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October 27th 2015 - Full Moon in Taurus: Sheer Luxury!

October 27th 2015 - Full Moon in Taurus: Sheer Luxury!
We have a super-sensual and super-luxurious full moon in Taurus on October 27th. This is a time for pleasure and romance as Neptune in Pisces, planet of dreams, fantasy and candlelight is very harmonious to this full moon. Τhe October full moon takes place on Tuesday 27th at midday in the UK and in the early hours of the morning in the US.
The weekends either side of this full moon both present great opportunities for enjoyment, as they are graced with beautiful aspects. Last weekend (23rd-25th) saw Venus, mistress of this full moon, conjunct lucky Jupiter in Virgo and trine sexy Pluto in Capricorn - a hot combination of love and abundance giving you a head start. And there's still plenty to come: next weekend is just as romantic, as Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces on Friday the 30th, ensuring a very sassy end to the month. You have plenty of chances for pleasure and happiness in the last 10 days of October!
Taurus is traditionally the sign of money, so this full moon should also be very positive for business enterprises, profits and luxury purchases. You may feel like overspending or overindulging… If so, opt for quality - a Taurus favourite! Then you’ll feel that you had a wonderful time and that it was all worth it.
Taurus is a highly artistic sign too, so this is a great time for you to indulge in a creative hobby, do some painting or play some music - another Taurus favourite.
Underneath all these luxurious vibes we have Venus in Virgo opposite maverick asteroid Chiron in Pisces on the 27th too. This may bring an important matter to light for purification and healing. This may be a financial, material or bodily concern, or a matter of the heart. Use this full moon to cleanse past pain and let beauty, love and pleasure soothe your senses!
How to make the most of this luxurious full moon in Taurus:
  • Wear quality clothes
  • Go shopping for something special
  • Enjoy good food and wine
  • Cook a delicious meal
  • Opt for candlelight and a soothing atmosphere
  • Go to a music concert 
  • Take a walk in nature
  • Do some gardening
  • Go for a massage or spa treatment
  • Have a yard sale
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Indulge your artistic hobbies
  • Slow down. Take time to smell the roses. Be fully present in the moment. Give thanks.
  • Do a creative visualisation: Imagine you are earning tons of cash just by doing what you love! Spend and invest as you wish, safe in the knowledge that all is well. Feel safe and prosperous.

The Full Moon in Taurus and your Star-Sign:

Where does the Taurus Full Moon promise you luxury, enjoyment and pleasure at month’s end? Read your star-sign to find out!  You can also read your Ascendant for extra information (to find it out get your free birth chart). For a more personal reading, why not call our hotline on 0207 111 6384?
This luxurious full moon in Taurus shines a light on all the good things in your life - all the things that make you feel safe and well and that give you a sense of substance and prosperity in this world. This may be important people in your life who are a real asset; it may be talents that you would like to actualise or financial assets that you would like to realise. The full moon may also shine a light on your income and ways to increase it; or it may bring to light a potential investment. Whatever happens, the key is to follow your hunches about how to best capitalise on all the wonderful goodies that you enjoy. With the planet of compassion so harmonious to this full moon, something or someone may pull at your heart-strings and you may want to help. Charitable causes may or may not be your thing, but the stars suggest that it's a good investment at present. Alternatively, you may want to offer your services in a different way. This is also a good time to slow down and perfect your skills, or to meditate and take better care of your body. 
The spotlight is on you, dear Taurus, and on all your personal goals and desires! A full moon in your sign finds you right in your element and this one is a beautiful full moon. Of all the signs you are the one that really knows how to slow down, indulge and enjoy every bit of pleasure you can derive from your senses. This is a time to put yourself first and enjoy this wonderful full moon; it only comes around once a year! Get a massage or beauty treatment! Sit down and come up with a solid plan to achieve your goals. This full moon is bound to show you more clearly what you want, while at the same time showcasing your wonderful gifts. Enjoy the spotlight and take stock, dear Taurus - of all the wonderful goodies you have and of everything you would still like to achieve. Take it slow and steady, but make some decisions. Let your wonderful friends and allies help you focus on yourself and what you want. Just follow your heart and never mind your fears! Let your friends act as your teachers! Something you started this May may now come full circle.
This full moon in Taurus in your house of invisibility is a time to slow down and take it easy. As this is an earthy full moon, it’s an excellent chance to do things that soothe your nervous system and ground your energy: do a little grounding meditation, retreat to your abode for a bit of gardening or pottering about, cook a lovely meal, volunteer for a task, take time to quieten your mental chatter and listen to your intuition. This is also a great time to clear clutter and beautify your home, as well as for some psychological clearing. Keep pen and paper by your bedside and write down any dreams you may have, as these may carry important messages for you now. Your career will be greatly benefited by the things you do during this full moon, whether this is simply recharging your batteries, or going out there and volunteering your services. Your popularity may receive a real boost too, especially if you work in the healing or artistic professions. Your home and family provide a good focus for your energies now. Is it time to let go of the past? Try and be open to what a boss or parent has to teach you.
The end of the month is a super-sociable and enjoyable time for you, dear Cancer. Use it to connect with dear friends, share wonderful travelling tales, strike up philosophical conversations and discuss your hopes for the future. The spotlight may fall on your own goals and dreams and things you can do to make these happen. This will give you greater clarity as to where you want to be in five years’ time. The media, or a marketing or publishing platform may be instrumental in opening doors for you now and introducing you to the right circles. A trip abroad may also prove highly beneficial, putting you in the right place at the right time. Alternatively, you may decide to go to university and achieve a long held dream. This is a time of abundance, reward and wish fulfilment for you, dear Cancer.  Use it to promote your vision and go after your dreams! You have a unique voice and it's time to share it with the world. Being afraid of rejection, failure or criticism should not hold you back. Let yourself be guided by those in the know. 
Your career is in the spotlight, dear Leo and it’s time for you to take stock and decide what you want to aim for.  Above all, it's time for you to decide which personal talents and assets you want to develop and project outward into the world as part of your professional identity. This full moon is very friendly to your public image and this is a great time to impress VIPs and get a sense of exactly what you need to do to get to the next level in your profession. You call the shots now. Equally, a project may culminate that puts you in the public eye, giving you a chance to take on greater responsibilities and showcase what you can do. This project looks like it has both financial and creative investors behind it, and you seem like the ideal candidate to represent them both. Maybe you have been dependent financially on others for a long time, or maybe you’ve been experiencing financial difficulties. If so, this full moon shows you the way toward greater self-assurance and self-sufficiency. On a completely different level, you may decide to make an intimate relationship or business deal official.
This full moon is simply made for a romantic getaway with your special someone, dear Virgo. Choose somewhere close to nature or, if you prefer the town, opt for the best that your money can buy! If you cannot get away, then plan some romantic one-on-one time with your special someone and share your plans and dreams for the future. Let your imagination take you where it will and let your spirit soar! Time to get clear on your future vision and your partner is bound to feature largely in it. If you are single, you may meet a handsome stranger or someone from a very different walk of life, who widens your horizons. Business-wise, this is a great time for you to go public with your project, market yourself to a wider audience, publish your work or launch your website. Also, if you are at university you will get right into your stride during this full moon and raise your cache with teachers and friends alike. You are at your best and looking good at the moment! Time to let others in. Let them be your teachers and your guides. Be open and accept other people as they are - warts and all - and let them do the same for you. 
This full moon is all about money for you dear Libra. It’s all about matters of substance that are shared between you and other important people in your life.  A joint financial matter may culminate for you toward the end of the month, which may involve the division of property, a loan or mortgage agreement, a credit settlement or a business merger or investment. Whatever happens, you will finally gain clarity as to where you stand in the financial territory around you and this should make you feel more secure. An assistant you have may be of great value to you, helping you get everything sorted. Or it may be a willingness to overlook certain details that provides a breakthrough. You also have a real chance to get closer with someone at this full moon and spend some magical moments together, imbuing your life with new meaning. On another level, this full moon can accelerate your body’s healing powers and help you regain your strength. Give your body what it needs and spend the time necessary for healing to occur, as your regenerative powers are at a peak now. 
What a hugely romantic and expressive full moon this is for you! This full moon is all about your one on one relationships, dear Scorpio. With fantastic beams from the planet of romance in your house of happiness this is one of the best times of the year for love for you! If you are coupled up, make sure to plan for a special date with your sweetheart as the month draws to a close to celebrate your love and rekindle the romance. Children may be a source of joy too. If you are single, you may meet someone special before October ends - someone who not only makes your heart flutter, but who also shows real potential for a wonderful committed relationship. If it is business that is on your mind, this full moon is no less fantastic for that, giving you the potential to form a partnership with someone who will be the perfect partner in pursuit of your creative dreams and speculative enterprises. It seems like you can attract friends and allies to your cause with ease now.  All you need is let go of your fears and to believe in yourself enough to go after your heart's desires! 
This down-to-earth full moon is all about your work, daily routine and wellbeing dear Sagittarius. You may feel that it's time to get all the little strands of your life together and take better care of your health, especially if you have been partying a little too much lately. A work-project may culminate giving you clarity, at last, as to where things are at.  This should help stabilise you somewhat and allow you to make some professional decisions from a position of strength and understanding. The most romantic place to be during this full moon is in and around your home and familiar places and faces. A huge clear out and tidy up may make you feel happy and get your life ticking over again nicely. By the same token, developments at work may make you feel more at home. You are fast becoming popular and VIPs are looking benevolently upon you. This full moon is about you dealing with your own emotional hangups so that you can take advantage of all the opportunities coming your way. Time to draw inner strength and decide where to build your life's foundation, so that you can grow in years to come. 
This is the most loving and romantic full moon of the whole year for you, dear Capricorn.  Your sister earth sign Taurus rules your house of love and a full moon as lovely as this one is bound to bring some special romantic and happy moments in your life. You may receive some dreamy communication that sets your heart all aflutter as October draws to a close. Or you may hear some other piece of news that makes your heart sing. Things seem rather glamorous all around you, giving you food for thought and a desire to express yourself more. Taurus rules creativity and enterprise for you, so this is a great time to spread the word about a creative project, go live with a business venture, or showcase your talents to an appreciative audience. The end of October offers a great opportunity for you to do what makes you happy. The world is increasingly offering more and more opportunities to loosen up a little, dear Capricorn, and it's time to let go of fearful thoughts and limiting preconceptions. Give yourself the freedom to speak up, express and enjoy yourself!
Your home has a warm and cozy glow during this Taurus full moon. Your family may be a source of great joy, lighting up your life with all sorts of pleasant sounds and things to delight your senses. The end of the month is the perfect time to throw a housewarming party, buy beautiful luxury items for your home or cook a delicious dinner for your nearest and dearest. This is also your time to focus on the things that have real value for you and that make you feel secure: time to invest in your most cherished dreams and set the foundation for your future.  Whether you are single or hitched, a romantic dinner for two at home is just the ticket if you want to turn on the charm and show someone how much you care.  This full moon may highlight the fact that you have much to be thankful for in your life and you may even feel unworthy of it at times or unsure how to make the best of it. Use this full moon to give thanks. Allow yourself to enjoy what you have without guilt or worry, release any pain and feel good about yourself. 
The end of the month should be a highly romantic, happy and joyful time for you, dear Pisces! That’s because this full moon in Taurus is very friendly to your sign and to your ruler, Neptune. You may receive some pleasing and reassuring news toward the end of the month that bring you closer to your dream and give you a sense of hope and buoyancy. By the same token, your own words have the power to enchant and mesmerise others and you may find that you have great persuasive power. Use it to spread the message and promote your aims! This is also a great time to sit down and discuss your future plans with someone, especially as you are likely to feel very inspired. Your relationship with a brother or sister may come full bloom now too and events should leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. An important relationship is in the spotlight and you may need to speak up about how you feel and release any pain you carry. No use suffering in silence. Be truthful and get things out in the open! Then you can release the past and move on with a lighter heart.
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