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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017: Brave New World!

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017: Brave New World!

2017's biggest astrology event - a total eclipse of the sun in Leo - is here August 21st! Ready for a brave new world? Leo is the sign of royalty and world leaders so we should see dramatic changes at the top. It also rules the creative arts and the stock market; the eclipses were in Leo last during the crash of 2008! As for you personally? Solar eclipses wipe the slate clean for something new to be born… “The king is dead, long live the king!” A new star is rising. It's time to be courageous, take heart and make dramatic changes in your life!  Let your own unique light shine forth!

This solar eclipse is in the very last degrees of Leo and it’s conjunct Mars and fixed star Regulus. We could see ambitious displays of power and possibly even aggression. It all happens right over America so there should be a lot of action across the pond… But this is hardly a bad eclipse. It’s conjunct the North Lunar Node - the point of growth and good karma - and it also creates a golden diamond in the skies with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This makes change exciting and much easier to implement. Fear not! Take a leap! It's a moment of inspiration, leadership, and creative genius!

Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo Horoscope for your Star Sign

So what's in store for your star sign during this total solar eclipse in Leo? Your horoscope can give you a clue. Is it your birthday? Then get ready for monumental life changes! Dial 0207 111 6384 and find out what's coming!


Ready for a total renewal in love? That’s what this eclipse is all about for you, dear Aries! It opens a new door to greater happiness, showing you everything that you've been missing... Eager to get started? Much joy lies in store! You could fall in love all over again, experience a different side to love or rejoice over the birth of a child.  A bright creative idea could also be the big news of this eclipse. 


Get ready for some huge changes around your residence, home and family, dear Taurus! You might hear news about a parent, move house or even move country! If you renovate your space now you will want to make a bold statement. Nothing small satisfies. If there’s no fun in it then what’s the point? Are you ready to start your own family? Revelations about your past and your inner psychology make way for a new beginning. 


This eclipse is big news for you, dear Gemini! Some huge piece of information is about to be revealed or someone could depart from your immediate environment leaving you to play around with new and invigorating ideas. It's time to find new ways to express yourself! Network, establish your business or communicate your thoughts! Ever tried your hand at creative writing? Make your voice heard!


This is the end of a major financial chapter in your life and the start of something new, dear Cancer. If a source of income has dried up, this is only because something even bigger is on its way! What’s your true earning potential? You don’t even know yet! But the eclipse will reveal all... It’s time to exercise some different money making muscles and draw on as yet untapped resources. Reset your value system and set new priorities!


Happy birthday dear Leo! And if it really is your birthday right on this eclipse, well pfhoah!!! The curtain falls on your old self... Get ready to turn the page on a major new life chapter! A seminal birthday year lies ahead and you wont’ even recognise your old life by the time it’s over. The good news? The new you will experience so much more joy, love and creativity in life! This is a brand new start for all Leos. Change your hair, your name, your goals! It’s a complete do over.


Leo lies in the most hidden part of your horoscope, dear Virgo. Time to take some time off to recharge your batteries. If you do so you can confidently expect a spiritual awakening and an explosion of creative inspiration! Time away from people can bring a revitalising new perspective. Psychotherapy, creative explorations and spiritual pursuits can change your life now. So would a new job at a large institution. Oh and if this is your birthday coming up soon, get ready for a mind-blowing year ahead!


Join the club! Get ready to walk down the red carpet to a totally new and blingy social stratum! A friendship might change radically or you could become part of a new society, group or community, all very glamorous. You're ready for a bigger, better game! Let old ideals and associations fall away. Time to make new friends, in line with your fresh ambitions! You could also score a victory in your social circle, opening the path to a whole new social network. 


Get ready for a radical change in life direction, dear Scorpio! This eclipse could create a vacuum at the top for you to rise in the ranks! A boss could depart allowing you to take more of a leadership role. Or you might become a parent. A major career switch, a change is social status or public image redefinition lies ahead. It's time to be a leader and step into some big shoes! Alternatively, if you have been dominating the scene for a while, maybe it's time for a new position...


A great adventure is just beginning, dear Sagittarius! It's time for you to break new ground, risk everything, and breathe the air of freedom. New experiences lie in store! A marketing, international or media project could provide a major victory and the platform for you to take off for greener pastures. This is a chance at something big. Don't be afraid to leave the familiar behind. A total change of outlook is in order!


Huge financial changes lie in store for you, dear Capricorn! Your partner's financial situation could change, you might receive unhoped for funds for a  project or you could initiate a powerful merger. You also have a chance to clear debt! Your financial landscape is changing for good and it all starts with a partnership, payout, or major business deal! This could also be the start of greater sexual and emotional intimacy with someone, transforming you. 


Talk about dramatic relationship changes, dear Aquarius! This could be as personal as a wedding, the birth of a child, you two moving in together or anything that’s capable of bringing your relationship on a whole other level. But it could also be a hugely successful publicity stunt. Expect your popularity to sky rocket and get ready to entertain a whole new fan base! You’re going global! A life-changing professional collaboration could also be on the cards.


Bored of your work? Time for a fresh start! You might decide to change your job, start working for the first time or move within the company and develop new skills. This is the perfect time to establish a more creative, joyful, fruitful daily routine to get the best out of yourself. It's a chance to maximise your health too! If you're born near February 22 or have your ascendant in early Pisces this is a seminal moment for your relationships!

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