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Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo 2018

Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo 2018

The third and final eclipse of summer 2018 - a partial solar eclipse in Leo - is arriving on August 11th so go on, roll out the red carpet. A royal fresh start is coming your way!

Eclipses always come in pairs and, on rare occasions like this summer, you can even get three in a row. This only happens when the cosmos is hell-bent on getting you to change your ways and, right now, it’s not holding back any punches... The summer eclipse season - July and August 2018 - has been dramatic to say the least! While lunar eclipses, like the one we had last month, occur on a full moon and release pent up energy, solar eclipses, i.e. new moons, put lots of energy your way to help you get unstuck and initiate something new. If you want to make any changes in your life, this is the time!

The August 2018 partial solar eclipse packs a punch! Why? The eclipse forms a pattern known as Thor’s Hammer and this gives it some swing… Saturn and Chiron hold the handle, narrowing your path until you have no choice but to follow your heart. You might feel resistant to change, your worst insecurities playing up. But it is fear that will eventually push you to come down on what you want like a ton of bricks! Perfect. That’s just the force you need to crack down on that hardened surface and break new ground. This is the time to listen to your heart. A new reality is taking shape. Have a say in it! With so many squares in the sky (Mars-Uranus, Venus-Saturn, Saturn-Chiron, Mercury-Jupiter), there is struggle and strife aplenty. But this is just what you need to make that change. Don’t be afraid now!

The 11 August 2018 solar eclipse in Leo gives you the strength to kick-start a more joyous and creative life, to open the drapes and let the sun in. It’s a confidence booster! Dramatic and flamboyant, it inspires you to face your fears - fears that have been holding you back for a long time. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury retrograde in Leo and square Jupiter in Scorpio so you’ll be making ambitious plans. Big words are not enough though. This is the time to plant the seeds of your new life.

With Mercury retrograde conjunct the eclipse, you don’t have all the information you need and you might be going in blind, but this is your chance, nonetheless. Be bold! Just hold off signing papers that you cannot revisit at a later date. Old matters - fears, ambitions - come out of the shadows and into the light now. You can rethink a situation and have your say, make a fresh start with something long overdue, or clear away the cobwebs that dulled your heart. This could also bring a second chance at happiness with a person or project from your past. Use the two weeks following the 11th to plant the seeds you want to grow into something new in your life.

August 2018 Solar Eclipse in Leo Horoscope for your Star Sign

What does August’s partial solar eclipse in Leo have have in store for your star sign? You have a chance for a fresh start and a second go at something long overdue. But are your fears holding you back? How can you overcome them? Check out the forecast for your star sign. For a more in depth reading dial 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) and speak to one of our top psychics today!


Love calls to you, dear Aries! This is a second chance at love and at bringing more of yourself out into the world - be it through children, hobbies or a creative enterprise. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart for fear of what ‘the world will say.’ You won’t really know who you are and what you’re capable of unless you take that risk!  And to heck with the world! Don’t let fear win. Listen to your heart! Become who you are meant to be. This is a fresh chance at happiness.

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Home, family, real estate… all that has been on your mind for a while now, dear Taurus. It’s time to revisit the past and see it in a new light! That might mean having a word with your parents. It might mean moving, renovating or renting out a property. Or you might consider therapy or even starting a family of your own. Others are cheering you on so don’t let narrow-mindedness and irrational fears hold you back from getting your house in order. You can now set the cornerstone for a whole new life. Listen to your soul calling!

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Your environment is changing, dear Gemini.  Others might be going back on their word, you might be coming across people from your past, or it might be time to reconsider an idea you had ditched previously. In this restless climate, new information comes to light that can help you make a new beginning in your way of thinking, your neighbourhood, your social network. It looks like your circle of friends, as well as your finances, have put you in a bit of a vice and you can’t really escape their grip. You have no choice but to listen closely and learn! Don’t be afraid. Let a new idea take hold!

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Are you feeling undervalued and underpaid, dear Cancer? Are you earning enough but not doing something you love? If you’re merely going through the motions for a pay-check at the end of the month, it’s time to go back to first principles and re-examine the way you invest your time, money and energy. Others are not being particularly generous at the moment but don’t let your fear of judgment or failure keep you from sticking to your values or asking for what you’re worth. Time to turn over a new leaf and raise your self worth - and your bank balance!

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Ah, dear Leo. A new start is in store for you on all fronts! Are you ready to upgrade to a totally new personality? A new name, a new identity or even a new appearance? Your soul is yearning for greater freedom. Make space for hope and faith in the future to rise from within and wash away the past. Have your say with matters long overdue, ditch those old negative scripts and write your story afresh! Both your work and your personal life are putting pressure on you to do just that. Don’t be afraid to get rid of bad habits and step into your truth!

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Is there a particularly dark secret that you’ve been holding onto, dear Virgo? Secrets come to light under this solar eclipse - yours or others’ - and what a relief this is! If holding onto something has been holding you back a long time, it’s time to let it out and let it go. Let go of the past. Let go of your fear that it’s not safe to love, to get close to someone, to express yourself... This is a spiritual turning of the page so be brave! Unleash your creativity and dare to tell the truth! Be willing to bare your soul and be intimate with someone.

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This the start of a beautiful friendship, dear Libra! Or maybe it’s an old friend who gets a second chance? You’ve had a hard time in your relationships for a while and your insecurities are all playing up right now. But don’t let that, or any pressure and negativity stemming from your home and family, be the reason that you chicken out. Reach for your dreams! Make a fresh start in your social circle and be brave enough to build the kind of life that you want, surrounding yourself with uplifting and inspiring people.

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Time to turn the page in your career, dear Scorpio. Whoever you’ve been in the eyes of the world, the time is ripe to embrace a new public image. The spotlight falls on your reputation, your name and your profession.  A change has been in the making for a while. Now you get a boost of energy to leave the past behind. Work is a bit of a sore spot at the moment and you might have lots of logistical obstacles to contend with - colleagues, paperwork, a difficult commute. But if you want to heal that part of your life, you need to take charge of your destiny and start being the way you want to become. Step into those shoes!

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Are you ready to take one step beyond, dear Sagittarius? Distant shores are calling you and you’d be a fool to hold back out of fear and not go and explore new territory. This eclipse brings travel and adventure, expansion and a broadening of your horizons - right up your alley. Don’t let financial insecurities hold you back from taking the risk that is necessary right now to take your life forward. If your heart has been hurt one times too many and this has made you more conservative of late, this is one more reason to try a different approach. A new vision is dawning!

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People and places with which you are intimately bound are under the spotlight, dear Capricorn. This might be a lover, spouse, business partner or friend, a place or even the bank! If you want to break a bond, this is as good a time as any. Speak the truth. Pay that debt. Or collect it. Fears and insecurities stemming from your home and family or from personal responsibilities could hold you back now but your friends are surely egging you on! How irresponsible of them... Ultimately, it’s down to you to decide who you want to be and to re-arrange your personal and financial affairs accordingly.

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This is the start of a beautiful relationship, dear Aquarius. Single? It’s time to ditch those insecurities that keep you aloof and to tear down that wall of words that you tend to put up. Let others come closer! Hitched? Air your grievances and make a fresh start with your partner! If you’re looking to rekindle a personal or professional partnership, you might be worried about others’ intentions now and see old demons come back to haunt you. Don’t promise too much. And take what others say with a pinch of salt too. Let someone show you another way and be careful not to hurt others with your words.

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How do you feel about getting your ideal body, dear Pisces? Your ideal job? Either way it’s going to require some work on your part so ditch the bad habits and make that energy investment that's needed to reach your ideal! Grand plans are one thing but changing your lifestyle is never easy. Still, making a start is half the battle and the cosmos gives you an energy boost now to make the changes you need! Don’t let financial fears or naysayers in your social circle hold you back. Go for it!

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