Current Astrology Articles - Page 8

  • New Moon in Sagittarius 2018
    December 4, 2018 10:50

    New Moon in Sagittarius 2018

    This is the last new moon of the year and it sets the tone for 2019… Say hello to the future!
  • Full Moon in Gemini 2018
    November 16, 2018 14:00

    Full Moon in Gemini 2018

    This is the perfect time for some light-hearted fun and frivolity for all zodiac signs!
  • Mars in Pisces
    November 8, 2018 15:47

    Mars in Pisces

    Mars is in dreamy Pisces from November 15th 2018 until January 1st 2019. Mars in Pisces is a romantic, a dreamer and an idealist.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019
    November 7, 2018 9:00

    Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019

    Jupiter is in Sagittarius from 8 November 2018 until 2 December 2019. This is a time of optimism and expansion when many fantastic opportunities for growth and adventure open up before you!
  • New Moon in Scorpio 2018
    November 5, 2018 14:21

    New Moon in Scorpio 2018

    With a New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th, it's time for a sexy and wonderful new start!
  • Sun in Scorpio 2018
    October 19, 2018 12:00

    Sun in Scorpio 2018

    Things get electrifying, as the Sun goes into Scorpio, on October 23rd. Happy Birthday, dear Scorpio!
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