more productive?

3. What can I do to uplift someone else?

Which Star Signs benefit the most from the Virgo New Moon in 2020?

If you’re an earth sign Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn you’ll feel energised, as a world of possibility, fun and adventure opens up before you. Water signs Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio will have opportunities to meet new people and expand your network. The Virgo New Moon could be a little challenging for Gemini and Sagittarius, calling for important decisions if you're to make the most of your luck. Get the full story with the horoscope for your star sign.


Time to get all your ducks in a row, Aries! Now’s the time to get your annual health check up, join a gym, repair that leaking tap or clear your desk or inbox. You might be run off your feet but this is your chance to get your world looking ship shape and everything ticking along nicely. It only comes around once a year so chop chop! Get out your to do list and get started! A very busy period lies ahead.

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What makes you happy, Taurus? Do like Virgo does and make a list. Then get cracking! We’re not talking chores, here, we’re taking fun! The pursuit of pleasure, love and happiness calls you loud and clear. Like signing up for painting classes, launching that blog or inviting the one you fancy to the movies. This is the perfect cosmic time to take up a new hobby or try to make a baby too. The Virgo new moon launches a joyful period of fun and creative self expression.

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Time to get your house in order, Gemini! This could well be your physical home, finding a flatmate, moving, repairs, papers or family affairs. Or it could be your inner world and all the things that make you feel secure and give you a sense of belonging and sanctuary in this world. The Virgo New Moon is your annual return to the mother ship and a relatively introverted period for you. Touch base, decide on your next steps and set the cornerstone for the coming autumn and winter.

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Your mind is likely on overdrive, dear Cancer, as the world around you springs to life! School, travel, media appearances, meetings, exams, paperwork, books, blogs, contracts and communications are all calling you. Behind all of these are tantalising new ideas that you want to experiment with so get your diary out, make a few calls and get started. A very sociable, stimulating and productive time lies ahead!

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Time to get your finances in order, dear Leo. This is the time to pore over your accounts and correct any inefficiencies. Where can you make a saving or invest your energy, time or money for better returns? The same goes in your relationships. Ditch what’s not worth the effort. Getting back control of your life is a good way to raise your confidence and self-esteem. The Virgo New Moon launches a period of building on your strengths. Shake your money maker!

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It’s your turn on the cosmic stage, dear Virgo! The lights are on, the audience is waiting and it’s time to make your debut and get your show on the road. This is no time to be modest. Put yourself first! Make a start with everything that you personally desire and find important. The Moon renews itself in your sign only once a year and it’s your best chance at putting your needs first and launching your most important projects. Remodel your world! Revamp your appearance! Be selfish and take the lead! The cosmos demands it.

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This is a time of spiritual cleansing, dear Libra. You’re world-weary after the summer and you need some down time to prepare for your upcoming birthday. Whether you’re off to a retreat or quietly getting on with work under the radar, there are lots of preparations going on behind the scenes. Secrets could come to light at this Virgo New Moon - yours or others’ - and you might want to take time to adjust. Aim to rest and recharge your batteries now and get ready to launch yourself into new projects and relationships come the autumn!

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The New Moon in Virgo is prime cosmic time to launch your ships, dear Scorpio! You're ready to put in some elbow grease and go after your biggest and most ambitious dreams. All you need, really, is some like-minded people by your side. This New Moon offers you just that. It helps you make new friends and even join a new community. Group enterprises are favoured now as is any attempt to gain allies, lucratively tap into your social network or get in with a most discriminating crowd. A very sociable and rewarding period kicks in for you. Reach for the stars!

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Your career comes into sharp focus, dear Sagittarius. Get serious about the future! What do you want out of life? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your next steps? Others are looking to you to make decisions and take responsibility now and everything you do is likely to be scrutinised. Behave the part! This is your chance to take charge of your life and plant some seeds for the future. The Virgo New Moon kicks off a very high profile period. The buck stops with you, as you work to get to the top, and the pressure might be equally high.

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The Virgo new moon sounds the call to adventure, dear Capricorn! This is an expansive, exhilarating time when you’ll be thinking exciting new thoughts, eager to take a risk or two. Whether you’re going on a late holiday or working on a work project, you feel a sense of excitement and limitless possibility. Capricorn thrives at work and you’re ready to embark on a most uplifting endeavour, whether it’s a marketing campaign, an international deal or some other expansive and risky enterprise. This is also a fantastic time to travel or start college. New experiences beckon!

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This is the moment of truth, dear Aquarius! It’s time to get your finances in order, crunch some numbers and pay bills, taxes, loans and credit cards. It’s also time to bare all and get up-close and personal with someone. The forging of unbreakable bonds is favoured now whether with a bank or sponsors, or with your sexual partner or loved ones. You need to be honest with yourself and others now and face the naked truth in all your dealings. The Virgo New Moon kicks off a time of change, intensity and personal transformation.

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Has your world gone old and stale? Let others infuse it with fresh energy, dear Pisces, curtesy of the New Moon in your opposite sign! Relationships benefit the most now, as others act as your mirror and invigorate your little world. Are you single? Put yourself out there. Let a friend play matchmaker. Just say YES! Attached Pisces can renew their vows and inject fresh life-force into their relationship. Others have much to teach you now so let your spouse, agent or business partner - or even a brand new audience - rock your world! A very extroverted time kicks off for you.

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