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October 2017 Astrology

October 2017 Astrology

October brings some big astrology news! It enters with a bang and things get more and more exciting as the month unfolds. With key planets still in meticulous Virgo, forewarned is forearmed. So we thought it good to give you Horoscope Friends fans out there a sneak peak of the coming month and keep you ahead of the curve. And don’t forget that you can get the lowdown specific to your particular star sign by checking out your monthly horoscope! October aspects and major astrological transits coming up…

5 October: Mars/Venus conjunction + Aries Full Moon

It’s a lusty entrance into October! The first high point comes on October 5th when lovers Mars and Venus meet and get themselves all tangled up in Virgo. On the very same day we have a full moon in Aries, when everything that’s been happening over the past few weeks and months reaches breaking point. This is one heck of a passionate moment! You’ll be feeling pretty strongly about something and the fighter within you will want to come out sword blazing. Aries is ruled by Mars, you see, and so Mars will be doubly emphasised on October 5th. Venus’ presence simply ensures that you’re fully engaged, rah rah rah and ready to go. To say you are having strong feelings is an understatement. Whatever or whomever this involves, you deeply care about. You’ll absolutely love this moment — or you’ll hate it — we cannot tell. A bit like marmite.

10 October: Jupiter into Scorpio

October only gets sassier, the deeper we go. On October 10th Jupiter enters sexy and mysterious Scorpio. There it will spend the next twelve months, raising intensity levels — both in your personal life and on a worldly scale — up a notch. Here we have an important change in perspective. You’ve tried to play nice. But all you get is endless negotiating, rule-following, talking and waiting. Being all PC can only get you so far. Time to be a renegade! The time has come for action! To make some changes around here! This could affect anything from your relationship to your finances and career — stay tuned for your Jupiter in Scorpio horoscope, coming soon. On a world scale, we’ll see shifts in power-balance, bold actions, crises and changes in the banking and financial system. This is only the tip of the iceberg, paving the way for bigger changes in 2018 when Uranus and Chiron also change signs. Are you a Scorpio? Read your Scorpio monthly horoscope forecast for October!

8-11 October: Sun/Mercury square Pluto - Mars/Venus square Saturn

At about the same time, October 8-11, the Sun and Mercury come together in Libra square to Pluto and hot couple Mars and Venus square Saturn. This creates a backdrop of delicate balances - especially where relationships are concerned - and you may feel that a more decisive approach is needed. Sun conjunct Mercury on October 8th brings to culmination the entire Mercury retrograde period of August-September 2017. It’s finally clear where you stand with someone. The square to Pluto suggests that it’s probably nowhere you particularly like and you might feel that it’s time to take more drastic measures to get your point across. Celebrity pair Venus and Mars both square Saturn October 8th-11th creating considerable hostility. There’s no love lost between certain parties. You might feel rejected or pressured into taking more of a hard line. And just at that crucial moment...Jupiter slips into Scorpio opening your eyes to new and more lucrative alternatives!

19 October: New Moon opposite Uranus

The next juicy October morsel comes on the 19th, when we get a new moon in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, i.e. the Sun and Moon are both opposite Uranus. This new moon brings a major breakthrough and it could easily be a rebellion, break in relationships or a break with the past. It could bring a liberating dilemma as you try to respond to a new situation - something that catches you off guard and you have no protocol for. Well, if the old rules no longer work, guess what? Break them! The world seems precariously balanced and it’s time to have a clean break and start afresh somewhere in your own life. Are you a Libra? Read your Libra monthly horoscope to see how this will affect you!

26 October: Sun conjunct Jupiter

What’s a new start without the champagne bottle that launches your ship? Well, nothing really. And here's the time to do it: October 26th! That’s when the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio, giving Jupiter a proper welcome and sending him off into the night to strut his stuff! As most astrologers will tell you, this is the luckiest day of the month, if not the entire year. We concur, in principle. It may or may not feel that way, but that’s irrelevant. Opportunity the size of an elephant is certainly knocking on your door! If you don’t see it or do nothing about it, well, what can we say. Make a note of this day in your diary! If you have something important to plan in the diary for October — a business meeting, key discussion or relationship milestone — set it for that date. You’ll be glad you did!

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