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New Supermoon in Cancer June 2017

New Supermoon in Cancer June 2017

The early hours of Saturday the 24th bring you a new supermoon in Cancer! While the moon isn’t visible when it's brand new, this one is very close to the earth (hence 'super') and exerting just as powerful an influence. This is a superhero of a new moon! It’s full of movement, energy and drive, as it is conjunct Mercury and (widely) Mars in Cancer. And it has the information it needs to act upon! Cancer might be a reluctant hero but it will come out fighting when its home, family or country (literal or metaphorical!) are threatened. What do you truly care about? This new moon in Cancer presses all your buttons and gets you moving! And this time it is personal…

New Supermoon in Cancer Horoscope for your Star Sign

The Cancer new supermoon brings a dynamic fresh start for all star signs! Chances are you're feeling pretty strongly about something. And you are prepared to fight to protect it! What is that thing? Your horoscope has the details. Cancer prefers a more personal touch and if you need to speak to an actual, real human being dial 0207 111 6384 and talk to one of our expert psychics right now!


This new moon is big news for your home and family! It brings a fresh influx of energy into your personal life allowing you to make a brand new start on that front, whether it’s with your home, a parent or a personal gripe that needs airing. Property and real estate projects now get a big thumbs up and a push forward. An important conversation might need to take place. Tend to your foundations.


Can you teach an old dog new tricks, Taurus? Yes you can! This new moon stimulates your mind and brings a lot of fresh activity, places and faces into your life. It raises your confidence levels and makes you more outspoken, allowing you to exert a greater influence on your environment. Public speaking, writing, and media projects get a green light. You have two weeks until July 8 to make strides. A short getaway might be just the ticket to refresh your thinking.


How's your bank balance, dear Gemini? This new moon motivates you to earn extra cash and to make the best of what you've already got! Your stock is rising and you want to capitalise on it right now when the time is right. There might be conversations with family members about money and priorities. The next two weeks are your best window of opportunity to increase your earnings or make an important investment.


Don your superhero cloak, dear Cancer! It's time to take matters into your own hands! This new moon brings you all the information, power and energy you need to go after what's most important to you. Speak up for your interests! Fight for yourself! Get your body into shape! Do it now when Mars is also on your side until July 20. The next two weeks are key, injecting you with fresh ideas, energy and confidence for the year ahead.


This new moon is a force of nature, dear Leo! It’s time to clear the decks and prepare the ground for new things to come into your life! If you need some closure first now’s the time to settle any unfinished business. Come August you will turn the page on a brand-new and exciting chapter in your life! You’re now backstage preparing for the big show so accept what comes your way, pay attention to your dreams and listen to your intuition.


This new moon puts you on the map, dear Virgo! Did you want to join a club or establish yourself in a new social circle? Whether you want to make new friends or reconnect with old ones you now have the ideas and motivation to make a difference in your community. Time to pull out all the stops to make your dreams come true! Things might heat up with a friend. An invitation to a social event in the next couple of weeks might lead to something special…


Your career heats up, dear Libra and everyone looks to you to make some important decisions. Assert your authority! Carry your responsibilities! You may have to fight for your position against those who would challenge it. Communicate your goals and pursue them dynamically. New information comes in to change where you think you’re headed. You now have the energy and stamina to climb the greasy pole. Set things in motion well before July 8!


Welcome to the start of a great adventure, dear Scorpio! A big idea might land on your desk or you might hear something really exciting that expands your view of what is and isn’t possible for you. Communicate your new vision and pursue it with passion! Go on an adventurous holiday if you’ve always wanted to travel. Break into a new market! Apply to Uni! Publish your work! Think big and make a start before July 8th. Travel, academia, the courts, publishing and PR all get a big boost.


This new moon is all about sticky subjects like money, trust, commitment and intimacy, dear Sagittarius. The time has come to capitalise on your emotional and financial investments in other people. And if you have none it’s time to start opening up. Do you need financial help? A bank loan or sponsor to help you reach your aims? Now’s the time to ask! Things get very up close and personal relationship-wise too. In too deep? See it as a chance to come closer and bond with someone special!


This is a brand new start for your relationships, dear Capricorn! Whether you're single or attached you can do much in the next couple of weeks to get things with others into a more eventful space. It's a great time to pursue a romantic or business partnership and to examine how you react to those who approach you. It might even be a competitor or rival that gets your juices flowing… Whether this makes you angry or excited it's time to come out of your shell, have stimulating conversations and engage with others! Someone may need you.


Are you ready for summer, dear Aquarius? If you still have a way to go, now is the time to crank up the motivation you need to get fit. You're a sign that likes to go about things in an intelligent, unusual way so the key to this whole thing might be a clever diet or new exercise routine that you want to experiment with… Your work also heats up. You may embark on an ambitious work project, have an argument to clear the air or remodel the office.


This new moon is like Cupid firing an arrow straight into your heart, dear Pisces, kicking off a romantic, intense couple of weeks! How’s your love life? You're more eager for love and to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. This could be the start of a wonderful new love affair, a super-loving period with your sweetheart or an exciting creative endeavour. Follow your heart well into July! A fresh and more rewarding start with your children is also on the cards. Have fun!

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