Current Astrology Articles - Page 4

  • Jupiter Retrograde 2019
    April 10, 2019 12:00

    Jupiter Retrograde 2019

    This is your chance to make room for new and exciting things and ensure you’re growing in the direction you want!
  • New Moon in Aries
    April 2, 2019 11:00

    New Moon in Aries

    We have a New Moon in dynamic Aries on 5 April, the first new moon of spring! What kind of a new beginning does it signify for your star sign?
  • Mars in Gemini Sharpen your Wits!
    March 27, 2019 14:00

    Mars in Gemini Sharpen your Wits!

    They say the brain is the biggest sex organ and that’s definitely true when astrology planet Mars is in Gemini, 31 March to 16 May 2019. Sharpen your wits!
  • Mars trine Pluto 2019
    March 15, 2019 10:24

    Mars trine Pluto 2019

    Mars trines Pluto on March 20th and September 19th 2019. Time to direct your energy, dynamism and focus toward something you really really want!
  • Full Moon in Libra 2019
    March 14, 2019 16:00

    Full Moon in Libra 2019

    The full moon in Libra shines a spotlight on relationships in different life arenas for each star sign. What is it for you?
  • Sun in Aries & Spring Equinox 2019
    March 13, 2019 12:00

    Sun in Aries & Spring Equinox 2019

    When the Sun moves into the first zodiac sign, Aries, which it will do on 20 March 2019, it heralds the equinox and the official start of spring!
  • Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
    March 3, 2019 9:10

    Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

    Mercury goes retrograde March 5th to 28th in Pisces 16-29 degrees so don’t be surprised if your brain turns to slush and trickles right out of your head this month!
  • New Moon in Pisces 2019
    March 1, 2019 10:00

    New Moon in Pisces 2019

    On March 6 there’s a new moon in Pisces. Check out the horoscope for your star sign!
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