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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15 2018

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15 2018

Are all you fully up to date? Are you able to keep up with how your life is changing? Because it is. It’s eclipse season after all! We have a new moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius coming up on February 15th 2018 at 27 degrees bringing you an opportunity to turn the page. This eclipse follows on the heels of the now famous blue blood supermoon in Leo of January 31st (boy, talk about an eclipse getting tons of media attention - how very Leo that was!) This one in Aquarius may not be half as glamorous but it’s potent nonetheless. Why? Because it is plugged in and switched on, ready to use. A conjunction with Mercury in Aquarius and a sextile to Uranus in Aries are sure to bring rapid developments. New information comes to light, ready for you to apply immediately. This will help you make connections - whether you want to rewire your brain or your entire social network - and revolutionise your life. It’s time to step out of the Matrix! Or at least join with people and ideas, connect the dots and carry out a thorough system upgrade.  Jupiter in Scorpio is also on board, pushing you to take a leap of faith. If the system no longer works for you, well, it’s time to change the system!

Aquarius Solar Eclipse 2018 Horoscope

Time to rewire your brain! Step out of the Matrix! Think outside the box! A box you yourself created with your rigid ideas, conformity and ‘yes-’ men and women. A switch goes on now in some area of your life showing you a new path. Where? Check out the horoscope for your star sign.


Do the people around you - friends, acquaintances, your community - truly reflect who you are? Are your ambitions in line with who you have become? With what gives you joy, what makes your heart sing? It’s time to rewire your social network! To decide afresh what it is that you wish for in this life and go for it. No use trying to conform, dear Aries. Be yourself. Honour your desire for love, joy and self expression! Honour your creativity! 


Where do you see your life going, Taurus? Do you set yourself meaningful goals? Do you dare to reach for something better or are you using excuses as to why you cannot aim high or ever achieve what you want? Its time to rewire your career expectations and public image. No use ‘doing the right thing’ or following a path because you think it’s what’s expected of you. Honour who you really are and where you are coming from! Use that as your springboard in giving your life direction.


What’s your philosophy of life, Gemini? Is your outlook vibrant, meaningful, evolving  alongside you? Or have you become so narrow-minded and dogmatic that you do not even think any new thoughts any more? It’s time to rewire your belief system and open yourself up to learning new things and seeing the world from a fresh perspective. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Honour your thirst for knowledge and your natural curiosity. Play around with this one!


It’s time to step out of the Matrix of other people’s values and ideas about money, Cancer. Do you derive your sense of self-worth far too much from what others give you? Are you too dependent on credit, benefits, bonuses, sponsorship or even on your partner’s income? It’s time to rewire your entire financial framework! Forget stale old ideas around the exchange of money and energy. Honour your own values, the unique assets you have to offer, your true worth and your earning power!


Have you outgrown a certain important relationship, dear Leo? Or maybe it’s time for that relationship to enter a new phase? You’re tired of playing the same character over and over again in the love story of your life. You’re eager for a fresh script!  If you are single, you’re ready to turn the page and start putting out a totally new signal as to what kind of person you are looking for. Good! Be true to yourself. Honour your wants and needs. Take care of your appearance, be true to yourself and the perfect relationship will come!


Certain unhealthy habits have become such second nature to you, dear Virgo, that you don’t even know where to begin. The cosmos now gives you a chance to hit ‘Reset’ and rewire your lifestyle - how you work, eat, sleep, do your teeth - anything from the smallest to the biggest of daily rituals! New job perhaps? No more ‘cog in the machine’ for you. No more 'worker bee’, business as usual, following a pointless routine day in day out. You are a soul incarnate! You are an extension of the divine! Honour what is hidden. Honour your spirit inside. Tap into your creative source!


When was the last time you really enjoyed yourself, dear Libra? Has the love, the joy, the happiness all but been sucked out of you? It’s time to rediscover your lust of life! To fall in love all over again, to take a risk, to spend time with your kids, to express yourself creatively and have fun! You have a chance to rewire your capacity for joy. How? Honour your need to dream! Join a new team. Let your new friends and allies inspire fresh ideals in you and you will soon regain your mojo!


When was the last time you checked in with yourself, dear Scorpio? Are you even the same person you thought you were? It’s time to step out of the box your old family conditioning around who you are. Time to rewire your understanding of your home, roots, family, nationality.  Your security needs have changed. Your attitude toward property, home and family has changed. No use trying to get a mortgage and 2.5 kids if that’s not you. Honour your true goals and ambitions! Hark your calling.


Is your mind stuck on a loop, Sagittarius? Like a broken record playing over and over again no matter how hard you try to get your thoughts on a different subject? It’s time to rewire your brain! You’re ready to read new books, meet new people, go to different places and change scenery a little. No use chewing the same dry ideas over and over again. Honour your call to adventure! Honour your thirst to learn, travel, try new experiences! Let a fresh vision take hold of you and your mind will eagerly follow.


Work hard, play hard, dear Capricorn, that’s you. But it’s time to reboot your thinking around money. Do you think that you will never break out of a particular earning bracket? Or maybe you think that money is a zero sum game: “money in, money out” - or “hours in, pay-check out” and that’s that? Well, it’s time to try a more creative approach! Honour a gift that someone else brings to the table! Trust in the transformative power of people pooling resources! It’s time to redeploy your time and assets in a more meaningful, exponential way.


Sometimes, dear Aquarius, you are so taken by some Great Idea, looking at the world from so high on above that others are like mere dots in the distance, barely discernible save as virtual components of your Grand Plan. Well, whatever Idea you have been using to define yourself, it is fast fading. It’s dying. It’s time for a new Design! A New You! And how about this? Honour others as stars in their own right! Honour them as the creative centre of their universe! Doing so is sure to inspire and revitalise you enough to come up with a new plan.


This period in your life calls for great faith, dear Pisces. It’s time to step out of the ever narrowing and terrifying box of your fears, anxieties and illusions and honour each day afresh. Each day is a gift. Are you making the most of it? Do you have a job you love? Are you taking care of yourself as you should? Do you stop to smell the roses? It’s time to rewire your spiritual connection, your direct line to God and your divine source. You could achieve ‘enlightenment’ in your sleep, with much needed information arriving in a dream!

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