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New Years Resolutions 2018 for every Star Sign

New Years Resolutions 2018 for every Star Sign

Are you cynical about New Years Resolutions? No need to be! Have you thought that maybe you, or others around you, go about it all wrong? Set too many and you’re likely to stick to none. Swear to do stuff in a self-punishing sort of voice and you’re setting yourself up for failure. But set none and you’re missing out on a chance for renewal. It’s all about asking the right questions. You’re more likely to stick to something if your heart is truly in it. And not just on January 1st. So what are your real concerns going forward? Horoscope Friends is here to shed light on 2018’s hottest astrology topics for your star sign, the ones you’ll really care about. Everything has its proper time and making changes is often a slow process so don’t beat yourself up over past failures. Are there any ways in which you’re older and wiser this year? Yes! Astrology can shed light on those too. So here are the New Year’s Resolutions that you’re most likely to go for on January 1st and actually stick to, based on your star sign! And if in doubt, don't forget that you can call us anytime on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) and speak to one of our friendly, vetted psychic advisors.


Take responsibility, dear Aries! The time has come to rise to the occasion, step up to the plate and climb to the top. You’ve gathered experts' opinions, you’ve studied, travelled and done your research. Much wiser now, you’re ready to make a five year plan and stick to it! A big family moment over New Year is just what you need to get you thinking and set you on the right track. 


Do not be afraid of change, dear Taurus! Easier said than done, we know, but this is the one New Year’s Resolution that can get you in the right mindset for 2018. Resolve to rock your own boat! Be open to learning, experimenting and testing what you know. You’re full of ideas come New Year's and that’s only the beginning. You’ve gone through a major transformation. Time to spread the word!


2018's New Year’s Resolutions are all about money for you, dear Gemini.  Resolve to settle debts and sort out your joint finances this year! Your mind is on money the minute the new year enters but you can’t make headway alone. You need to get your financial agreements in place first. This is very much a test of trust in others and in the universe to deliver. You’re much wiser relationship-wise (both personal and professional) this year. Now make your new-found wisdom pay!


Relationships, relationships, relationships! This New Year’s celebrations bring a big moment of reckoning for you personally, dear Cancer. But while the spotlight is on you, the real action lies in the realm of personal relationships, friendships and professional partnerships. You’ve worked hard and paid your dues. Is it time to claim a share in the company as an equal? Is it time to tend to your marriage or pay more attention to your sweetheart or spouse? This is also the year you might decide to marry.


Time to put in some elbow grease, dear Leo! Your New Year’s resolution is to work hard and watch your star rise into the stratosphere! Your greatest strength is knowing your heart. You know what and whom you love and you've got your startup enterprize going. Time to revolutionise your career and public image! Your health is also important so take time to rest over New Year’s, all the better to be ready once 2018 gets underway.


Time to come out of the closet, dear Virgo! You’ve been hemmed in, dealing with personal and family issues for too long. You’ve touched base with yourself, got clear on your identity and are ready to externalise what you found. Dare to express yourself! Risk exposure! Resolve to turn your hobby into a business, do more of what you love or take dating more seriously if you’re single. New Year’s finds you full of dreams for the future. Do something about them!


Tend to your foundations, dear Libra. This could be property matters, joint finances, family inheritance or emotional hangups rooted in the past. You’ve got a good network around you, keeping you in the loop, and that allows you to turn your attention within and build a solid base of operations. You might find yourself questioning where your life is headed on New Year’s Day. All the more reason to build from the bottom up!


2018 is one gigantic rollercoaster of a learning curve, dear Scorpio! Resolve to be open to the unknown and not try and control events. Sounds suspicious, we know, but this year is all about experimenting, saying YES and welcoming surprising proposals and brilliant opportunities that you could never have devised on your own in a million years! Your mind is on the bigger picture on New Year’s. And it’s that brilliant mind that you’ll be putting to work in the coming months…


Resolve to stand on your own two feet, dear Sagittarius! You’ve been through a tough few years. Older and wiser, you’re now ready to consolidate all you’ve learned and make it count! And not just metaphorically but in real hard currency! You can resolve to make money, save money or get your money to work better for you. Stick to your values and do it right. Being open to new and experimental methods at work will be helpful to you. 


Brand New Year, Brand New You - that’s your New Year’s resolution, dear Capricorn! And it’s not just a cliche or a figure of speech… It’s time for a total refurbishment of that construction you call Myself. Time to build your life around what’s most important and relevant to you and to make more room for creativity, love and enjoyment too. An important professional partnership, relationship or the conspicuous absence of one could be the trigger that sets the whole thing into action come New Year’s!


You've done your bit for the world, dear Aquarius. You’ve tried to build a better tomorrow, pursued your dreams and supported your favourite causes. It’s time to let go. Your New Year’s resolution is to take a step back. Time to clear house and tend to your spirit. Taking better care of your health or finding a better work-life balance is part of that and something you’ll give thought to come the new year. Resolve to take a back seat and give yourself more time to be creative, rest, heal and regenerate your body.


Join the club, dear Pisces! Which club? Why, the one of your choosing of course! You’ve risen up the ranks and set yourself new and far reaching goals. From this high vantage point, your next step is to celebrate your success. How? By surrounding yourself with the right kind of people - allies! Your New Year’s resolution is to build a solid support network and put your stamp on the world. Your heart sings for joy come New Year’s, you feel love's sweet kiss and you want to do your bit for this beautiful world.

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