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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Dreamcatcher!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Dreamcatcher!

A new moon solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26th is giving you one last push toward the finish line. Set up your dreamcatcher! Your dream is that close to being realised. Have you missed it by a hair’s breadth? Then it's time to let it die. It was never meant to happen. Time to dream new dreams! Is this a pipe-dream or is it for real? You’re about to find out!

This solar eclipse in Pisces is conjunct dreamweaver Neptune in Pisces. It’s full of starry-eyed magic, dreams and longing. And we don’t just mean the Oscars, which fall right on this glamorous eclipse! Something magical is going on in your life. Maybe you can feel it. Or maybe you just feel lost and uncertain. Stay with it. You’re in that in-between space where reality is woven out of the imagination. Don’t go for it too soon or your dream creation may abort. This eclipse links up with the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus opposition and Mars giving it a sense of urgency!

The new moon is conjunct the South Lunar Node and Mercury. If there’s something that has been holding you back, it’s time to let it go. If you’ve been fooling yourself about something or feeding an addiction, it’s time to recognise this. Speak it, verbalise it and cut it loose. Venus is very strong right now and this puts love and relationships at the heart of this new moon solar eclipse. Who or what do you love? What has real value in your life? Time to decide.

Your Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse Horoscope

Have you been working toward a particular dream? Get ready to push to the finish line! Read the horoscope for your star sign and your Ascendant. If your dreams have been crumbling to dust for some time now it’s time to let go. You need new dreams. Our gifted spiritual advisors can help you make this transition: reach out now on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470)!

Aries Star Sign or Aries Ascendant

You know how ocean waves grind down pebbles on the shore? Parts of your life have been washed away in like manner since early 2015, making way for something new. Let the past go. Trust in your intuition to take you forward. A secret revelation or spiritual insight could be the catalyst to releasing what no longer works. Stay anonymous. Below the radar. There’s immense power in that!

Taurus Star Sign or Taurus Ascendant

Your entire social network has been in a state of flux since 2015. Friendships may have suffered and changed, dreams fallen by the wayside. If you’ve been hoping and wishing but feeling left out, it’s time to pull out all the stops and join the club of your choosing. You’ve got nothing to lose. And if it all was nothing but a pipe-dream, then at least you’ll know. And then you can re-orient yourself to the world in a more fulfilling way.

Gemini Star Sign or Gemini Ascendant

Has your career taken off in the past couple of years? Or have you been chasing a dream, ever within reach, yet forever just one step away? A window opens now, giving you one last chance at the big time. Success, recognition, accolades, they’re yours for the taking. And if you’ve already got these, or are feeling disillusioned with the whole thing, it’s time to set some new and more inspired goals for yourself.

Cancer Star Sign or Cancer Ascendant

You’ve been on a major learning curve since early 2015. Did you travel abroad, go to college or try your hand at publishing? If you’re still at it, then it’s time for one final push to the finish line. If you work in PR and the media, chances are you’ve been through massive changes. A final door opens now that sets you on a brand new path. Think big! Bigger! That’s your job. Now let the universe take care of the rest.

Leo Star Sign or Leo Ascendant

Whether you’re dreaming of a financial windfall or the perfect sexual union, there’s an intense feeling of vulnerability here. But you’ve probably learned to live with it. Is it truly possible to get so close with someone and be as one? Is it possible to win big? It’s now or never! If you don’t try you’ll never find out! But if you’re a sex addict - or a gambler - constantly yearning for the next big thrill, isn’t it time to rethink your strategy?

Virgo Star Sign or Virgo Ascendant

Your relationship has been down some strange paths since early 2015 and you’re used to things being in flux. In fact, you’re clearing through past karma with each other and even forging a deep spiritual bond. And now you have one last revelation to help complete this process. If it’s all gone wrong, it’s time to dream new relationship dreams. This eclipse puts you on the relationship fast-track, whether hitched, recently- or perennially-single…

Libra Star Sign or Libra Ascendant

Your work and daily routine have been shape-shifting since early 2015. This could be the moment when you land your dream job or ideal work-project. It could also be the moment when you quit your day-job in search for a better life-style. Whatever your dream: pull out all the stops and see if it’s viable! If an addiction has got you hooked, it’s time to become aware and begin the healing process.

Scorpio Star Sign or Scorpio Ascendant

This round of eclipses has brought much love, creativity and joy into your life since 2015. New baby? Burst of creative inspiration? Or maybe you’re head over heels in love? Despite any sacrifices, it’s been a dream come true! Now it’s time to put the finishing touches to this dream and make it happen. If you’re disappointed and not sure which way to go, one last turn of the wheel reveals your heart’s desire.

Sagittarius Star Sign or Sagittarius Ascendant

The ground has been dissolving right beneath your feet ever since 2015. And whilst you have been striving to build, it’s hard to build on quicksand. You may have reconnected with family, redecorated or bought your dream home. You’re longing to belong and feel safe. Here you have another chance to release the past and put down fresh roots. A home and family dream is near fruition.

Capricorn Star Sign or Capricorn Ascendant

Has everything around you been dissolving? Your favourite neighbourhood, blog or news channel? Or maybe it’s your own mind that’s going to mush? It’s time to strip yourself of illusions. Your everyday relationships have changed drastically since 2015 and that includes your relationship with a sibling. It’s time for one last push to clear out old energy. If you’re a writer or media presenter, this could be your big moment of fame!

Aquarius Star Sign or Aquarius Ascendant

Are you dreaming of that big money pie in the sky? And a nice juicy slice just for you? This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Time to pull out all the stops and find out just how close you are to dreamy riches. The way you earn and spend money has changed drastically since 2015 and you’ll soon be ready to establish a new financial normal. For now… Go for the big time!

Pisces Star Sign or Pisces Ascendant

You have had a rollercoaster ride since early 2015, dazzling everyone around you. First you dreamt it and then you made it happen! And if not, then this is your moment to pull out all the stops and get to the finish line! Everyone is stunned by your transformation and totally under your spell. You can now wipe the slate clean and fully embark onto your new life!

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